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  1. Through the years Taskmaster has introduced me to several comedians I hadn't known or given time to, but watch regularly now. It is a great introduction to new talent or different comedy styles, I think!
  2. Yup. Tomato Ketchup is just basically sugar mildly flavoured with tomato and vinegar. It is horrendous stuff. By the way: those who say "I don't mix fruit with my food" always get caught out with tomato. Tomato is a fruit!
  3. So, Lewis says he "learnt more about Max and his Red Bull car" by following him in this last race than over the last several years... ...turns out that he noticed the Red Bull rear wing moving under different aero loads. Something the cars aren't allowed to do. So the FIA are cracking down on it and have issued a directive to teams that they must ensure parts don't excessively move and are going to install cameras on cars to monitor it. Amazing what a driver can notice zipping round behind another car at 200MPH!
  4. Top Beres Pork Sandwiches Tip from a fatty expert: There's Standard, Kingsize, Jumbo and French. Standard just doesn't cut it Kingsize is the same size as standard, but with loads more meat Jumbo is a larger bread cake, but never enough meat (often less than you'd get on a Kingsize French may as well not exist at all as it is meaningless in the scheme of things and is just between a standard and a jumbo but with not enough meat. ALWAYS go for the Kingsize. You get more meat (and more flavour) than on a Jumbo, but at a more perfect size. It's perfectly balanced whereas standard/jumbo/french are too bready comparatively. I've had too many Beres pork sandwiches (and time on my hands), haven't I?
  5. Thanks for your support so far everyone! Just a heads-up that my supplier is raising their prices on a bunch of items this week, which means I am going to have to increase some prices too. If you're thinking of buying, now might be the time to get your order in beforehand! https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/shop/
  6. It's all about the sausage rolls from Beres. Best thing they do.
  7. Hate to say it, but we need to look to when United were languishing in League One, the fans were turning and needed something drastic. We need a Wilder type scenario where someone comes in and instills passion and pride from within the club. Preferably from the top down. Someone who can motivate both the players and the fanbase and generate a feeling of togetherness. I can't see Chansiri selling up any time soon, certainly not for value whilst we've had such an horrendous season and are in League One. It would be nice to see him take a step back and appoint someone (some people!) to help run the club who can help stop the rot whilst activating the fanbase. Team managerial and player recruitment needs to be something that excites the fans, shows ambition and drives togetherness. Build a strategy based upon the community of fans and creating success.. something that looks much longer term than "maybe I should transfer some money to pay the players at some point this month".
  8. The worst episode they've ever done, in my opinion.
  9. That’s fine for actual searches, but Google, Facebook, etc, are still hoovering up your data regardless. Duck Duck Go hiding your searches is a misnomer. Almost every single website on the internet has tracking installed for Google/Facebook (and others!)… so whilst your actual search will be anonymous on Duck Duck Go, once you hit the website you were searching for the companies have tracked what you were wanting anyway by virtue of you landing on a page about that thing that has tracking installed. Until something gets legislated worldwide the big companies will always find a way around these things and those big companies will know everything about you. Honestly, it is both scary and the thing that keeps the internet going at the same time. Apple have tried to make a dent in preventing some of the tracking in those latest iOS release and it has had Facebook scrambling, but rumour is that Facebook are just starting to find ways around it.
  10. That was my initial thought too.
  11. Same chain company as The Botanist in Leopold Square.
  12. Usernames, Email Addresses, Passwords and more apparently leaked.
  13. Reports that over 100,000,000 data records have been leaked from epicgames.com and are now floating about. This is the site for logging in to play Fortnite (or other Epic games) or buying from the Epic Games Store (or just hoovering up the regular free games ). I suggest everyone changes their password on there and enables 2 factor authorisation. Also, if you’ve used the same password there as on other sites, definitely go and change them wherever you can (use unique passwords, or even better a password manager) as soon as possible.
  14. There's copyright issues with certain artworks and designs. Businesses that are still operating can't be done and most artworks can't just be straight up 'copied'.
  15. Here you go... https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/shop/sugg-sport-sheffield-organic-t-shirt/ Also available at Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1012022425/sugg-sport-sheffield-t-shirt-sheffield
  16. 7th series isn't confirmed, but it's fairly obvious they'l continue in some form (otherwise they'd have bigger this up as the last series in the marketing, surely?). Interestingly the actors have been saying in interviews this week that the finale 'will wrap up the last six series'.
  17. You’re missing the point. People still post abuse whether the player is on it or not. The player (or person, it doesn’t have to be a footballer or even a celebrity — this affects normal people too) can still see, or be told of, or their family might see or be told of, the abuse. Or work colleagues, or anyone that knows that person. It comes round to you and can seriously affect your life whether you actively use it or not. The root cause needs tackling, not the people who are targeted by it. Why should someone have to cease using something they might generally like and find useful (when the abuse isn’t happening) because other people are abusive of it? Saying ‘well just don’t read it then’ is a ridiculous and ignorant argument akin to ‘telling women don’t wear short dresses and you won’t get raped’. The abusers should be dealt with and the victims of the abuse shouldn’t be the ones who have to change their behaviour because of it. Abuse is abuse and the platforms do nothing (or very little) about it currently — they are unmoderated and allow those kind of comments. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the effects it has on players (there is at least one senior player I know of at Wednesday currently who suffers really badly with their mental health). It is mentally affecting and it is wrong. The blackout is to highlight that and to try to make the platforms more responsible or properly moderated, or maybe even for governments to legislate on it.
  18. Absolutely! I've sold quite a few to the US. There's a dedicated ex-pat contingent in the States. I can ship to pretty much anywhere worldwide. Shipping cost depends on weight/size of the total order and destination. If you add your items to the basket and enter your address it will calculate the shipping cost for you. https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/shop/
  19. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Had a lot of love and support so far and I'm so grateful to everyone for your orders, ideas and sharing on Facebook, etc. Honestly, you guys are amazing and have proper cheered me up after a tough week so I honestly can't thank you enough. Legends, the lot of you.
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