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  1. Just went back in and it now shows the option for both.. probs cause i went on at back on 11am
  2. Could be just me being thick.. but didn't give that option just the one ticket (And I've bought muliple tickets on my account with there ID's linked)
  3. It didn't for me.. I was buying for my lad on his account - he's in Uni.. and his brother who is listed on his friends a family list. Both have over 250TPP. The option was only to buy 1 ticket. I coordinated it with my other son to purchase at the same time and managed to get seats together like that.
  4. no membership .. just 260 TPP Based on season ticket credits pre-covid and a few matches over covid / this year
  5. Although couldn't buy two together in same transaction.. even thou they are linked on the account. One per ID
  6. yeah I know lol.. just wondered why tommycraig managed to get his. Do it just appear as available at 11am ?
  7. I'm getting "no events found" .. supposed to be from 11am with the TPP stage ??
  8. They have the same roughly over 250. Just want to get the seats all together.
  9. Ok daft question maybe. Got 250 tpp Have my two kids id s linked to my account. Can I buy the tickets for them also on Weds morning ?
  10. I'm not knocking what we did for one minute.. we was excellent. Just thought Hirst looked lively and decent. Don't think any of the Pompey team did much in the second tbh.. but when they did Hirst was involved. But we was far superior
  11. Hopefully he will be ok. Could work in our favour with the mind games against Sunderland of they think he's gonna be injured I'd be keeping it very cagey if i was DM in saying how he is.
  12. Looked decent today and was a threat. I'd sign him for next season him and Gregory would be an interesting pairing.
  13. Excellent today.. proper ball magnet . Lead the line brilliantly.
  14. Well that is what must have happened cause it ended up in a police compound and he couldn't get his car for a few days. Guess parking on the path was classed as an obstruction. Anyway be careful parking on the paths
  15. Car park next to the leisure centre.. fits cars in somehow. £5 or try behind the leisure centre.. you can park on one side. Don't park on the paths around the leisure centre.. cousin recently got his clamped and towed away by the police.
  16. I'd expect him to be QPR bound.. Living the life in the capitol.. bring a bit of glamour back to them. and a solid Championship team with decent aspirations.
  17. One Bannan Two Bannan Three Bannan Four Five Bannan Six Bannan Then Bannan Scores.. Na na na.. nananana nah... T0 the banana splits theme. with inflatable Bananas flying around everyone happy...
  18. They'll be free to the trumpers on the kop.. where they chose to shove them and make stranger noises will be interesting..
  19. I've ordered 10,000 vuvuzelas - selling on Hillborough corner - £2 a pop..
  20. I think a few struggled with the shocking pitch last night for our passing and moving. And Byers and Johnson we probably the most affected. Different on Saturday on our silk pitch. Keep Byers in.
  21. Might be more interesting after Saturday TBH - no negativity for the rest of this week..
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