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  1. First glance I thought it was called the caribou cup and assumed the draw would take place in Yellowknife or Banff or summatt.
  2. I Must have been on holiday when we had our European cup win.
  3. Spurs are not hanging about with knocking the old stadium down.
  4. Better not sit them next to this er, rather selfish woman, then.
  5. As can be seen on here, the only thing that should have a clapper is a bell-end.
  6. Alternatively, whilst we have to concern ourselves with our own results first, we could beat Fulham on the last day but by virtue of that, allow Leeds to sneak back into the play-offs.
  7. In a similar vein, Liverpool fans are hoping the club will redevelop the Anfield Road end of the ground to bring the capacity up to around 60,000, from a supporter point of view it's a no-brainer for what is still one of Europe's biggest and most successful clubs, played in the top flight for over 50 years, have consistently filled their ground to capacity for pretty much every game and have a waiting list for tickets, so guess they wouldn't struggle to fill a bigger stadium every week. Yet the owner umm and arr about whether to redevelop that stand, although they may well decide to go ahead a
  8. Someone invents a time machine but doesn't go back to 1887 to prevent Hitler being concieved or something, just uses it to change the outcome of a football match.
  9. £600 quid before a match, is that all. Got a few more bob to spare? Go to a football match at the Emirates, sit in a comfy seat with a bit of snap and a few drinks thrown in. (From the Lincoln city fan forum). If I can't get tickets via LCFC, might just go in the hospitality section instead: https://premiumconcierge.arsenal.com/arsenal-hospitality-packages/ma... Premium Club Level match seats situated in the midfield area* A private table in our exclusive WM Club restaurant A five course à la carte meal Half-time and po
  10. Can't stand them but one Leeds statistic stands out for me, that record European cup crowd away at Celtic 136,505 I mean blimey... (Pretty much all Celtic fans admitted). Had a flick through their history book in a bookshop in Leeds and TBF if you read through their memorable matches section from the Revie era, it is pretty impressive, league titles, cup finals and huge European matches whilst in the Wednesday version our memorable match of that era was avoiding relegation to the fourth division by beating Southend. That's well in the past now admittedly and to me we
  11. Mid January and only 3 Saturday home matches left this season after Udders this weekend and that's assuming the Newcastle match isn't moved, preparing the fans for Premier League football perhaps?
  12. Funnily enough the concept car the speed 6 is 2 seater, think it is actually going to go into production (Might think wrong mind you). Make a great raffle prize Mr Chansiri.
  13. Pig's result of the season today, Bolton and Rochdale still in the FA cup, decent day all round for them (Allow them to get carried away before they inevitably hit the buffers at Walsall next week anyway).
  14. I read on another forum (So might be untrue) that West Ham have applied to increase stadium capacity to 60,000, I think there are enough seats to accommodate around 67,000 but loads are tarped off probably pending safety certificates for above the current 53,000ish, might have to put a stop to the home fans fighting with stewards every home match first. Still looks rubbish with the distance of fans from the pitch and the gaps at the back of the moveable stands, regardless of how many people they get in.
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