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  1. Signed on a freebie and made 4m in 6 months.. Good deal for SWFC and well done DC
  2. Bruce / Agnew and Clemance being reported as resigning this morning
  3. Why would we do him a favor and take him to Portugal, when he isn't upto fitness levels needed. Strange.
  4. Personally I think Joao could bag 20 goals a season.. hopefully Bruce will ensure its his make or break season and get him playing with the right attitude to fulfill his potential, if not his career will be over in English football. Unless we get a stupid offer like the £8m quoted from Huddersfield. Can see Nuhiu and Winnall going.. Bruce seems to like Nuhiu tho, like most managers do, for the last 15 / 20 mins but I hope we shift him out tbh.
  5. I personally think we "wanted" to believe Hooper was a lynch pin.. but in reality he wasn't and only played well in sporadic periods during his time. Mostly injured. If we keep FF , then I hope this season will be his best for a long time and we can forget about Hooper. Joao and Fletcher will be the main two upfront. With FF / Reach / Harris supporting. Maybe we'll bring another striker in, if Rhodes departs for Norwich.
  6. Can see him being deployed in the Whelan role like at Villa last season. Steve Bruce type of player. Very similar to Whelan but 4 years younger. On a free and for a couple of years would be ideal.
  7. everything staying in Hamburg and commuting upto Lubeck ? for game
  8. Be interesting who goes to Portugal.. pretty sure if some of those players leaving won't be.
  9. Ranieri at 12-1. Left Roma at end of last season.. Plenty of experience in Prem and success.
  10. Wilder has exercised a clause in his contract to re-negotiate his contract, no doubt due to promotion. Obs knows he can get better elsewhere so wants to push a better deal. Was close to getting WBA job and double his salary.
  11. Maybe not all up front cost.. can imagine a substantial sell on clause. The price quoted was DC's wish list price.. now Bruce has taken control can see some deal being made. Also Joao's recent interview about his ambition to play in the Prem..
  12. I think we keep him one more season, 25 - he's on a longish contract until June 2021. Scored 1 in 3 last season in a broken spell of appearances. If he was given a consistent run maybe he will prove himself. If he flounders in the first 6 months, replace in Jan. Hopefully we can offload Winnall , Fernando, Nuhiu and Rhodes. My main strike force would be Fletcher and Joao / lighting quick loanee - Chong Man Utd / Neiketh Arsenal / Brewster Liverpool and someone like Austin from the bench / backup to Fletcher when he gets clobbered.
  13. He's had his time and we need better.. time to shuffle along Mr Nuhiu. Still think he has certain Championship admirers and can do better than that club..
  14. Age is nothing to a certain extend and 30/31 is not old in this day and age.. look at Yaya Toure who tore it up in the prem with City who was well into his 30's. If we could sign him, wages / fee's, he would be exactly the type of player we have been longing for, for years in the midfield role. But lets trust Bruce to make the right decisions, (well we don't really have a choice) but I wouldn't be unhappy to see him in a Wednesday shirt. Adding just one experienced player like this with youngsters (mid 20's) would be ideal. I'm all for shaking up the tree regarding playing staff and would like to see a few shifted out even if that's more popular first team players. Aarons / Willis / Diame / Obeju?? , Boner , Bidwell, hopefully Hector. all fine by me.. can see a young fast striker coming in, maybe loan too.. Chong Man Utd ?
  15. Don't think he would be under Lamps.. Was Rowett the manager when he was there ? I can see him ending up at Birmingham or Stoke maybe
  16. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/sheraldo-becker/profil/spieler/188888 Right winger - 7 goals / 10 assists - 24 yrd old
  17. Anyone think he would be a really good striker ? Has all the attributes to make that role his own place. Calm in front of goal, can really strike it well.. has pace and reads the game well.. Could be better than Warhurst when he was played up there.
  18. I think its time to cash in, like you say on his day brilliant, but that day is few and far between. We need to change the squad - I also think we may be seeing a big sale possibly Reach going, who will be ambitious no doubt and maybe a prem club want him. (Wolves / Palace / Toon / Norwich) his goals will not have gone un-noticed over this season. Need to offload Adthe - thanks mate been interesting and an enigma but time is up. If we can offload JVA / Fox / Pelp /Winnall then this would be a good help, which to be fair we should be able to do they are not bad players but just not fitted right. In my opinion Rhodes will play a big part next season, if he can get upto speed in pre-season.
  19. think BB was going for a scan today to see the extent.. can't see him being fit for tomorrow. Reach in the middle with Hutch.. Matias & Boyd out wide.
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