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  1. Got to be a mate of a mate / cousin / wife's friends brother or similar to FF.. FF had a quiet word to the powers that be that he's a "reight" player and we should sign him for a trial and I'll take all the sprogs out for some evening scran. And lets see what happens..
  2. I also think he got Wood's at Leeds firing them in whilst coach with GM..
  3. We are a mid table side currently and have been for the last two seasons.
  4. We have to hope FF can inject some of his quality into the forward line. Nuhiu should have scored, so should have Winnall and Reach, plus a defo penalty. We wasn't that bad, just seemed to lack conviction and only got worse the more chances we fluffed. Could easily have been 3-0 to us. A lot of us have been saying we need to inject some pace up front and a decent striker.. Rhodes & Winnall are league 1 at best. Lets hope Mr Monk has irons in the fire to rectify this.
  5. We normally go on the Kop, but chose to sit in the South. The kids for a quid option would have been a idea for the kop / Season ticket holders for a fiver maybe. But was a decent turnout after a torrid day of rain - although the pay on the gate option also killed the attendance . Credit to the Everton fans.
  6. Could barely tell Luongo and Joey apart for most of the game. Both barely got into the game in the first half, we played the same tactics as last two games with those two sat protecting the back four. Both got better in the second, but looking at this neither Sam or Barry need to worry too much. Not writing him off, Luongo looks the more technical player and will come good, maybe start him instead of Kieran with Sam and Barry at the Boro game Saturday.
  7. did anybody have posh London accents whilst reading that.. I did
  8. We was playing to Monks tactics .. lets be fair we kept pretty much the same team/tactics as Huddersfield, which was extremely effective, against a strong Fulham side who like to play (act).. he did the simple things reasonably well sitting in front of the defence. We don't have much better to perform this role in this set up. Again enjoyed the shuffle in the second half to create more chances and we did and it worked.
  9. He is the perfect sub to have for shaking things up in attack and helping out at the back..what a great finish too.. Here's to you..
  10. Serves em right. Never ever leave early.. just to save 10mins in traffic. No point. Was a great finish too.
  11. Really... Murphy was going thru the two centre halfs and got bundled / taken out by his thigh defender stuck his leg out and turned his side into him .. seen softer penalties than that.
  12. Should have had a penalty when cropped whilst making a good run into the box and looked like he could score. Other than that didn't really get into the game.
  13. Also glad we've got him.. Hougton was my No.1 then either Monk or Rowett, with Monk being favoured.. Never considered the Cowleys "don't believe the hype" Think with him only being 40.. he should have the drive and desire to do really well. Lets see what happens.
  14. Goals from close range..goals from long range and headers too.. not sure what u mean looks pretty composed on one on ones to me. Also running from the middle onto thru balls..
  15. TBH I thought this for some time and advocated it on here in the past. Reach is a strong runner, finding spaces which enables our midfield to slot balls into.. he can also finish cooly and has a hell of a shot on him. The way when he does make the runs is like Warhurst used to.
  16. The Green Un.. loved that paper.. Was a paper lad from the age of 12.. waiting in a layby (rain or shine) for the star van to rock up about 7pm after getting back from the game.. big burley bloke chucking a banded lump of papers out.. "here you go son".. and off I waddled with them in mi yellow pvc papers bag to deliver around the estate, about 40 regulars all looking out for the delivery.. dodging dogs and the smell of tea cooking in the old biddies flats (mince and mash generally).. Took about an hour and half to do the round for the princely extra bonus of £1 on top of my £6.80 for morning and evening round.. back in the late 70's and early 80's this wasn't two bad.. hated Sundays tho and all the extra supplements.. was a two bag job and a bit of a killer, especially the extra delivery to Mosborough Hall which was all up hill from our shop and they had every paper under the sun.. Always had about 5 spare which I gave away kept one for me.. one of mi dad to read on the bog.. one for mi Grandad on Sunday morning visit to Sharrow.
  17. Hopefully Sunderland still interested in Jan and we can get a better replacement. At the moment we can't afford to lose him, our squad is thread bare tbh.
  18. When I saw him at Cardiff I really thought we had signed a top player here. Looked brilliant that game and we had got a bargin. Can't image we paid 4m up front, again must have been performance based / promotion based deal. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and another player that we had high hopes for goes into the same bin as Abdi & Co. Now we seem to have a proper recruitment team setup which has been evident from our business so far and we won't be making these type of mistakes again.
  19. For the few who are disappointed ..Don't forget he put a transfer request in.. he wanted out no point hanging onto him. I wanted him to stay and perform the role off the bench like Saturday .. but he wanted out so that changes my mind
  20. Good deal..hopefully have a hearty sell on clause in case he has a storming season and prem clubs come sniffing.. Good luck Lucas..
  21. Hutch Bannan Reach Rhodes Fletch Harris
  22. Hutch Lee Bannan Reach Fletch Harris Can't have Joao over Reach. Shows why we need another good centre mid..
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