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  1. It's like being in a time warp reading these threads; go back 10 years and exactly the same debate was had about James O'Connor. He was derided by most, but the team was more successful when he played than when he didn't. Makes you think that the team managers might know more about football than the fans.
  2. The Miracle of Castel di Sangro, a book by Joe McGinniss describes the rise and fall of a small Italian football club. Excellent read and, without giving too much away, money is involved.
  3. They're obviously doing something right in training, because Jordan actually looks like a footballer again. Fitter, sharper and contributing all over the pitch.
  4. Dean Barrick, thought he looked like a proper intelligent footballer when he first played. Still had a decent career though.
  5. Sure I remember some Twins aganst Barnsley...
  6. Well, it's bound to be Garry Monk's fault. All the cash has obviously gone into his and his mates' severance packages......
  7. I did notice in his first season here that he seemed to be the only one on the pitch doing any talking and trying to organise the team. Seems to have dropped off since - not sure he's been told to keep quiet.
  8. Question. Has Mr Monk dictated that all the SWFC teams should play the same system so there is (supposedly) a seamless transition through the age groups? Do these results suggest that we don't have the correct players for this, the coaches aren't able to caoch it or a bit of both?
  9. Looks like a combination of halogen lamps to generate heat and LED UV to encourage growth.
  10. I wasn't the slightest bit nervous, I knew the outcome of the shootout was inevitable as soon as the whistle blew.
  11. You also have to consider, especially in the current climate, where else would they get such a well paid job? I'm guessing it's considerably more than a Tesco delivery driver.
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