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  1. Thank you again to everyone. Close to the target now :-)
  2. Thank you to everyone who signed in the last 12 hours, and thank you for the words on our support. Wonderful memories :-) We do have an ACV in place for Edgar Street but the 3 lease situation really complicates things
  3. Wow, wasn't expecting so many replies! Great bunch of supporters, thank you again
  4. Hi all, I signed up here a long time ago when we faced you in the FA Cup. Lots has changed since that day with us being at the highest possible level of the Southern League next season. Edgar Street is covered by 3 leases, and the new 'owner' has tried to take control of 2 of them by transferring them to his own business. Meaning if we start a new club we can only have 1 of the 3 leases whilst the other 2 are being used for profit by external businesses. I would greatly appreciate a moment of your time to sign our petition to urge our council to stop this form happening. https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/herefordshire-county-council-reject-proposals-to-transfer-development-land-leases-from-hereford-united-to-mr-tommy-agombar Thank you for your time, A desperate Hereford United fan
  5. Hereford fan here obviously can't wait to watch Hereford at Hillsborough. Hopefully we will make a good account of our selves and carry on our FA Cup tradition I know for sure the fans and players will be up for this, if your players are too complacent then who knows what might happen! I'll be back on here a bit closer to the game p.s Looking at your pricing structure on footballgroundguide.co.uk, is the game likely to be Cat C or which catergory? Thanks
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