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  1. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    West Stand upper.. with mi Dad & Grandad (rip) normally went on the kop but cause grandad was a bit frail mi dad decided best to sit down. I was 10 at the time.. amazing day.. can't remember too much other that spiders goal and jeff king doing a job on sabella all match, did he go off with the face one after getting hacked down many times ? The car ride back to Mosborough with flags / myself hanging out the car window and car horn papping away was fun.
  2. We will hammer United

    Coutts likely to get a 4 match ban for an off the ball incident against Norwich.. likely to miss the match.. shame
  3. Boban Lazic

    to be honest look a very decent strong player in that video montage.
  4. hark now hear

    the smell of booze (generally Stones) laced steaming pee on a winter day was simply a smell on its own.. Trying to squeeze into a smallest gaps in the trough line in the bog kops being splattered by wee wee splashback, as a young un and then try to wee wee whilst being pushed around is a feat in itself..
  5. Cardiff Away Ticket Details

    whats the main boozer to meet in .. the beerkeller ?
  6. Just got back

    Was Hirsty there ?
  7. Jose Semedo

    Probably signed a contract to rub Ronnies groin occassionally and carry his boot bag for the next 3 yrs. will be on 3 times what chezzie or millwall could offer.
  8. Dont think it will be Westfield. Already a big football hub being created. doubt it could cater for a massive stadium. Would be nice tho.. just across the road from me. http://www.sheffieldfa.com/shcfa-docs/westfield http://www.sheffieldfa.com/~/media/countysites/shfa/documents/westfield/westfield_brochure.ashx
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo to visit hillsborough?

    always something a bit homo erotic about these photos Ronnie and his mates post
  10. Nixon

    fake news. looks at the date
  11. Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    two pacy wingers who get to the byline and cut back crosses into the 6 yard box. either at head height or on the floor with pace. it's not that hard tbh. if you do that half a dozen times during a game you will score at least two of those chances with the talent we have. Someone like Burke or Adomah / sako Currently we have Wallace 9/10 times cuts inside. same with Reach. as does Fernando when he operates out wide. Matias does the same when he has played. When they cut inside our forwards inevitably end up with there back to goal and it generally fizzles out.. Occassionally we saw Mcmannaman attack the byline do this notably when Fernando took the goal from him. Get Abdi fully fit and play him in the middle alongside Lee. Or another creative CM. Bannan always looks busy and plays the occassional killer ball, but often enough gets caught out and is our weak link. Another top championship CH which is common knowledge. Full backs i'd say are covered with Hunt/Palmer - Pudil / Fox, But we need lightening pace in our side, which is what we have lacked since Antonio / JJ etc
  12. Westwood wanted

    Where does Westwood live ? If still up in the Sunderland area - Middlesboro a damn sight closer to commute it might have added attraction given his family are young. If he has moved to Sheffield then its a non-starter.
  13. I really hope we go up for one reason

    At least he coming into it when we are on the up... I first started taking mine when we were on the decline and culminated to when nearly down from league 1.. (shudders).. Out of the 3 lads.. 2 carried on with us but one fell by the wayside regarding football ! I was upset last season at wembley for them as much as anything else.. seeing the youngest (14) in tears at the end was tough.. Lets hope this year is a happier ending. after promotion against Wycombe Wembley last year with me and there grandad..
  14. RIP Fellow owl.. Credit due to all the people around who tried to help and the Stewards and St John Staff ..
  15. Wolfmanjack

    RIP Wolfmanjack. UTO..