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  1. Who would you drop for Bates ?bearing in mind he has featured in one game ? do you see his performances in training to justify starting him over Lee's / Borner or Iorfa ? To me GM see's the effect playing Rhodes and Winnall does for the team and has not much choice but to go for Fletcher.. Lunacy or wanting his best team for each game.
  2. Really need to change that name lol.. first used in 2004
  3. While the pitch is holding up well.. I'd like to think the injury reduction is more to the better player conditioning by Tony Strudwick
  4. Owls / Pigs in smoke on the same day and Barnsley travelling thru to Pompey also. Gotta to be some game shifting happen.
  5. Simple things like contactless payment on turnstyles for POTG.. Tech that can read a barcode from an electronic device rather than printing a flaming ticket.. Kop / West Stand lower pricing - £25 Adult - Under 21's £10 - Under 10's £5. Some outdoor merchandise stands one at the entrance to the kop / South stand, one on the south stand bridge- selling things like gloves, hats and scarves in the winter and T-shirts / baseball caps etc in the summer with contactless payment options tie it up with programme selling rather than queing for 20mins plus at the shop. Acceptable pricing for Pop / Crisps and Spice for the kids.. Beer and Pies seem ok tbf..
  6. Actually followed a van from this company this morning down staniforth road ! Was thinking similar things
  7. Like I said our best option in a 442.. good lad.. well done and hopefully it will continue ..by God he owes us few..
  8. Or Nicky Weaver's..which I suspect is far more important
  9. Harsh Penalty decision against him.. but he is a liability 100%. So uncomposed for a footballer its unreal. Looking forward to Palmer coming back and hopefully well rested and ready to hit that early season form.
  10. As sad as it is, he is our best option to partner Fletcher in a 442 until hopefully January when maybe we can get a loan or something organized. First half was ok, second half passed him by completely. Taking Fletcher off killed our game yesterday. Although can understand why after 70mins and he'd run 10,000 miles again. Adthe was shocking and looked like he'd just run a 20,000 miles.
  11. It's the old crackling they put on them.. repeats big time and creates a little teenie bit of bile / acid each time.
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