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  1. http://www.grindhousemovie.net/ Trailers: http://www.apple.com/trailers/weinstein/grindhouse/
  2. He's supporting Faithless at Sheffield Arena on Friday. Shame abouth the venue - but I did win tickets for free so I can't wait for it. I'm actually looking forward to Calvin Harris as much as Faithless.
  3. If you registered, you've got nearly a 50% chance of getting tickets this year.
  4. Very sad. Even sadder that you read this too.
  5. Spoiler tags folks! Spoiler tags!!!! Anyway - not watched this week's (3rd ep) yet - will watch it this week, The first two are available to view for free on the Sci-Fi website, I believe?
  6. WOW!!! Great start.... Liking this. I want to be Hiro..
  7. Yep it's a shallow threat - it's in the Goodbye NTL / Telewest thread a couple of topics below this one right now... ( http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/index.php...st&p=894102 ) Hence, this thread closed.
  8. Oh yeah - one more point of note... Spoiler Tags don't work in quotes, so be careful what you're quoting!!!
  9. And as I said... Or should that be: And as I said...
  10. Point taken and noted - we'll see how it goes mate.
  11. Most other sucessful sites that have TV and film discussion do just that though. So, essentially, it does make sense. It takes a second more to add a spoiler and a second more for the reader to highlight it and read. As I said, however - it's a judgement call as to how much of a spoiler it would be for people who haven't seen it yet for whatever reason.
  12. But what if you missed it for some reason and have it recorded to watch later, then you innocently go into the thread to see that a nuke has gone off and killed Jack? Surely you'd be pissed off with that. It takes two seconds to add the spoiler tags (highlight the text in the post and click 'Insert: Spoiler') - but I take your point - I guess it's down to discretion on whether it's something major that would really spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it?
  13. Just don't read any of the spolied posts if it doesn't state which episode? In fact - I might remove any that don't state which episode is spoiled.......
  14. Nah - that would just stifle discussion for those watching at the US pace or debating what goes on in future. There's nothing wrong with discussing the US pace (although the downloading of such is a moral matter, which we'll not get into!) as long as you don't ruin it for others who watch the UK pace or people that haven't yet watched.
  15. Hi guys - A quick note about 'SPOILER TAGS': Lots of people are discussing the big american series like LOST, 24, PRISON BREAK, etc - a lot of which are downloading and watching at US airdates - which is fine, but discussion of that may spoil what happens for other users who are watching at the UK pace. Also, even those who are watching UK pace get spoiled with plot details they have not yet seen... SO - we have good old 'SPOILER TAGS' to help us out - and then the user reading chooses whether they want to read the text in a post!!! TO USE SPOILER TAGS: When posting any form of plot details of a programme, please use the spoiler tags - to do so, any text that reveals specific details should be encased in the special tags of: [*spoiler] the text of the plot details here [*/spoiler] (without the *'s). OR, when posting in 'ADD REPLY' (rather than 'Fast Reply'), simply click the 'Insert: SPOILER' link, under 'Quick Access', (underneath the smilies on the left-hand side) - then enter your plot details text in the pop-up box. TO READ SPOILER TAGS: You have the choice whether to read spoiler tags, when people post a spoiler, the post will look like this: The plot details spoiler text is here. (Blacked out) - to read, simply click in the post, left-click and drag your mouse over the text - this will highlight the text in a readable form (in other words, the text is 'blacked out' and when you highlight it, it will reveal the text underneath). Try it here: YAY! You managed to read this spoiler text. You clever and lucky, lucky person, you. Get that? Hope so - any problems, post below (try it in spoiler text if you like!). Just one other point of housekeeping, to help people know if the spoiler is worth reading to them, please post what season and episode you are talking about, in normal text, before the spoiler text, i.e: 24, Season 6, Episode 4 A big bloody bomb went off and they all died. That was the end of Jack and CTU. Hurrah! THANKS ALL!!!
  16. I always laugh at Penistone.Because it contains tail.Immature, I know. You'd have thought I'd have gotten over it after living on Penistone Road, but no.
  17. I was Barnsley in the Championship in 2015 (after managing about 5 clubs in the meantime, including Valencia, apparently).I played a few matches, then stuck it back on holiday...
  18. I did it once before and was managing Bolton near the top of the Prem - Ended up being years later and I was managing Tamworth in the conference South... But - it made the game fun again...!
  19. I got bored of the game, so this morning I selected to go on holiday indefinately and ticked apply for jobs at higher reputation clubs.Now when I get home this evening it's a total lottery as to what team I will be managing in what country, what year it is, where players are, who's retired, how well 'I've' done, etc, etc.........Should be fun...
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