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  1. It is and has been a wonderful gesture in these difficult times.. and must be a comfort to the hard working staff at SWFC. Well done Mr Chansiri .
  2. can see Warnock going for Nuhiu and getting him to be a 20 goal a season player..
  3. Game 2.. points deduction halved and we go on a 12 match winning streak
  4. Given the chance he will spend. He's alreyt.. be fine next season. Project rebuild is under way..have faith.
  5. you'd be surprised how many local scouts are out there for both Sheffield Teams. Normal blokes who have been involved in junior football along the way.. expenses paid..many for the love of it and the chance to spot a gem. Pass up the advice / report to the main scouts in the club, who then assess and visit.
  6. Owen Morrison and Sibon and a lovely header by Ash Westwood
  7. And Nixon just said on Twatter .. that we have loads of money.. Show me the money...
  8. sounds like he is talks at the moment. Also according to Nixon we are in for a few more players.. (buying)
  9. without sounding like a stuck record.. I'm one of his supporters.. I want him to be given an opportunity to build a team, which he can do this summer / pre-season If it goes to a crock of sheitte by xmas (ie not in top 10).. then I'll be not one of his supporters.. simples.
  10. This is our summer to revitalise the team. Lets hope we being in younger hungry players with ability to improve and increase in value. (Iorfa type signings).
  11. Murphy did well same with Harris tracked and covered.ans threatened. Looked like they ran out of steam but then picked up. Reach..poor. Bannan average.. like to see hunt start next game. Back 3 did well in circumstances but showed why 2 of them are full backs. Lee was ok Rhodes.. end of the road Wickham..threatening and worked hard. Wildsmith beaten on inside for 3rd but other than that did ok. Luongo average Nuhiu.. nothing Dr Cruz looked lively again. Shame but we are very thin on the ground.
  12. he needs a goal or five in this run in.. or else he's toast for next season
  13. great corner and great header and brilliant movement by Wickham leaving Baker for dead. But credit to Borner and Iorfa for blocking off (legally) Baker.
  14. You are underestimating how tough that league is.. and no guarantee Rhodes would score.. for one he needs it on a plate in the 6 yard box to maybe score 1 in 3 chances.
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