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  1. Oh and I'll be staying st the Grandpup Hotel in karlovy in 2 weeks the setting of the casino scenes in Casino Royal and the car park, is the one where our work van will be lol..
  2. On reflection casino still no1. Then NTTD .. Skyfall Spectre Quantum. I particularly enjoyed NTTD. A few humorous moments with Bond thinking he was gonna bed the ladies and it quite funnily didn't happen. Think he portrayed the fragility of the ageing / tiring Bond superbly. Emotions was just about right and what a way to go. Lots of nods to previous bond films (Dr No / The spy who loved me /ohms). Wanna watch it again to suss the plot further. Only slight was the villain story was rushed a little / seemed easy to dispose of Spectre when Bond had been chasing them in previous 5 films and his henchman the cia plant was leftfield and a bit wet. But film was long enough tbh so probs wasn't the opportunity, with this being solely about Bond, his relationship and eventual fate. Action scenes were amazing, scenery stunning and on a whole acted well. Casino brought Bond back with a bang with a stunning film and NTTD was a fitting finale to thus run. Craig is my Fav Bond off all. Followed by Connery, Dalton, Moore,Lazenby then Brosnan.
  3. Been tonight.. did Imax to pay homage to the best Bond actor. Loved every long minute of it. Joint 1st with Casino. Quite emotional and end of an era. Be extremely interesting how they follow up.. it does state James Bond will be back at then end (very end).
  4. Chaos Walking - Prime Tom Holland / Daisy Ridley / Mads Mickleson. In this futuristic action-adventure, a young man (Tom Holland) must discover his inner power and unlock his planet's dark secrets to save a mysterious girl (Daisy Ridley) who crash-lands on his planet. Could have been so much better - annoying voices .. Good cast.. 5/10
  5. I'd imagine is he was interested, his team would already be in touch along with several other clubs he'll be sizing up. Derby for one , maybe our smelly neighbours - can't see him getting a Prem club or a club further south than the Midlands - doesn't he live near Worksop way ?
  6. 100% agree with this and the team you suggest.
  7. RIP Mrs S.. Awful news.. defo up for the clap on minute 6 and chant.
  8. Was wasted tbh.. had lots of bad references.. non of this would ever happen. You have to be positively vetted by the RN/Goverment to serve on Nuc's for a start, which means going into very details background checks. I was done and they went to interview school friends and family. Any hint of "red" thoughts or ties and you was not going to be vetted. Some of the command decisions were a joke and made the RN look inept just for a story line. 4/10
  9. can't remember a Mason or Pass playing for us either.
  10. crafty kick on the ankles from the Everton defender at the end too.. Brilliant player.. badly mis-managed
  11. morning after a 5 guys burger and re-cycled fries.
  12. Any body returned from Spain recently ? Have a couple of guys working nr Barcelona next week - will be there around 3 days, so getting a PCR done and sorted will be almost impossibel. Do you need a PCR or can you use the NHS LFD test to get onto the plane. UK Gov "advises" PCR but not mandatory. Just wondered the airlines (Ryanair) are like regarding this ?
  13. He'll forge a good career in the lower leagues - in the mould of Richard O'Donnell who is doing well at Bradford.
  14. Something what shocked me was the firefighter below who got killed by a falling women.. interview with his wife was heartbreaking.. those poor fire fighters who just got crushed in a split second .. The Pentagon and flight 93 scenes also.. anyone who things this was a fake/conspiracy needs a head wobble. Plenty of people witnessed it all and no way this was planned going from the reactions of the senior cabinet on the day. Awful but fascinating viewing
  15. Bush got ridiculed at the time with the sitting in school reading scenes.. but this shows it all in a different light. Great documentary.
  16. Well we have him and I'm optimistic DM will get the best out of him again. Give him our support and make him welcome like the rest of the players we have signed. You never know he could be our 20 goal player.
  17. Well lets see what happens with this guy.. hopefully a fresh start and he will improve to this former self under DM. Hopefully a sensible contract deal.
  18. Wonder Women 1984. Good grief ..terrible on all levels. First film was ok. This is pish
  19. get ready for a whole wrath of foreign players on extornionate wages. I've seen 3 linked today.. one been in Quatar who been with Slav at a few clubs. Will upset the regulars like Billy / Didzy and Bash no doubt
  20. Peacock-Farrell 7 - looks very good Hunt 7 - great game Iorfa 8 - hope we can keep him Hutchinson 7 - Steady and secure Palmer 9 - Did great - some of the covering in defence and tracking back was brilliant - MOM Byers 7 - Good start Bannan 8 - Class tonight Wing 6 - bit off the pace Adeniran 7 - first half was great - second tired. Johnson 5 - Sub standard compared to the rest. Gregory 8 - lead the line superb and linked up brilliant - great poachers goal. 15 goals this season at least. Dunkley 6 - did what he had to do - doesn't look anywhere near Dom and Hutch tho in ability. Paterson 6 - worked hard Kamberi 6 - same Enjoyed it under the lights - great crowd. Game was frustrating after the 30mins mark - stop / start. Got a steak pie and a pint this time.. so all is good. Why don't they spend a bit of attention to the bars on the kop near the car park. Couple of picnic benches down one side (painted blue and white) then a few stand up tables on the other. You buy a pint and some fodder but have no where to put it. So much potential - even put a canvas roof on it for winter. Pipe the stadium music in there for some background.
  21. I feel teams will come to us to get a result and players up their games and look to stifle us - had been evident both last night and against Donny. It won't be pretty - but we can tear teams apart with slick movement, which has been evident in patches in both games. Defence and midfield are very solid - we just need to click on the wings.
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