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  1. Out of those that are off, I find this one most disappointing. Would have been nice to give him a proper send off. He's not shy though, so I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to give his take on things when he's finally off.
  2. I got an email from a Nigerian prince the other day, said he knew a way to get a lot of cash. We could mail him to see if he'd be willing to help.
  3. Go on then, name a realistic person willing to come in who you would trust to rebuild...
  4. Like I say, I'm backing Monk, for now. I think a lot of the players need the heat. Think most of us were happy with the starting lineup today after the game on Wednesday. The thing that worries me is that Monk has said on a few occasions that he's happy with the effort in training and couldn't have expected the poor performance in the match. Even if they play like messi in training, if they don't do it on the pitch, get them dropped.
  5. I'm in. Getting rid will solve nothing. Anyone with anything about them would not come anywhere near us. We need a (long overdue) massive clear out of the squad and give a manager time to build their own. I find it mental that he's not been allowed to being his own backroom staff yet.
  6. I've thought this too. The guy is struggling and is now seriously fighting for his job. Needs to be saying to whoever's running the show at the min, either back me and let me have my staff, or just sack me.
  7. Some good points, but is your conclusion that Mr Mink is the problem? If so, I'm confused you saying this can be fixed by selecting 4 players who are out injured? What can he have done about that?
  8. Think this spells the end for Westwood at Hillsborough (sadly). I reckon one of the best keepers to play for us and too good to sit on the bench.
  9. Ok, someone please explain this to me like I'm 5. I've got sky and subscribe to BT sports TV package. I dont have the app or have BT broadband. How do I get the game on my TV? There's no specific 'BT sports extra 1' channel and I cant get it when pressing the red button on the normal BT sports channel. Thanks
  10. After their first Sending off After Dawson OG After 3rd 4th & 5th
  11. Yeah, its annoying - but not unique to us recently. Isn't this where the "after the lord mayor's show..." comes from
  12. If there has even been a game the warrants "none of them" its today!
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