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  1. Doctor Duran

    Need your help.

    poo mate.. hope everything works out ok and he's found / returns soon. Fingers crossed. its been shared on mine and the missus facebook.
  2. Doctor Duran

    Westwood to Cardiff?

    £3m - includes the brown paper bag pension fund cost. Or just swap him for Gary.
  3. Doctor Duran

    João, our form player.

    At his age he should be hitting top form starting week in week out.. not has got potential.. that's what he had when signed 3 yrs ago.. Not good enough.. if we can get some decent cash for him.. let him go. Rather play Winnall and Fletcher.. than any one of FF / Matias / Joao / Nuhiu at the moment. All surplus
  4. Doctor Duran


    League 1 standard I'm afraid.
  5. Absolutely a remarkable man.. hope everything goes well for him and he can make it back to Hillsborough in the very near future.
  6. Doctor Duran

    Our club is dying

    If we'd have got up in that first season we would have been akin to Leicester. Mr Chansiri is not a bad person but like many say seems to be doing it his way only and that approach with little experience in UK football is his downfall. (pricing / merchandise etc). Unfortunately we are hitting a bad place at the moment and bad decisions are still happening
  7. Doctor Duran

    Team for Blackburn?

    Would love to see this.. Dawson Palmer - Lee's - Thornily - Pudil Matias - Bannan - Hutch - Reach Winnall - Rhodes Can we call Rhodes back ?
  8. Doctor Duran

    Tonight's player ratings

    Defence looked ok against a very very poor Bolton strike force and you can see why they are the lowest scorers. That miss/effort by Donaldson.. saying that he got in the position and a decent striker would have buried it and we would be looking at a 1-1 result. Bannan was sat too deep in first half and nothing happened .. gave the ball away too much.. second half pushed forward and looked better. Strikers were woefully poor. Dawson - 6 still takes too long getting the ball out.. slows our play down allows the oppo to regroup Baker - 4 looks lost - a good spell in league 2 would do him the world of good. Palmer a far better option. Lees - 6 Did ok good header which he needs to do more. Hector - 5 Did ok but gave away a few loose passes. you can see why we get punished against better players. Thornily - 5 was decent but was flat footed a few times Penny - 2 not good and hope his confidence doesn't get knocked. needs a period on the bench. correct decision to pull him at HT. Pelep - 4 average player - showed a little passion but league 1 standard at best, decent corners, better than Bannan Bannan - 4 shocking first half passing in triangles with the CH's then back to keeper. Second pushed up and seemed better but not great Reach - 4 off the pace despite looking out most lively player MM - 4 off the pace and wasteful Fletcher - 4 did nothing of note in his 30mins. FF - 4 either still not fit or not interested, shame really but we could do with him back to his buzzing around form and creativity. Joao - 4 - looked lively in the 10 mins he was on. would have been better giving him 30 mins. shame about the miss. Tactics - 1 for the first half - 4 for the second half Terrible match by two terrible teams. We should be better - we will do well to maintain 14th - Bolton will go down. Got a good chance to pick up some points over next few games.. and by god we need them otherwise we will be down fighting in the bottom 6. Programme Seller 10 (programmes 3 quid) was the loudest crowd participation in the first half.. But 10/10 for the hardy folk who made the match.
  9. Doctor Duran

    Shaping up

    mid table season
  10. Doctor Duran

    Wawaw sri lanka

    to be honest his mate sat next to him looks iffy too.. exceptionally long fingers and black sock with shorts ! Aliens.
  11. Doctor Duran

    Wawaw sri lanka

    His mate Christoph Waltz sat next to him too.. That bloke in the background has a dodgy arm.. reckon he's an X-Man.
  12. Doctor Duran

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    Pretty shocking of sky tbh..made all of the fans appear disrespectful.. just shows how they can enhance or manipulate the crowd.. bad form
  13. Doctor Duran

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    Sky sports twittered an apology
  14. Doctor Duran

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    Think sky messed that up..no way was that crowd noise
  15. Why did he even mention about ff.. shud have just kept stum.. instead of building up a bit of hope..ah well lets hope we give a good performance