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  1. Nath83


    This is shocking now. Wasnt too bad first half but said it was half time until 10 mins into 2nd half. Freezing every 2 seconds now, no word of a lie. Cant beleive I paid for this.
  2. Likewise, just before they took it.
  3. Could be right - bit daft though, having doing the commentary and not linking to the footage.
  4. Anyone else struggling to hear the commentary on ifollow?
  5. Nath83

    Lucas Joao

    Didn't say merit, but said they had both played well in his time here and deserved their chance
  6. Yes, the club are only really allowed to spend the money it has earned to stay within FFP rules. But if Chansiri knew we were going to break those rules, why not say f**k it and throw a load more of his money at it. May as well have truly deserved the punishment.
  7. Nath83

    Abdi Transfer

    Not at all just find it really bizarre and childish to hunt out a load of my posts to 'disagree' will them purely because I 'disagreed' with one of theirs.
  8. Nath83

    Abdi Transfer

    Made you feel better @HubristicClapper down voting a load of my posts because I down voted your obscure topic?
  9. Nath83


    Mid table, hopefully have a push for the playoffs.
  10. Westwood number 1. Dawson back up and for cup games. Loan out Wildsmith
  11. Thanks for the memories but no big loss. Would think we should be trying to get a decent young prem right back on loan.