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  1. Probably has a long term view of becoming a player coach, then eventually manager, bringing our u18s/u23s through to a decent standard, getting promoted and having a job for life like Bullen has.
  2. Torquay, First half in Shark bar, shockingly bad beer but we are unbeaten all the times I have started watching from there, second half Cider Press to get a decent pint Some have lucky underpants/socks etc i have to drink bad beer (but I will take one for the boys) Come on Wednesday
  3. Happy days and up to 5th what a great set of results for us today.
  4. too tight to call, so voted for Mick Lyons to try and force a draw,
  5. Terry Curran and Andy McCulloch the dynamic duo, good memories
  6. Is it half price if you go in at half time? Or is it double price because you only have to witness 45 minutes of football dross
  7. if Reda is starting i am changing first scorer on the prediction league
  8. Flares and fireworks are banned!!! :rolleyes:
  9. I dont post on here often but well done for putting that together proper belly laughing in this office :biggrin:
  10. Blimey it's just a BLIP not the end of the world!!!! DJ has earned his brass by getting us promoted last year and now he needs to settle on a starting 11 that's all. We have the players now it's DJ's job to organise it. give him time and get off his back
  11. I am glad your not my boss OP once we sort out the back four and I think lots will have been learned today We will end up mid table don't panic I trust in MM and .DJ let's not sack everyone cos of a bad month
  12. and COG, have we gone all big time Charly? because our bench today was half the side that had balls and determination last.year but most of the new faces seem as meek as kittens!!
  13. Can I just say I was having a really bad morning at work but this has cheered me up, thank you Longcast :biggrin: Last seasons elation has returned once more!!!!!!!
  14. Definitely the 5-4 win against Charlton, it was one of the best own goals I have ever seen! Plus my brother went home at half time (saying he couldn't watch this crap any longer)
  15. This whole week has been dragging !!!!!! I have never wished my life away before but stroll on this time tomorrow
  16. I work in Torquay and couldn't get time off to get to Hillsborough to enjoy the party but.....................I was thinking of going to Exeter on Saturday instead to enjoy watching the agony
  17. So we score 5 against them and then we will be fine!!
  18. The BBC sport website has all the text and stats and its free
  19. Bless him Thank you Mr Jones for keeping us MASSIVE and good luck..........
  20. First I was Gutted about Megson going and now its worse because he took his MASSIVE with him Now we are plain old ENORMOUS!!!! TUT!
  21. So can someone clarify are we still MASSIVE Or just HUGE now?
  22. Well what is done is done!! Like many on here I am disappointed with the way GM was sacked but now we have to accept it and move on....... Good luck Mr Jones
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