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  1. As I said earlier, there was a ropey back pass a couple of minutes before - sure it was from Dunkley. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, of that I CAN be certain!
  2. Dodgy back pass a couple of minutes earlier.
  3. Given our recent history of player deals, sell on clause is probably 125% of transfer fee....
  4. Sounds like a wak to squeeze in lots of advertising for televised games. Ball goes out; 30 second ad break. Be like trying to watch American Football.
  5. Said it earlier in the tournament, that Southgate's tactics appeared to be to bore the opposition into submission. There are some great players there, but his style of cautious % football isn't for me. I suppose it is that divide between fans from the " a win's a win and I don't care how we get there" to those who like so see a bit more pazazz. Like Carlos' second season, pretty successful in winning matches, but god a lot of it was dull.
  6. Thought the question was going to be "Euromillions or promotion". I'll go with the lottery.
  7. It's like being in a time warp reading these threads; go back 10 years and exactly the same debate was had about James O'Connor. He was derided by most, but the team was more successful when he played than when he didn't. Makes you think that the team managers might know more about football than the fans.
  8. The Miracle of Castel di Sangro, a book by Joe McGinniss describes the rise and fall of a small Italian football club. Excellent read and, without giving too much away, money is involved.
  9. They're obviously doing something right in training, because Jordan actually looks like a footballer again. Fitter, sharper and contributing all over the pitch.
  10. Dean Barrick, thought he looked like a proper intelligent footballer when he first played. Still had a decent career though.
  11. Sure I remember some Twins aganst Barnsley...
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