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  1. played 3 5 2 last night. Iorfa / Hutch / Palmer Hunt / Green WB's Adriean / Luongo / Wing CM Shodopio / Adeyonin
  2. Fair walk from tower bridge to buck house mate ! Sky Garden was good .. it was melting tho last Wednesday when we went.. the greenhouse effect .. had a drink G&T which cost £20 for 2 ! but suppose it was free to go up. Next time we're gonna fit in a show or two.. hopefully combine it with a Wednesday game (Wombles on 16th Oct)
  3. Grimes is also being chased by Fulham.. so maybe with Byers and Grimes gone they need midfield replacements and I'd imagine Barry will be on the list.
  4. Hope he does well and regains his confidence. Sheffield lad, sound bloke doesn't deserve the grief he got. Exeter is a lovely place and always appears to be a decent club.
  5. Got to mean either Wildsmith or Dawson will be off. Can't keep 3 keepers in our squad plus youngsters Jackson / Render.
  6. I reckon Dumbamerican is Elon Musk.. sussing us out for a takeover.. c'mon you Tesla Owls.. And his dislike of the blades is due to Jimmy Phipps winding him up.
  7. Kop pricing very good. Glad the kids pricing is sensible
  8. Yeah sky garden.. I said winter garden Met up with my son also for a meal which pleased the missus and we've bought him back home for a week up North..
  9. Just back from a Sun-Fri visit. Hot hot hot .. but great time. Went up winter gardens amazing views. Spent the day in Tower of London. Pre booked hardly any ques.. I think it's a good time to visit.. 99% of visitors are British.. very comfortable to walk around everywhere tbh. Did open bus trip which included a river cruise. Really enjoyed that saw lots of sights and good with the tour guide. Went to Westminster from tower pier for the cruise. Then decided to walk to Kensington palace via Buck Palace. 32c did over 20k steps 8 miles and felt it.. still managed to get a nice lunch on Kensington road and tube back. Ate around tower hill and st Katherine dock.. some nice grub and not so bad prices tbh. Local stopping off point was the spoons at top of tower hill.. but tried plenty of others also. Went to Spitalfields and petty coat lane.. was ok. Most paid for a pint was £6.. bottle of vino £20. Few 2 for 1 cocktails places around so £9-£11 for two which was ok. If u get chance go while the international tourists aren't around (chinese/yanks) Make a it bearable in most places. UTO
  10. When it became a rich man's sport tbh. £100 quid for me and two lads with the extras.
  11. Hopefully he recovers and can make good.. short career is a footballer
  12. Fair do,'s I quit a job in matlock cause of the commute Family first
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