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  1. think BB was going for a scan today to see the extent.. can't see him being fit for tomorrow. Reach in the middle with Hutch.. Matias & Boyd out wide.
  2. Its ok I've been showing her different, so she doesn't complain
  3. Its a long shot.. one game at a time.. keep your feet on the ground lads and lasses. (but imagine a play-off semi's against the pigs.. and beating them.. oh my days)
  4. I think the good run at the end of last season (even with Jos) and the hope a good pre-season to get players back fit give us the higher expectations. The fact we blooded a few decent youngsters, which to be honest we all liked really, and the fact FF was looking fit and scoring raised our hopes. The rest is history. The league is very open tbh and expect it to be like it next year, I can't see any major spending by any clubs just shuffling players around on loans / out of contract. It will be upto Bruce and Co to get the team firing from day one to give us a good start, then we can see how we progress.
  5. Wasn't we looking at doing something with the old Presto site or did I dream that
  6. How many did Roland Nilsson score ?
  7. Utd may get auto. They will defo be in the play-offs. Utd have handled it well all season. Can't see why they will particularly fail now. Auto is a massive bonus for them, I reckon Play-offs is where they aimed for at the start of the season. We may get in the playoffs if we are lucky and results go for us. Very very long shot.
  8. Build from the back.. keep it tight and don't concede gives us a good platform. We all know Palmer and Fox have limitations but currently they are part of the unit that have keep a lot of clean sheets, to drop them would upset that, and if we lose or concede a few by changing it, I'm sure the management would be slated. Hutch is the perfect for the position and role he plays. Bannan needs a rest, Joey isn't upto scratch - we miss a Lee type / creative box to box player so much. Fletcher is frustrating, yes tries extremely hard and puts effort in, but lacks the incisive final touch / shot. Joao is only good as an impact sub. Reach flatters to deceive and Boyd again huffs and puffs with little end effect. These are the areas that need addressing.
  9. Tom Huddlestone available ? was going to Udinese now off.. be a top signing
  10. We need some pace .. Middlesboro looking at Bolasie and Adama Troure.. surely they should be on our radar ?
  11. That flipping belly button makes me gip.. Slightly annoying portrayal character, who really doesn't show Wednesday fans in the best light (stereotypical fat thick Northeners). But big credit to him for the milage he does and probs a decent chap to have a pint with.
  12. Anything £10m and above we gotta take it. Good player in his time, but not for last 6 months added nothing.
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