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  1. He claims anyone who speaks out against the club, him, his staff etc. is "unprofessional." Any form of criticism and he will suggest this is the case. I have spoken out against Amadeu Paixao for years and he would call me "unprofessional" even though everything I say is backed up. But then if I met with him and I hadn't mentioned Amadeu for a while, he would say "Thank you for being more professional."
  2. I know the chairman well enough to know what's what and what he understands and what he is suggesting.
  3. I don't know how to answer that accurately tbh. Strange relationship, but in reality fan/chairman. Friends if I did as he wished or suggested I guess.
  4. He once fabricated a story and presented it to me during a private meeting that I was blackmailing his staff to gain inside information from them. And that someone had informed him. When I pressed him to tell me who had told him this as I felt it was damaging to make these false claims about me, it was clear as day he had made it up. And it was clear as day to the Sheffield Wednesday employee present too. And if it was true (which it wasn't) why was he meeting me and so on. That's just one example.
  5. I saw in this article the chairman suggest Chris isn't being professional. I find this very interesting because I can recall multiple times when the chairman of Sheffield Wednesday has behaved unprofessionally towards me. I cannot speak for others but can speak from my own personal experiences.
  6. I'm going to take some time now to prepare something proper. But. I will disprove a lot of what he says in P2.
  7. Is the whole shares thing/place on the board mandatory?
  8. If any of those involved with this new trust has any experience dealing with the chairman or the club in general, they should have an idea on how to operate.
  9. But, while it's fine to look at perceived negatives. I don't see anyone offering alternatives or potential solutions. If you're unhappy with it all but don't try, or sit back and do nothing, then what can you say really?
  10. Impossible for it not to be political as it's being formed on the back of disillusionment with how the club is being ran by the chairman.
  11. Wish the people involved good luck. I won't be involved myself.
  12. They kept trying to take the microphone away from me and then the security said let's go outside if you're having a panic attack. I wanted to continue but then the lad saw it as a way to move on I think.
  13. It was just like an adrenaline surge after the exchange.
  14. I liked how at the last fans forum the room was quiet when I walked in from a break, before the chairman proceeded to try and embarrass and discredit me. He should have read the room. As nobody knew who I was 😂
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