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  1. Weve had a few like that tho.. O'Grady springs to mind..
  2. Hindsight is great.. but if just if we'd have beaten Hull - which one our day we could have, we'd have been in the Prem and all the issues you raised above would possibly have been not even thought about. Fine margins.. which football is all about. Do you think if we did not have all this FFP rubbish - DC wouldn't be investing more.
  3. Also not bothered about what anybody says .. those first two seasons were some of the best at SWFC since the 90's. The buzz and excitement, Carlos was an enigma who we'd (most) been craving for a good while, suave chap with interesting interviews .. turns out a bit shallow and out of his depth.. The highs - Arsenal / Play-off's - the low's play off finals.. but was a rollercoaster and I dare say 95% of the fan base enjoyed it.
  4. Nice Story - but I'd guess a little bit of truth mixed with a fair bit of fantasy lol.. Also didn't Att have a thing about Will Keane the forward we had on loan from Man Utd during that first season ? Wanted us to sign him.
  5. Watched Ronaldo with Piers last night who said his best goal ever was his overhead kick against Juve. I would say Di Piedi was far better and one of the best overheads ever produced. If only .. Nice piece in the Star about him recently and still looks fondly on his time with, didn't realise he had a 4 year contract but mutually terminated to return to Italy for personnel reasons.. but his son was conceived in Sheffield.. and still playing at 39 in Gibraltar..
  6. De Cruz ? Do we think he has potential ? Not seen him yet properly except for about 10mins.
  7. Sanetti Di Piedi Rodri Kovacivic Not adapting to English footie Atkinson (although he did have a decent career) Hirst (if he'd had gone to man Utd he world have been an England legend) Siggi Jonsson (injuries)
  8. Love to know who it was.. bet he dined out on the story for years..
  9. Also on John st stand. With dad and some of his fore brigade mates.. in was 12 ..loved it tho barely remember much apart from the goal
  10. A player I wish would improved a lot more.. like the guy / Wednesday thru and thru / does generally try very hard but has limitations which are well documented and would say he is league 1 standard - albeit would be very good there..
  11. I would say he has turned it around and doesn't get booed these days.. But it he goes he goes.. won't loose any sleep over him.. like any of our older players tbh.. keep the youth/younger ones (Iorfa et al)
  12. I guess he may have mis-read/mis-interperated the message / tweet.. saying his family couldn't be with him at the end because of covid19
  13. Remember that well... was one of them in south stand about 4am in the morning.
  14. RIP - Wednesdayite and Director.
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