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  1. dodgy coming out from our keeper.. shud have stayed on his feet and made himself big .. not lunge in two footed.. but he's only young so will let him off.. good to watch and we have some good youngsters
  2. abdi is 7.. great thru ball to hirst from no 11..
  3. who scored for us.. and who is our number 11.. lively lad
  4. Craziest line up ever

    If Chelsea can leave giroud and morata on then bench against Barca.. then we can leave ours on the bench against millwall.. Same formation as Chelsea lol..only they have Willian..hazard..pedro up top we have stobbs.. Wallace.. boyd
  5. Wales Online Poll

    Done .. a few times.. 46% now
  6. Katiren Meire

    I can't imagine for one moment we paid £8m upfront for Rhodes.. the transfer fee/contract has gotta be based on appearances / goals / promotion etc.
  7. What are our striker options?

    George Hirst was in the directors box sat with the rest of the U23's on Saturday.
  8. Jacob Butterfield

    Just my own opinion.. nothing I've heard.. just think his injuries this season will set him back for this season.. don't get me wrong would love to see him back even tho I'd prefer him to play at CB now.. similar to what Pudil has done.. but i think if he's still here it will be next season before we see him again.
  9. All the defence had solid games, superbly lead by Pudil who was MOM. At this stage of career this now has to be his position. Reads the game well and is no longer required to run the line at LB where at his age his legs were showing the signs of failing.. But at left sided centre half he excels now, still got the pace over 10 yards and not scared to put a foot in.. let's say comparable with Loovens 3 years ago now. Reach did well.. tried to do a little too much at times in the middle due to being lumbered with Butterfield and Jones neither offered a great deal going forward.. but was our biggest threat. Butterfield is a passenger offers nothing... Jones did well in his DM role and covered a lot of ground, but isn't creative enough for me.. but solid performance Boyd.. unfortunately flatters to deceive.. little end product and isn't as quick as I thought tbh.. can see why he is a bench player. We are blessed with two very good young keepers.. Dawson played very well.
  10. I'm for one glad he got a polite round of applause at the end and nobody abused or boo'ed him during the game. The fans who wanted to clap him kept there respect low key and all seemed very civilised.. as it bloody well should for a ex-manager who has always been very respectful to the fans and club.. Although i think the applause at the end from most was conjointed with the applause for Nuhiu who he was walking off with at the same time.. Now it's over time to move on from Carlos..
  11. Jacob Butterfield

    Poor player tbh.. going thru the motions in my eyes.. heart doesn't seem in it. quite a few times he was just slow jogging back whilst Swansea players burst past him.. no effort to track back and we nearly got caught out on one occasion, offered very little else in midfield. Felt sorry for Jones felt he was trying to cover two positions on his own and he put in some effort. But neither of these two should be first team certs. Pelpessy (or SH but don't think we will see him again tbh) - DM - Bannan / Reach - AM ideal midfield three
  12. Good to see Jos giving the youngsters a chance.. good luck Sean Clare..
  13. Sean Clare

    Well just had a glance at Olibeak postings.. and it does look like he may have some details about the youngsters.. So if this is the case, then without knowing what stance other clubs also take in similar situations, then it is a bit iffy looking and needs to get sorted. Now is this really all just down to the chairman tho.. surely we have development team managers etc..
  14. Sean Clare

    Offered today then ?
  15. Sean Clare

    So you base that on some maybe / maybe not information from Owlstalk.