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  1. It's coming home, so grab a new T-Shirt... https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/shop/three-lines-on-a-shirt-england-t-shirt/
  2. Reliability could play a big part in the championship this year. Also... HOW GOOD WAS NORRIS IN QUALIFYING!!!!
  3. Next year is the biggest changes to regulations since the Turbo Hybrid era was introduced. Yes, there are changes every year of course but the regulation changes for 2022 (originally 2021 but delayed) could really shake things up. https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/formula-1s-2021-regulations-what-will-the-cars-look-like-in-2022-5278037/5278037/
  4. Here's another little nugget of info for you. In the 60s/70s it was generally known as "Hole in the Ground". Most 60s/70s photos of it that were captioned at the time state "Hole in the Ground". It only really morphed into being known as "Hole in the Road" towards its later life and that term has endured.
  5. Would Wednesday be able to keep his registration though? Preventing him from playing for another team?
  6. I have a feeling some teams are secretly focussing on the new cars for the new regs next season. The progress just doesn’t seem to be there for teams that would normally have done much more. Of course we know that’s the approach HAAS have publicly taken, but it just seems a little weird that some teams — even top teams — are just simmering rather than progressing like they would be doing in a ‘normal’ season. Maybe it is the effects of the pandemic but it can’t be a coincidence that this is the situation going into a next season with fundamental changes? It feels a lot like there could be quite a bit of a shake up of team standings next year.
  7. I refer you to my Reddit answer on that one....
  8. Upon looking it seems there have been several different designs over the years. The Singles are the most limited, I believe, but every couple of years there seems to be a limited release of new Depeche Mode Hublot watches with different designs.
  9. I think that one was the more generic mass market one… the design seems to be of things like the studs that Dave Gahan regularly wears when playing live. There were also ‘The Singles’ versions which were more unique and each featured artwork from specific Depeche Mode singles:
  10. Still don’t know what you’re on about? Are you talking about the Euros? Are Hublot a sponsor there? Give us more detail about what your point is! For reference, Hublot are a HUGE and well respected Swiss watch company (if you’re talking about them!) that have been around years. They are seen as a kind of alternative to Rolex in some circles, so aren’t cheap. Over the last few decades they’ve sponsored/been associated with the likes of F1, World Cups, Ferrari, Masters Golf Tournaments, Cricket World Cups, etc. I think they are (or are going to be?) one of the main sponsors for the Premier League too and are one of the official timekeeping sponsors of referees in all the major tournaments and leagues (i.e. the watch used by elite referees).
  11. The watch company? You're going to have to be more specific Nev... what are you referring to and why?
  12. So many people have fond memories of the Hole in the Road, but did you know it was built on the site of Sheffield's first market place, or that it was conceived partly to create a Japanese-style 'underground town centre', or that the Hole in the Road roundabout is still represented in the paving when you look at it from above? Here's a complete retrospective of the Roundabout/Shopping Precinct/Pedestrian Subway (and yes — there are details of the fish tank, and even what happened to the fish!): https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2020/05/30/hole-in-the-road-sheffield-history/ Hole in the Road Art Plus: I've created a new artwork based on the Hole in the Road! As well as the roundabout it has a view all the way up High Street to Cutler's Hall and also prominently features Walsh's department store, Telegraph House, the Midland Bank and more! Available either Framed or Unframed in A4, A3 or even poster-like A2 sizing, there's some nice detail and easter eggs contained in it too. Shop Hole in the Road Art here! Also available via Etsy here!
