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  1. I think there is clearly an intention of refunding. But on his own terms. i.e. there is no intention of improving the slow — and frankly disgusting process — they have committed to and you just have to wait until they get to you, whether than be tomorrow or a year's time. The 'unexpected demand' line shouldn't come into it... if the demand increases a company should alter their processes to accommodate (whether it costs them or not). Anyone actively wanting the refund who didn't do a chargeback or Section 75 at this stage should shoulder some of the blame themselves too now (whilst not excusing the slow, painful presses the club have employed to process the refunds). Honestly, it should have all been done and dusted within weeks. That it hasn't been done in almost a year is a disgrace.
  2. Thanks! Yeah, there’s plenty of room for expansion. I’ve got a couple of collaborations in the pipeline currently that we’re working on for later in the year. I also select local charities to donate to every so often too but don’t really feel comfortable shouting about it or using it as marketing. To me it is just normal to give back to the community in this way! I also offset carbon emissions through tree planting programmes and things like that. It’s difficult to do some collaborations or sell other’s work and everyone get a fair share because I purposefully don’t bulk buy/hold stock (everything is made to order), which means the price breaks are smaller for me and margins are slim… but it does allow for more products and variety in those products (i.e. colours). There’s a bit of an explanation in a post about why I do it this way and don’t do many sales that I wrote around the last Black Friday here: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2020/11/16/why-were-not-doing-a-black-friday-sale/ Thank you! Thank you so much for your support! Some great suggestions! Thank you! Brands are difficult because unless the company has completely abandoned them I could get in trouble for using their name/logo, etc (Wards and Stones are both still in use and actively made). Some of the others are on my list already and it is just finding time to do them(!) I’ll add the others to the long list too! I do have a Hillsborough artwork that I’ve not been sure about releasing. I didn’t want to just do the same as everyone else (Hillsborough has been drawn a LOT) so it was a bit experimental and different in style. I might take another look at it though if the demand is there. (It would probably mean me having to do the other lot too ). I like the idea but I’m not sure it is something I’d like to profit from… maybe one to do down the line for charity or something!
  3. I’ve not checked the specs but on first glance it would appear the second one is a 2020 model and the first one looks to be a newer 2021 model.
  4. Nice one, thanks! Many of them are on the list for future releases.
  5. You can also follow The Sheffield Guide on all the usual social channels (I'll post new designs and items on them when they get released!): • Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/sheffieldguide • Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/sheffguide • Twitter — https://www.twitter.com/thesheffguide • Pinterest — https://www.pinterest.com/sheffieldguide • YouTube: — https://www.youtube.com/deejayoneukhub?sub_confirmation=1 There's also a Newsletter available to sign up to for updates, etc: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/newsletter/ Any likes/shares/comments, etc, would be so very appreciated. Thanks again everyone!
  6. In that case, as someone mentioned above Richer Sounds is a good starting point. Their advice is usually second-to-none and you get some great deals and warranties. Join their VIP club for the best deals/appointment times and an extended warranty.
  7. Reviews on the page that is trying to sell you the product are largely meaningless (especially on sites like Argos). Largely it is just people justifying their own purchase or confirmation bias. Always try to seek out an independent review if you can. I'd be REALLY alarmed looking at places like Trustpilot reviews for Hisense: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/hisense.co.uk Techradar have a review for that particular TV here: https://www.techradar.com/uk/reviews/hisense-a7200-4k-hdr-tv Pocket Lint review here: https://www.pocket-lint.com/tv/reviews/hisense/151170-hisense-roku-tv-review-r50b7120 (Note the reviews are for different sizes/models which can often differ even in the same model range) Personally, on first view it seems like decent value for the price but you do get what you pay for. If you're budget-limited it might be a good option, but if you can afford a little more you may get something far better respectively. If you can wait, Amazon's Prime Day usually has the best TV deals every year — but it is usually in July so depends on if you can wait that long.
  8. Here's how The Sheffield Guide appeared in The Little Book of Sheffield: The text reads:
  9. All done by my own fair hand! Everything on the site is my own design and drawn/created by me (barring the Legendary Pubs & Clubs collection, which I had to reproduce or re-envisage some of the designs).
  10. Also, forgot to mention I'm aware that many Owlstalkers have already bought stuff and supported me — I'm so grateful, thank you!
  11. Great ideas! I do have some similar designs in mind for the near future. At the moment it is just a case of finding enough time in the day to do everything!
  12. THANK YOU! It was actually a bit hard to write as I don't like to sound too needy or spammy, but I was told recently I'm not putting myself out there enough with this stuff so thought I'd give it a go among friends here as a start.
