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  1. Much rather face Fulham. Reading work so hard and have Pace & power across the midfield. Fulham look tired after a long season.
  2. Tactically disciplined, with good skills. Seems one of the more intelligent players in the team. A good asset and doesn't deserve half the abuse that seems to come his way. Just wish he'd Put himself about a bit more. There was a header at the back post on Sunday that was his if he wanted it enough.
  3. He really needs to add goals to his game. Doesnt score anywhere near enough for a CM.
  4. I take your point, but given the 30+ clean sheets lees/loovens/Westwood have kept in the last 2 seasons, maybe the improvements should be elsewhere.
  5. Callum Harriot Alan judge A CF who plays on the shoulder of the defence. 2 new full backs.
  6. It wasn't even close over 2 legs. So they weren't unlucky, they were out played.
  7. Captain and starting CB in the 2 seasons with the most clean sheets in the history of the club. What he, lees and Westwood have produced in the last 2 years is outstanding. Yet he still get criticised. Unbelievable really.
  8. Westwood Lees Turner Hutch Wallace Lee Bannan McGeady Forestieri Nuhiu Hooper Meat.on.fire.
  9. It's nice to have options... start with what Carlos thinks will work, if it is not change it. It shouldn't be seen as a negative to not be in the starting 11 for a few weeks.
  10. Looks like he would benefit from a rest in the last couple of games, but has been great all season. Once Matais is back, Carlos might be able to rotate in that position.
  11. He's also taken to shouting "Committee" "committee" every two minutes. He's not that much of a fan, as he spends large sections of the game looking back into stand.
  12. It's clearly the centre forward position that needs to be improved. Joao or nuhiu arent going score consistently enough. A CF who can lead the line, upset defenders, bring the skilful players into the game and bag 10 goals before May would be very welcome.
  13. Holloway is invariably wrong, so this is actually bad news. See his "low scoring draw vs Wolves" prediction for details.
  14. So what we're saying is who ever partners loovens looks great, but he should be the one to make way?
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