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  1. .....or the division's best keeper Excellent MDT as ever Snoots. I'm excited too, weird innit, how we keep that faith, how we feel about Wednesday. UTO
  2. Not even gonna get onto the politics or who I'd have rather gone for. All I know is that i can't wait for Saturday and that'll do for me for now
  3. I genuinely thought that was Luongo on the beach at first
  4. 83/84 promotion season. Outstanding game, electric atmosphere. Miss those innocent uncorrupt days
  5. Just about sums up the EFL. #notfitforpurpose
  6. Peter(RIP), Mark, Carrie(RIP)and Kenny(RIP) MTFBWY UTO
  7. He's not 60 Dunsby. I'm not having that ffs! My first Wednesday hero!! (after Curran) (so my 2nd Wednesday hero)
  8. Me and my old mates had this exact conversation on the uncovered Kop in 82/83 as we struggled to another 0-0 v Southend before reaching the semi v Brighton at Highbury. Before the Wilkinson heady days. I dare say my predecessors said the same in the early 70s as the dark days descended. The only difference between then and now is there was no internet to make the depths of our football cycle appear worse as we were without keyboard hysteria. That is one of the big things i miss about 70s/80s football. UTO
  9. Post of the whole thread! Unfortunately your proposed system is too transparent for the EFL and many clubs to agree to.
  10. There's likely or there isn't likely? FFS some so called reporters can't even get the basics right!
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