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  1. Been training for past 3 months with Chorley and playing under the guise of Stanley Walters. Fit as a fiddle that lad.. gerrrim in't net..
  2. Gary Gardner innit ? 33 yr old - or is he coming just as a coach.
  3. Good luck Tony P. Keep us up , which we will , and progress up the table and surprise a lot of the moaning feckkers.. UTO
  4. Hopefully steady the ship and let us progress .. Hard working team is what we need right now, picking up scrappy wins and getting to mid table for this season. Next season needs to be a play off push Final season ..top of table side
  5. Don't think we'll see much of Flint for a while - but is a decent player. And Paterson too might flourish under a better system. Far too early to judge these players yet - same with Marriott.
  6. Would like to see us appoint somebody like Marco Silva or Slaviša Jokanović
  7. 1442 Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Lee's Penny Harris Brown Luongo Reach Windass / one of the others Penny / Reach & Palmer / Harris.. overlap / cover each other when one goes down the line.. push up to support. Quick Thru balls from defence and midfield into space, for wingers to attack and strikers to run onto.. Strikers run the line so not to get caught offside. Then run into space for the thru ball.. if they don't / cant anticipate these balls into the space or into the box then sub them off. CB defend and clear lines into space or into
  8. Football is a relatively simple game. We try to walk it in far too much. Shoot on site. Wingers/wing backs get to the by line and release the ball 75% of the time ..low and hard between the pen spot and six yatd box. 25% just in front of keeper. Defenders/goalies hate this. Floaty balls from 30 yards out into the box..90% of time are dealt with or go out. Basics
  9. Still a bit too early to judge. To call Paterson the degrading things mentioned is out of order (tricktrev) They lack decent service - we are playing wingbacks who in this formation rarely get to the by line and last night the midfield was devoid of any attacking intention.. lets not mention those terrible floaty balls into the box by Barry .. a keepers heaven.. 4 or 5 times we had a free kick and he just floated them in above the defence, couple of times too deep for the keeper to easily collect. Did you notice Zahore scored for Millwall last night..
  10. I backed him.. said I'd give him but Nov.. but that's it times up.. shocking
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