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  1. Doctor Duran

    England squad - What might have been.

    Its a valid point.. Of course we had Vardy for a time, but it does beg the question was any of the others mentioned ever had the chance to come to Wednesday.
  2. Doctor Duran

    R I P mum and fly high

    My deepest condolences Tinkerbell.
  3. Doctor Duran

    Starting XI

    Westwood Venancio - Lees - Thornley Hunt Reach Bannan - Lee or Sam (if not fit Pelupessy) FF Nuhiu - Joao Subs Fletcher, Hooper, Matias , Pudil, Sam , Pelupessy, Dawson
  4. Doctor Duran

    Mason Mount

    looks a talented lad.. who seems to play on the left side or middle
  5. Agree with that.. you never know how the injured players going forward are going to be. As i said if we offload a few we will need to replace, but I can't see us adding too many to the current squad.
  6. Doctor Duran

    Full Backs Needed.

    Really.. I'd say they have been our most successful CM partnership over the last 3 years.. especially year one of Carlos tenure.
  7. Doctor Duran

    Full Backs Needed.

    I can see Hutch being CB. Lee if fit must start in midfield - Bannan & Lee with Fernando in the number 10 spot just behind the front two
  8. Doctor Duran

    Full Backs Needed.

    I'm not sure he has the pace for RWB, especially with his injury woes.. can't imagine him lasting long being asked to bomb up and down the line. Centre Midfield 100%
  9. is it only me who thinks we don't really need to sign anyone ? Once the players who been injured are back and fit our squad is sound.. with the younsters being drafted in who don't look massively out of place and give them a pre-season can kick on further.. the likes of kirby, baker , thornley etc.. Don't think we will need a LB - we will play Reach as LWB with Fox to cover and Penny maybe even Boyd- 3-5-2 / 5-3-2 formation. Right WB - Hunt / Barker / Palmer CB - Lee's / Thornliey / Venancio / Nielson / Pudil MF - Bannan / Pelupessy / Jones / Fernando (roaming no 10) / Lee (hopefully) / Kirby / Abdi (I know) / Boyd / Matias Up Top - Nuihu / Joao / Rhodes / Hooper / Fletcher Unless one or two of our first team players are snaffled up, then we need to replace.. but I'd say we are pretty much covered with a fit squad
  10. Doctor Duran

    Funniest/most bizarre Wednesday moments

    The lad heading the ball vs Norwich as above.. amazing.. wonder who he was. Potters Corner attempt Carlton running off for a dump mid game Di Canio incident and Briscoes wonder goal Oldham/TC Stainrod incident and riots away Hirst and Carbone flare up Snowballs Vs Arsenal/Jack Charlton Getting hit on the face with a 10 bob bit.. and my old man and his fire bridgade mates looking to paste someone Dambusters song vs Kaiserslaughten
  11. My lad got the 78 home kit.. went down on Saturday.. looks great good quality fabric. wearing it on Friday.
  12. 3 - 5 - 2 formation Pressman Thome - Lyons - Pearson Nilson Worthington Waddle - Shez - Palmer Di Canio - Hirst Subs - Turner - Bannister - Curren - Sterland - King - Francis - Carbone
  13. Doctor Duran

    Preslav Borukov

    Jos was there watching.. i guess looking at striker options and in particular him. Probably spurred him on somewhat if he thinks he might be in with a sniff of 1st team action.
  14. Doctor Duran

    The Ipswich Free Kick Goal

    It was a well executed free kick granted.. but our wall and its positioning made it enticing for him to have a go.. Now if Joe set up the wall he did it wrong.. if it was set-up to try to force waghorn to cross it, then Joe was well placed to hopefully deal with it. The fact he was prepared for a cross and not a floating shot, left him looking flat footed. Either way I hope he learns from it. And yes my son has goalkeeping coaching and plays in net every sunday.. No i'm not an expert either
  15. Not arguing with you Torres. You have the best interests at heart. The club just need to do a hell of a lot more.. Why the club don't use owlstalk to advertise is a strange one.. just look at the membership and amount who are online.. then this knowledge gets passed around.