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  1. Very happy with - young progressive manager.. seems very well liked. Lets hope its a long term approach. Well done DC.
  2. Some of these fella's... this time in 2012.. what a day .. amazing photo Love to have Semedo type player now
  3. Ridge and Garrido.. would be a great strike force
  4. everybody says this - was it really the case ? Surely K.Lee / physios would say if he was fit or not to play. SWFC myth ?
  5. Watched Meg earlier.. quote enjoyable nothing to taxing .. 7/10
  6. A low cost Fernando - struggles to fit into the team and a settled position.
  7. unfinished business.. bring him home DC.. and half the Braga team with him
  8. Watched Donnie brasco this aft.. great film. Not seen it in years
  9. Kinda, This was the raising of a second flag... bigger
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