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  1. This is our summer to revitalise the team. Lets hope we being in younger hungry players with ability to improve and increase in value. (Iorfa type signings).
  2. Murphy did well same with Harris tracked and covered.ans threatened. Looked like they ran out of steam but then picked up. Reach..poor. Bannan average.. like to see hunt start next game. Back 3 did well in circumstances but showed why 2 of them are full backs. Lee was ok Rhodes.. end of the road Wickham..threatening and worked hard. Wildsmith beaten on inside for 3rd but other than that did ok. Luongo average Nuhiu.. nothing Dr Cruz looked lively again. Shame but we are very thin on the ground.
  3. he needs a goal or five in this run in.. or else he's toast for next season
  4. great corner and great header and brilliant movement by Wickham leaving Baker for dead. But credit to Borner and Iorfa for blocking off (legally) Baker.
  5. You are underestimating how tough that league is.. and no guarantee Rhodes would score.. for one he needs it on a plate in the 6 yard box to maybe score 1 in 3 chances.
  6. Was the system and football not attacking enough for you last weekend ? - Bannan should get up the pitch but maybe he doesn't want to and his end product is not always the best.. he hasn't done since Carlos days. Guess your not a fan of Monk - if we could get a top manager ala Bruce, who has done it all before - i wouldn't be to disappointed but I don't think we can for lots of reasons... So I'm willing to give Monk 6 months with his chance to put his stamp on the team. But that's what make footie great the difference of opinions
  7. Monk Succeeded at Swansea and Birmingham, did well at Leeds. Not sure whether Bruce would have sustained such a good run.. Most probably but he jumped ship and left us in it.. Which Monk came in to fill his big shoes. Don't forget Bruce also brought his trusted coaches Agnew and Clemance - Monk hasn't been allowed that luxury for whatever reason.. I'd give Monk until Xmas after bringing in new players, judge him after the opportunity to do some rebuilding. If we was to change the manager - who would we bring in.. more than likely another Jos / Carlos type given Paxioas current ear bending of DC. You can see him saying - we've tried English managers like the fans wanted - now bring in another of my contacts.. Grass isn't always greener.
  8. Dreadful tough league in which we would struggle.. some say we can rebuild better in league one.. We thought that last time and struggled, we'd struggle to attract decent players. No way do I want SWFC to endure anything lower than Championship level.
  9. Can't understand the such dislike of Monk. He's come in with barely none of his own backroom staff - probs cause DC won't payoff exisitng staff. Or the fee's to bring in his staff - even after wringing NUFC for Bruce & Co. Working with what is widely regarded as a disjointed / ageing squad - with several players out of contract now. We started of ok.. then January when perhaps players heads had been turned we became terrible , without any real quality and budget to replace certain players. Judge him on the next few games, with players who will be looking to impress and give some extra effort. We did ok against a good Forest side. We have some tough matches in the run-in - lets hope we can salvage enough points to be able to withstand any points deduction, because relegation would be a disaster and we'd be stuck down there for many years ala Sunderland - bar any miracle like a Wilder coming in. Viva Revolution..
  10. Wasn't Prutton in the same team... he may have misheard dressing room banter.. But seriously it was a shame - but another strange signing.
  11. Che Adams and Connor Wickham strike force. With Hunt and Penney establishing themselves as first team players. Next Season Wildsmith Borner - Iorfa - A Another Murphy Penny Bannan - Luongo - Hunt Adams - Wickham Subs Windass Dawson Lee somebody who we carn't flog another striker another CD
  12. We should be touting them around clubs now... get a fee for them if possible.
  13. And stuck on their bench along with Madine for the best part of the season
  14. Definately good luck the the lads - hope they can still forge a football career.
  15. Dissappinted with our lack of threat from corners and we have been for some time.. we don't attack the ball in the box enough.. our centre halfs are little threat in that area (Reda/Rob Jones/Llera type needed).
  16. Can get two players in for his wages alone. Like an Irvine..
  17. If his wages are not gonna kill us..then I'd try and keep him next season.
  18. Looked very assured and grown since his last outing I saw him in a cup game against derby where he was clearly out of his depth then. Like to see him start a game and hopefully another to progress. Long term successor to Lee for next season in a 3 man midfield.
  19. 100% agree with that. I was suggesting Fletcher coming in for him at HT. But well done to him for the second half and goal..let's hope it's the start of a good.run for the remaining games.
  20. Did ok... Wickham is no Fletcher and would be my only change. Palmer doing well in the 3 man defence surprisingly. Rhodes unlucky. Harris doing well
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