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  1. Doctor Duran

    Players we missed on Saturday

    unfortunately I don't think we can pin our hopes of Lee and Hooper doing a great deal this season. I hope they do, but doubt they will.. especially Lee. We missed Joao
  2. Doctor Duran

    Clare joins Swansea

    replacement for Clucas ?
  3. Dawson Baker - Lees - Hutch - Pudil Boyd - Bannan - Reach - Fernando Fletch - Joao With the attacking option Dawson Lees - Hutch - Pudil Baker - Boyd- Bannan - Reach Fernando Joao - Fletch
  4. Doctor Duran

    No wonder Radio Sheffield don't like us

    Stupid decision.. beggers belief at times does "our" club..
  5. TBH I wasn't bothered either way when we signed him.. didn't know loads about him other than had a decent season at Watford.
  6. Great he needs assistance.. feel sorry for him and the £4m plus he will have earnt over this contract with us alone, let alone what he earn't previously.. Owlinmad, guess your son was in a totally different ballpark financially at just 23 and should have had the support. But it just annoys me that we have forked out so much in transfer fees and wages.. something was not right from the offset with this deal..
  7. I think we shoud rip us his contract / mutual terminate it .. if such a thing happens these days.. and let him fund his own re-hab.. whatever the problem is with him.
  8. After earning so far over £2m from us for 12 matches let alone signing on fee's / medical costs.. you think as fans we shud just ignore him.. right great..
  9. Doctor Duran

    West Stand Lower

    was tried in the stafford era.. bit of a stigma, but should be a student zone / £10 for students any age.. tap into the potential of our university.. Kids under 16 £5 accompanying adult £15. Be great to see the club just try this .. employ young event grad's to work in the Uni's/collages flogging tickets there and then..
  10. Was also there.. one of my first away games with my dad, his mate and his son.. 12 year old on the open away end.. poo scared when the stones / concrete was getting chucked around. Never ever seen scenes like it.. was like a warzone.. we left after what felt like hours of waiting for the game to be re-started.
  11. would like us to try for Diaz
  12. Doctor Duran

    Free agents

    Emil Bergstrom. 25yr old central defender from Sweden. played at a good level 3 full caps, can play anywhere along the back four https://www.transfermarkt.com/emil-bergstrom/profil/spieler/142208
  13. Bang average players.. wouldn't be impressed with any of them at Hillsborough. Reading are gonna be down in the bottom 6 this season.
  14. That's what I think, why buy when you already have at least as good or better in the squad.. I'd stick for another 2 seasons at least and develop what we have, if that doesn't work out then we have to buy again.. We may be forced to lose another couple of high earners, who have been in and out with injuries (Fletcher / Westwood and Abdi ) but hopefully keep the nucleus of the squad together by emphasis on them being fitter and hopefully less susceptible to injury. But at the prices being banded around for average players now it is frightening.
  15. Would u pay 10m for bamford or 8m for waghorn tho..