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  1. Humorous/Witty Player Nicknames..

    Kevin "Ticker" Taylor
  2. Matias

    Agree with that he should take some responsibility. But he has been badly advised somewhere along the line.. DC is no football scout for sure.. money man yes but he should also be angry at the situation with those two... let alone all the crap last year we had lingering around.. (Urby / Lachman / Dielna)
  3. Matias

    If I was DC, i would be really pissed off with the situation with players like Matias / Abdi.. just sponging money out of the club Must be 2 million a year in wages alone on these two with no return.
  4. Beres to the rescue...

    Dont they slaughter the pigs there too.. back of the unit is a abattoir ?
  5. Plans for the weekend

    mines kinda looking / feeling like bottom row 3rd along.. getting mi ears lowered this Saturday. Trip to coast I reckon Sunday.. No footie or lads footie either..
  6. Keep.. but if not in top 6 at Christmas / turn of year with a sniff off top 2.. then got to go.. His remit is promotion this season.. not letting yesterdays horror show cloud my feelings.. we have been unbeaten in 7 before that.
  7. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    Biggest concern is it needs to be eaten on the go / match seat.. so not too sloppy for me steady with the gravy.. but looks amazing and I'd pay a fiver for one no probs. Does the batter mix hold together ok by time you get halfway down or does it sorta split and get more messy ?
  8. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    What do you reckon - Mellor - Reach Curran - Hooper Smith - Van Aken King - Lee Very possible repeat with similar style of players
  9. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    West Stand upper.. with mi Dad & Grandad (rip) normally went on the kop but cause grandad was a bit frail mi dad decided best to sit down. I was 10 at the time.. amazing day.. can't remember too much other that spiders goal and jeff king doing a job on sabella all match, did he go off with the face one after getting hacked down many times ? The car ride back to Mosborough with flags / myself hanging out the car window and car horn papping away was fun.
  10. We will hammer United

    Coutts likely to get a 4 match ban for an off the ball incident against Norwich.. likely to miss the match.. shame
  11. Boban Lazic

    to be honest look a very decent strong player in that video montage.
  12. hark now hear

    the smell of booze (generally Stones) laced steaming pee on a winter day was simply a smell on its own.. Trying to squeeze into a smallest gaps in the trough line in the bog kops being splattered by wee wee splashback, as a young un and then try to wee wee whilst being pushed around is a feat in itself..
  13. Cardiff Away Ticket Details

    whats the main boozer to meet in .. the beerkeller ?
  14. Just got back

    Was Hirsty there ?
  15. Jose Semedo

    Probably signed a contract to rub Ronnies groin occassionally and carry his boot bag for the next 3 yrs. will be on 3 times what chezzie or millwall could offer.