  13. Those of you that know me will know that last year was tough as lockdown hit and my usual work dried up. So I essentially needed to change my business to try and survive. After a few tough months I decided to do something that I could be passionate about and throw myself into, so I have taken my hobby stuff based around Sheffield and have tried to form it into a business. Many of you might have seen my Sheffield Guide videos in the past... but lockdown meant I had to shield and couldn't get out to film stuff so I decided to create an online platform called The Sheffield Guide for Sheffield-type stuff that I could add various content to as-and-when. To help fund it and hopefully make some money to pay some bills I also added a Sheffield Shop, to sell high-quality stuff I create that celebrates Sheffield, it's culture and history. It was also an outlet for some of my art (which was a big thing as I'd never really shown that off anywhere). You can check it all out at https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/shop/ So, I wanted to just showcase some of my stuff to you in the hopes you see something you like, or something that would make a great gift for someone you know. The Sheffield Guide is quickly getting known as one of the best go-to places for great Sheffield Gifts and for high-quality original locally-themed stuff. First off, here is a small selection of some of my Sheffield Art and prints: See the full collection here: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/product-category/art/ Most of the art is available as both standalone prints or framed prints and available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing. These aren't your home inkjet prints either; they are incredible quality prints (to museum standard). I also do a range of high-quality Sheffield Clothing, many of which features my art or other locally-themed designs on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and more: See the full collection here: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/product-category/clothing/ Early on I decided to try and do things the right way from the start. Everything is as high-quality as possible, and where possible I source all my products and services from within the Sheffield City Region to keep things in the local economy. I also decided it all has to be sustainable, ethical and organic (i.e. all my T-Shirts are vegan-friendly 100% organic cotton and PETA/GOTS certified, etc). All items are also made-to-order, so there's no wastage from holding large amounts of stock (a huge problem in the "fast fashion" industry). Also, I have a large range of Sheffield-themed accessories, from Face Masks through to Mugs and Bags and Hats and more! See the range of accessories here: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/product-category/accessories/ One of the most popular collections have been the Legendary Sheffield Pubs & Clubs collection, which features many of your favourite gone-but-not-forgotten venues (again most are available as T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and more) — a great hit of nostalgia and always a talking point when worn! See the full Legendary Pubs and Clubs Collection here: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/product-category/sheffield-pubs-clubs/ And I've even had a hand in creating a new Sheffield-based and themed Fashion Brand — utilising the same local focus, morals, quality and ethics — called [SHF]: See the initial [SHF] Collection here: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/product-category/shf-sheffield-fashion-accessories-brand/ Things have gone amazingly so far — the site and collection had a lot of attention over Christmas and even got featured in a book (The Little Book of Sheffield) which focussed on all the brilliant Sheffield Independents! A number of local celebrities, including members of at least three of the very top Sheffield bands have bought some items from me, and reviews have all been great (I have a policy of total satisfaction and give people the kind of service they deserve and should get from every company but sadly don't). "I have just received my ‘Mardy Bum’ T.shirt but also have the ‘Limit’ one too, brilliant T.Shirts, fantastic quality and service second to none, highly recommend 10/10." - Vicky "I ordered a personalised Tee-shirt which arrived as described and on time. The size of the shirt is generous. Feels really good to support local independent businesses." - Andy "Ordered a short sleeve t shirt for my husband which has just arrived. It’s true to size and great quality. Will be ordering more items - thank you!" - Sue (You can see more reviews at Facebook, Trustpilot, on the product pages on the website and all the other usual places) Of course Christmas was brilliant, but things have slowed down a lot in recent weeks so I thought I would shout about it a little more here for those who didn't know in the hope of a little support in terms of perhaps you seeing something you'd like to buy or even just helping to spread the word for more people to find out about these amazing Sheffield-themed items to celebrate our culture and heritage. Essentially I'm trying to make this my full-time job and a viable small business so I really appreciate any help. More designs and items are being added all the time too! Take a look at the Sheffield Shop here: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/shop/ Payment is secure, you can pay via PayPal if you wish and there's free standard delivery on qualifying orders over £45! I'm also in the process of setting up a curated set of products on Etsy as a lot of people requested that, so if you prefer to shop there, the link is: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SheffieldGuide (be aware though that Etsy's fees are high, so some items are a little more expensive on there! ) Sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance for any support you can give. I truly appreciate every purchase, mention or just good vibes.
  14. Even better, it also has a French American that was raised in Geneva playing a Scotsman in the lead role. One of my all-time favourite films though.
  15. I'm all for trying things to make the whole weekend more exciting, but I'm not fully sure about this. It feels a little bit like one race that is just split over two days in this form. Almost like an automatic red-flag after 100km and then a grid restart on the Sunday... BUT with giving points to the top three drivers in the middle (which will surely just benefit the better team's drivers anyway?). With no pit stops planned (tires should see cars through the whole Saturday race unless there is a problem) there is little strategy to mix things up so it might get a bit processional. There is DRS for what good that'll do though. Honestly, I'm not sure of what the answer is to these things but it doesn't feel like it will mix things up too much in this form and will maybe dilute the big Sunday event rather than generate additional excitement on the other days? I'd be for trialling a Saturday reverse grid or something (but then wouldn't that just make teams not try to get the best times in Qualifying?). (Obviously we'll have to wait and see and these concerns could be completely unfounded!)
  16. Series 7... with Jimmy Nesbitt as the main antagonist.
  17. It's still a huge move though. Firstly, it will force those who use social media for results and engagement to look elsewhere. Loads of people follow clubs on Twitter for score updates, etc — clubs not being on there, even for a single round of fixtures, will force people to other apps/services. That'll make social media companies worried on it's own. Secondly, there's a lot of advertising scheduled on those platforms around the times of games, etc. Advertisers will likely suspend those ads on those platforms whilst the clubs aren't on there, which will affect the social platforms' revenue somewhat. Also, the simple act of doing it and promoting that they are doing it, even if just for a single fixture round, is huge exposure for the issue. It'll be a massive talking point all week and through the whole weekend (and then beyond). Awareness is massive in itself. Then... the act of doing it and the attention and conversation it generates could show the governments it is a really serious problem that needs addressing regulatory or legislatively. Plus, maybe this is the first step and after this the leagues and organisations might indeed go further if nothing happens and the behaviour continues? I really wouldn't underestimate the impact this could have.
  18. Got to be Jo for me. We know pretty much everything about Ryan and his history, but with Jo we don't really know the forces behind her and why she reluctantly went along so far with everything.
  19. Two including this coming Sunday.
  20. I'm expecting 23 minutes of the half-hour scene to just be the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP of the recorder at the beginning of the session.
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