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  1. FootballTyper

    Chairman’s statement

    I'm not a regular on here... The biggest mistake the club and the chairman made was signing any deal with Doyen Sports Investment and allowing them to put Amadeu Paixao inside the club. I've done my best to get this message out since 2015. The chairman is a good guy but he's listening to the wrong people. He needs PROPER people with him.
  2. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    The winning bid will be announced at 10pm this evening. Still at £350. More auctions and raffles to come.
  3. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    A day to go, we're still at £350. If anyone would like to place a bid just drop a reply, PM or contact me on Twitter. Cheers.
  4. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    We're still currently at £350 for this lot. Auction will run until the 4th. Cheers.
  5. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    Is there any chance that this could be pinned @OWLSTALK
  6. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    Morning all. The current highest bid for this lot is £350 over on Twitter. Don't miss out on these fantastic items. All proceeds going to help the three designated Quidagoal charities - Children's Hospital, Sheffield Mind & Weston Park. Auction running until 4th of Jan. Cheers.
  7. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    £300 on Twitter is the current highest bid.
  8. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    There will be a quite a few pal fingers crossed.
  9. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    250 on Twitter.
  10. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    Current highest bid is 200 on Twitter.
  11. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    Either here or Twitter pal, the current bid is 150.
  12. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    I started a few topics and it was pinned at one stage but then removed I think.
  13. FootballTyper

    Quidagoal Auctions

    Cheers pal. I need Quidagoal to take off on here more. It's never really caught on.
  14. Hi all. Some of you will be aware of the Quidagoal project that was set up. The campaign runs over on Twitter primarily and is backed by the club. I recently began collecting a few items to auction/raffle to help boost our fundraising efforts. Even though it's Christmas, I feel that we could still raise good amounts from the items I have obtained so far, especially from a few specific lots. Therefore, I'm going to being running auctions on a few pieces to see how we go. In order to place a bid, please reply to this post or comment on Twitter. I will post all the relevant links below. The person who wins the auction must donate the agreed amount direct to the official Quidagoal fundraising page before postage/collection is arranged. The first lot is pictured below. It's a signed paid or gloves and a signed top donated to us by Keiren Westwood: https://twitter.com/quidagoal/status/1064450055736840192 The auction will run until January 4th. Happy bidding. Relevant links: https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/august/owls-support-quidagoal-campaign/ - Club backing https://twitter.com/quidagoal - Twitter https://t.co/nN1i5thlID - Official donation link
  15. FootballTyper

    Footballtyper's Articles

    A new article from me... Jos Let Him Get On With It Just a quick one on Jos, Wigan etc.