  13. It’s a masterpiece. They’ve billed it as a ‘comedy special’, but it is so much more than that. An incredible piece of observational and satirical art in itself, and so relatable. Bleak in places, humorous in others, but it nails the feel of the last year, of society as a whole and of people’s own struggles and mental health issues. Superbly written, shot, edited and directed — all from just one talented guy (no other crew at all) in a single room for a year. Funny Feeling is jaw-droppingly good — one of the best observational songs of the decade (‘a gift shop at the gun range/a mass shooting at the mall’) and wouldn’t be out of place being performed by someone like Father John Misty; Welcome to the Internet is brilliant, Turning 30 and Feel Like Sh*t are bleak but totally relatable and stuff like White Woman’s Instagram keep the humour just the right amount of silly to offset the deeper stuff. The skits are perfect too. The brand consultant section is so perfectly sarcastic, the ‘can anyone just shut the f**k up about anything’ hit the spot, the reaction video and streamer sections were perfectly done, and the ‘do you know what might have been a bad idea’ defeatist rant kinda nails it (and perfectly leading into Welcome to the Internet’)… and then the Jeffrey Bezos bits . An absolutely must-watch film. It gets better the more you watch it too. It is also a perfect follow-up to the previous ‘Make Happy’ special from five years ago… Get Your Hands Up is pretty much a direct follow on from Can’t Handle This at the end of that show.
  14. There's an old (and very true) saying/joke in football: "How do you become a Millionaire by owning a football team? ...start out as a Billionaire."
  15. I imagine the guy in Richer Sounds was saying they are rubbish compared to a dedicated A/V receiver setup (Richer Sounds’ bread and butter) rather than in comparison to notoriously terrible inbuilt TV speakers? That said, soundbars have significantly improved over the last few years so are well worth it over nothing at all!
  16. You need to ask your City Sauna girl whether you can have one as part of your membership…
  17. A comprehensive history of the Hole in the Road: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2020/05/30/hole-in-the-road-sheffield-history/
  18. Future High Streets Fund is for the following: Investment in physical infrastructure Acquisition and assembly of land, including to support new housing, workspaces and public realm Improvements to transport access, traffic flow and circulation in the area Supporting change of use including (where appropriate) housing delivery and densification Supporting adaptation of the high street in response to changing technology There's more detail on the plans in my link above.
  19. Nope. Most of what I listed are either already in place, already being developed (by the council) and already funded (either by the council or government funding such as 'Future High Streets fun or the Transforming Cities fund, etc). Of course, many of them will need supplementary private development to go alongside it to make it grow (as with anything), but the wheels are already in motion on most of what I listed.
  20. We all need to realise that the City Centre is changing loads. Big Retail is dying, and High Streets are changing. Sheffield is actually doing a LOT of work to combat this which includes more space for leisure, working and — importantly — living. There's a number of schemes to connect the city centre through active travel, build an entertainments hub on Fargate, redevelop old space such as Leah's Yard, create more living spaces (not just for students!) across the city and loads more. The Council can only do so much and have started the work, but it also needs investment from developers and funding from central government, etc. Here's what's happening to Fargate/High Street (Future High Streets): https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2021/01/14/fargate-and-high-street-to-be-reinvented-as-social-hubs-with-15million-future-high-streets-funding/ Leah's Yard redevelopment: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2021/03/01/leahs-yard-to-be-revived-as-independent-hub/ Connecting Sheffield Plans:https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2020/11/03/connecting-sheffield-new-50million-project-to-encourage-active-travel/ & https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2020/11/26/sheffield-transport-plans-reveal-overhaul-of-city-centre-infrastructure/ New Radisson Blu Hotel (Pinstone Street) as part of City Centre Redevelopment: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2020/08/26/plans-submitted-for-heart-of-the-city-pinstone-street-hotel/ New Look for old Gaumont Building: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2020/09/18/plans-reveal-bold-new-look-for-barkers-pool-gaumont-building/ New City Centre park: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2021/03/02/pounds-park-plans-for-new-sheffield-city-centre-park-revealed/ There's loads, loads more — not to mention the new Chinatown area that is already looking great, redevelopment of and linking of Fitzalan Square to the City Centre, redevelopment of Mid City House, the whole new buildings being redeveloped in the Pinstone Street/Cambridge Street area, the Castlegate area plans to get a huge overhaul with a new park where Castle Market was and creating new creative industries hubs and link Victoria Quays to the City Centre better, etc...
  21. https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/shop/sheffield-skyline-tube-socks-one-size/
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