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  1. Nath83

    So David Hirst regrets

    At least he's not bitter about it
  2. Nath83

    What does Jos mean?

    I've heard they're all fine. Just not playing because of a clause in their contract
  3. Nath83

    End of season clear out

    Would like to see him back and given a chance under Jos, but lets see what Derby are willing to offer.
  4. Probably still too early to be thinking about the end of season changes needed, but couldn’t help myself now I'm sure we're safe. I reckon we should move out 10 players: Palmer Loovens Fox Butterfield Jones Wallace Abdi Matias Rhodes Fletcher In return, I think we need to sign 6: RB, CB, 2 x LB, a beast in CM & a creative CM.
  5. Nath83

    Who will be SWFC manager next season?

    Will and want are 2 separate things. Think he'll stick with Jos, but I'd break the bank for Pearson
  6. I really wanted it to work for him here, trying to convince myself "Yeah, but we're not playing to his strengths". I think that was true to start, but isn't the real reason, I'm not sure what is. I would try and sell in the summer whilst he's still got some market value to a gullible Championship team willing to take the risk because of his record.
  7. Nath83

    End of Season Table predictions

    Wolves & Villa for top 2 Blunts to miss the play-offs Bottom 3 of Sunderland, Barnsley & Birmingham
  8. Nath83

    Joao and who.

    Joao & Hirst
  9. Nath83

    Bullet after Bolton?

    Jos inherited a horrible position and we knew he'd be playing with the 'B' squad for most of the season, but he's not doing himself any favours at the min.
  10. Nath83

    Luhukay out.

    Completely agree. Jos was a random appointment and not who I would have chosen, but the guy has inherited a 'B' squad full of bottlers. Realistically, who else could we get in that could do better with the hand he's been dealt. This was a chance for some of the 2nd string to prove their worth and they've blown it...big time. Have nothing against the lads from U23s thrown in at the deep end but far too may of the others are not cut for Championship football. I'd stick with Jos (for now), let's judge him when we have some of the big guns back.
  11. Shows the value of contracts is non existent in today's football.
  12. Nath83


    If we're paying anything towards his wages, we should just send him back. Waste of a wage - would rather give the space to one of the young 'uns.
  13. Can't work out if Madine & Colin at the same club is an accident waiting to happen, or that they'll get on like a house on fire.