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  1. Not recently, bit he went though loads of jobs in his younger years, that might have been one of them, but not sure.
  2. Just wanted to post this to recognise what absolute star and true gent we have in Keiren Westwood. On Wednesday, a lifelong friend of mine, Dave Holden, lost his short battle with Cancer. Dave was a huge Wednesdayite and did a huge amount for the club, as do his family with the disability group, SODA. Keiren learnt of Dave's battle and went to visit him in hospital. Instead of a token brief visit, he spent over 2 hours with Dave, talking all things Wednesday. This meant a huge amount to Dave. He's obviously kept Dave in his thoughts, putting a heart felt message out on the day he died and then dedicating the clean sheet and today's victory to Dave. The guy is such a fantastic down to earth person and knows what it means to be part of the Wednesday family. Can not thank him enough.
  3. Sky just showing they have no idea either!
  4. Coleman back favourite, but betting suspended on Hughton again...
  5. Bruce doesn't get the Newcastle job, we miss out on £4m compensation have to continue paying Bruce while finding a new manager.
  6. Nope, shown how committed he is to us and has burnt his bridges now. Get someone who actually wants to be here!
  7. Almost cant wait for his first press conference, just to listen to his sorry excuse of a justification for treating the club like $h!t. "That's football"
  8. Probably end up with a manager with good experience in the Championship - McClaren Buy Hector for £4m, then injured in first week, then out for the season.
  9. Was thinking Atkinson, but couldn't remember if left at the end of his contract or Villa paid us for him?
  10. Just been wondering... When was the last time one of our managers was poached?
  11. I'd say keep Westwood and try and get Hector. Of all the others, if anyone comes in with a decent fee, they can go. Time to trust Steve Bruce and not have a meltdown if one of the favourites go.
  12. All the best Daniel. Was a great player, especially first season with us. Can see him going to Rotherham, or to give it it's full name , Retired Owls That Hate Ever Relocating House And Mrs
  13. Maybe blinkered by him being the most recent, but voted Westwood. Think he could out perform the others I have seen play in their time with us. Haven't seen Springett play.
  14. Fletcher for me. 100% effort again and won everything sent up to him. Thought most had a good game. Felt sorry for Dawson being chucked in at the last minute, but just just shows what we'd be missing without Westwood. May just be me, but I think Iorfa gets too far forward sometimes when theres no real need, leaves us short at the back.
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