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  1. thats cause i've just lumped on 10k because Tony Pulis tipped me.
  2. Doctor Duran

    Premier League here we come

    Well if Tony Pulis say's were gonna do it.. I'm all in too.. where that 33/1 odds..
  3. Doctor Duran

    Red Button Coverage

    Over the years have watched many a dodgy virus ridden stream with some greek commentary and not amounts of buffering / switching streams etc.. So the red button is a defo improvement.. Just gives me a little justification of the fortune I pay to Sky each month..
  4. Doctor Duran

    Red Button Coverage

    felt sea sick after watching it on the red button.. must have been a trainee camerman tbh.
  5. Reported by Nixon that Burnley are on the look out for a winger (a good one).. surely Reach is gonna be top target for a club like them.. right age, English, can score goals, playing in a kinda winger role, has pace.. wouldn't be at all surprised.
  6. 7 / 10 is a great game in my book. 1. Atrocious 2.Very Poor 3 Poor. 4 below average..5 is average. 6 good.. 7 great.. 8 Excellent..9 Outstanding..10 World Class Yesterday I'd give him a 6.. although messed up for their goal should have cleared it into touch instead of faffing around.
  7. Doctor Duran

    Slept on it thoughts

    Agree with all that.
  8. Doctor Duran

    Adam Reach and FFP

    if we turned down 9m in the summer as reported.. then his value has doubled and will continue to rise if he carries on this form from the last few weeks. Can see a few Prem teams looking at him for a Jan purchase.
  9. Thought Palmer had a great game last night tbh. pretty much like he has all season. Been a solid 6/7 every time he's played.
  10. Doctor Duran

    The playlist for this weekends match

    reckon AM's pretty visitors would be a good warm up song
  11. Good to see tapping into the potential.
  12. Doctor Duran

    Club's Best Moment

    '91 Dink. 92/93 Season or when we was within a sniff of the title.. Pigs Semi / Waddles goal Play-off final at Cardiff.. what a day out Kaiserslaughten at home.. atmosphere alone BDM Wycombe at home was good. Best Moment in my lifetime - '91 final beating Man Utd.
  13. Doctor Duran

    One person to blame tonight.

    I also think lee's need dropping.. he just isn't captain material.. saw Fox last night giving more encouragement out. Joao off the bench for now.. then rotate with fletcher and hopefully Hooper stays fit
  14. Doctor Duran


    I like Nuhiu as a sub.. bring him on in the last 20mins when defending a slender lead or chasing the game.. but over 90mins he often looks isolated with our formation.
  15. Doctor Duran

    One person to blame tonight.

    Crap tactics last night. Standing off them.. players unable to hold the ball and pass.. this stupid playing out from the back infuriates me, get it up field. Crap Strikers all 3 of them are rubbish in this formation.. just play 2 strikes to link off each other.. we play 3 upfront and its just to wide, Hooper and Fletcher for me everyday. Keeper passing it out slowly to defenders or Bannan having to come deep for it from him. No urgency in our play. This formation is crap.. we don't have the players to do it.. go 4.4.2 Westwood Palmer - Hector - Thornily - Penny Onomah - Bannan - Pelep - FF Fletcher - Hooper