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  1. Defo would tear up league one - playing in this much better forward role rather than sitting deep.
  2. Stick all the team on a 50k bonus each for avoiding relegation. We need to stay up
  3. its nice walking thru Salmon Pastures and the old school brick plaque is still there. little oasis in the middle of industrial area.. and under the bridge at attercliffe road. would love to see what it was like before when the school was there. We regularly walk down to the wicker and upto that point at lunchtime.. just enough time to do that in 30mins.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me to see both of them end up at Cardiff next season.
  5. Stopped being that deep lying midfielder and yesterday played in attack mode.. That is the Barry we want..so so much more effective and makes us tick. Brilliant performance
  6. Bit like Nuhiu when it comes to end of contract time.
  7. envoi Fell. .. what a decision
  8. I'm not sure he is told to do this.. just gives it I'm the best player and Captain and basically does what he wants. Monk / Pulis / Thompson and now Moore - I cannot believe all those managers and our tacticians can not see it does not work.. I think when Moore pulled Bannan off in his first game I though oh yes someone who doesn't like whats happening. Now Bannan seems to have won that little battle and does what he wants again.
  9. A floated 50 yard pass from Bannan after picking it up from Lees just outside our box, which is then easily judged by the oppo defenders and making the forward run null and void. Windass / Harris were doing this last night but the ball never gets to them as we have slowed it down to a snail pace. So obvious to see
  10. So why does he still insist on picking the ball up, when we don't have the players for him to see. It's not worked and he needs to change his football style to accommodate the team he is in. A best footballer tag and Captain would know this and do something about it. It's groundhog day every match.. must be so easy for a opposing coach to suss us out.
  11. Bit harsh TBH - But i fear our recruitment process will be with him bypassed and given to our "recruitment" team. He may identify a way of playing he wants and then the team will find the players - with DC deciding if he wants them or not. This is the process of football these days - ask Wilder
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