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  1. Just a shame we were never able to keep them all consistently fit. Injuries were essentially what stopped us from achieving promotion.
  2. Yep indeed. People have wanted a clear out and rebuild for several seasons. But now demand immediate results. Unfortunately these things are not instantaneous and take time. People wanted the high earners off the wage bill and cheaper unproven players who might increase in value. We now have that but again these types of player rarely hit the ground running. Whilst I appreciate the need to get results in the interim the reality it is it will take a significant amount of time before this squad fully gets up to speed. Whether people are prepared to grant that time is another matter. I genuinely think it will take 20 or 30 games to see if Moore is taking us in the right direction. I just hope he manages to get enough points on the board during this time to stop things becoming too toxic.
  3. If it that's obvious then why have none of our last 5 managers tried it? Have they really all been so inept that they can't see what you can? I love it when people think that if we only dropped our best player we would be so much more successful.
  4. Got to love it when an owlstalker thinks they know more than all 5 of our last managers
  5. Certainly not at this stage. Needs far more time before we can judge whether he will be a success.
  6. The thing is we don't really know how good the squad actually is. We have signed a lot of unproven players and quite a few who have had to drop down a level to find a club. At this stage it remains to be seen how many will actually come good.
  7. This may have been true immediately after the morecambe game. But since the Plymouth result lots of people have been criticising the players for both defeats. It's a kind of wierd revisionist approach to add more weight to their general negativity I think.
  8. And this of course is part of the problem. The club is at the start of a rebuild and a new, more sustainable way of operating. But some fans demand immediate success. 6 games into the season and Moore is already getting pelters. If we don't give Moore time to get things right we will just go back to the usual managerial merry go round with no long term planning. And the outcome will be sadly predictable.
  9. What many forget is that a few weeks ago people were talking about a relegation fight and whether we would even make it through the season. Now everyone seems to expect automatic promotion because we have signed a few freebies. As you say it will be a season of ups and downs and we will be a work in progress for some time to come.
  10. I think our good start over the first 4 games will come back to bite us. It raised expectations way above reality and made many think we would simply walk the league when that was never going to happen. The reality is our squad is largely made up of unknown quantities and players who have had to drop down a level to find a club. Given the circumstances I think our recruitment was good but people have very much got carried away. It will take time for the squad to gel and if we are in and around the playoffs at the business end of the season that will be a successful season.
  11. You can guarantee that whenever we lose its because players 'don't care enough' or 'aren't trying' or something along those lines. Give it a couple of weeks and people will be calling for a clear out.
  12. Embarrassing comment. We are on game 6 for this squad.
  13. A poor manager with a poor record at every club he's been at. Always came accross badly in interviews and was hard to warm too. His sacking at Boro for his dodgy dealings was another negative against him. He certainly had a tough situation to work in but it's still hard to defend him. His continued unemployment speaks volumes.
  14. Let's not forget that many of the players we have brought in are pretty much unproven and we have no idea if they will perform over the course of a season. Patterson has a lot to offer at this level and I'm sure he will play a more important part this season than some are expecting.
  15. It's great. We are suddenly a club that players want to play for again. A stark contrast to the last couple of seasons. Moore has to take a huge amount of credit for this. Painful as it was I really do think relegation was a blessing in disguise. It appears to have been to catalyst for long overdue wholesale change at the club.
  16. Hutch injured, Gregory still getting up to full fitness and Adeniran looked tired last game. That's what the squad is for. But yeah it would be nice if all 3 were available to play.
  17. Johnson played 42 times for a side that finished 8th in the league above last season. I wouldn't be writing him off just yet.
  18. Absoultely. Moores greatest success is having built a relationship of trust with Chansiri. None of our managers since Carlos have managed that and I doubt Cook would have either. Managing chansiri is just as an important a part of the job as managing the team is.
  19. A top player and a great ambassador for the club. People are always saying how there is no loyalty in football these days, but Bannan is an exception to that rule. Will have had plenty of offers from the championship but decided to stay, attract other players to the club and hopefully spearhead a promotion attempt.
  20. Yeah I live in York, its pretty much all Leeds fans round here sadly
  21. Haha well that's what I say to him - though in fairness he does have a PhD so he's not that thick.
  22. Yep me too. Leeds fans don't rate him at all. However this is a lower division and he's a young lad who has done well at international level so fingers crossed it works out.
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