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  1. When I saw him at Cardiff I really thought we had signed a top player here. Looked brilliant that game and we had got a bargin. Can't image we paid 4m up front, again must have been performance based / promotion based deal. Unfortunately it wasn't to be and another player that we had high hopes for goes into the same bin as Abdi & Co. Now we seem to have a proper recruitment team setup which has been evident from our business so far and we won't be making these type of mistakes again.
  2. For the few who are disappointed ..Don't forget he put a transfer request in.. he wanted out no point hanging onto him. I wanted him to stay and perform the role off the bench like Saturday .. but he wanted out so that changes my mind
  3. Good deal..hopefully have a hearty sell on clause in case he has a storming season and prem clubs come sniffing.. Good luck Lucas..
  4. Hutch Bannan Reach Rhodes Fletch Harris
  5. Hutch Lee Bannan Reach Fletch Harris Can't have Joao over Reach. Shows why we need another good centre mid..
  6. The squad as it is right now - is capable of top 6 this season.. if we don't get a injury crisis. Bruce never gave it a chance did he.. fair enough at xmas if we was floundering and he can't bring anybody in then he may have had reason too. We have cleared some deadwood - bought in some pace and drive. DC might not be refusing to sell players, just not receiving the right bids / value.
  7. Reach is gonna score most goals this season.. love to see him breaking thru and has the calmness to score.. has the eye for worldies..
  8. Signed on a freebie and made 4m in 6 months.. Good deal for SWFC and well done DC
  9. Bruce / Agnew and Clemance being reported as resigning this morning
  10. Why would we do him a favor and take him to Portugal, when he isn't upto fitness levels needed. Strange.
  11. Personally I think Joao could bag 20 goals a season.. hopefully Bruce will ensure its his make or break season and get him playing with the right attitude to fulfill his potential, if not his career will be over in English football. Unless we get a stupid offer like the £8m quoted from Huddersfield. Can see Nuhiu and Winnall going.. Bruce seems to like Nuhiu tho, like most managers do, for the last 15 / 20 mins but I hope we shift him out tbh.
  12. I personally think we "wanted" to believe Hooper was a lynch pin.. but in reality he wasn't and only played well in sporadic periods during his time. Mostly injured. If we keep FF , then I hope this season will be his best for a long time and we can forget about Hooper. Joao and Fletcher will be the main two upfront. With FF / Reach / Harris supporting. Maybe we'll bring another striker in, if Rhodes departs for Norwich.
  13. Can see him being deployed in the Whelan role like at Villa last season. Steve Bruce type of player. Very similar to Whelan but 4 years younger. On a free and for a couple of years would be ideal.
  14. everything staying in Hamburg and commuting upto Lubeck ? for game
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