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  1. Which striker.. they have signed 2. Alvarez (who scored 6 for river plate yesterday) and Haaland. Both will rip it up next season.
  2. Had the pleasure for being downtown Buenos Aires last night.. Boca Juniors beatTigres on the copa final.. it was crazy, amazing scenes and went on for 8 hours, until the Riot police broke it all up. (Rubber bullets, batons etc) they know how to end a party ! If Josh wants an experience of crazy fans then this is the place.
  3. In transit from Rosario to BA lol.. then in BA until Tuesday evening when fly back to UK via Madrid
  4. Yep pretty bad..it's hard to understand it tbh..doing business is pay ment with order always
  5. What an opportunity.. great country and would love the life.. he would be top of the tree. Defo worth a 2 year deal for him to experience the lifestyle. Then still come back to UK for a decent last couple of contracts . If they are will to pay 850k to 1m then we shud take it. I'm currently in Argentina Rosaria . The people are lovely.
  6. Can't understand the hatred tbh. Decent player for us in this league.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Tucker 137 apps 4 goals.. looks a prospect. Rejected a championship bid in 2019 for him. exactly the type we should be looking at
  8. Badly miss leading headline Also said "hopefully will be back" and needs to discuss things with his family. Doesnt sound 100% that.
  9. Yep I'm afraid it quite possibly will be.
  10. Bit marmite is our Barry.. But on 20k wages a week in league with 1 year left .. cold hearted side of me says cash in and reinvest in 2 or 3 players. We've had a good run with him in the team and unfortunately we have failed. Talisman / great player in 50% of the games.. Unfortunately it's time for a change. But he will go with our best wishes
  11. agree with the defending.. but at the start of the season up to the transfer window we struggled for players.. Iorfa being a big miss in the first part of the season.. we had 75% of a new team. If we'd had storey and dean from beginning we would be up automatically. Season Part 1 was a gelling time with an increadible amount of injuries Part 2 we pushed on and went on a decent run and promotion form.
  12. 100% agree.. Give him next season.. hopefully he'll look at changing some old guard for some younger / eager players , altough we say this every season.
  13. HIRST.. dele Bashira to start in midfield ..Tucker..bazuna.. 2 new wing backs,, offload - saido / nml / Dean / Hutch / Palmer / luongo / hunt..
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