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  1. People would only get more angry with any club statement. I'm with the club on this one - I'd be considering any statements carefully. Especially if there's a possibility this could end up in court now.
  2. Thing is... there's nothing to say until there's something to say. Anything the club comes out with right now will only make things worse. It is best to hold on until things come to a complete head. I'm with the club taking the moral high-ground and keeping a dignified silence until such time as things are worked out one way or the other.
  3. Make him work his notice and complete a full handover for a new incoming management team. Oh, and part of his working notice management duties should be to attend a special fan’s forum...
  4. One consideration regarding Trams at the start of the season... With the ongoing works there won't be any trams until at least the end of August, possibly through September too (and even beyond that depending on where you are travelling to/from).
  5. I assume you mean Wadsley Bridge rather than Malin Bridge? There's been talk of it (even Clive Betts has been suggesting similar just today!), but I doubt it'll happen.
  6. Not in the Middlewood direction?! It's always empty. Now, going the other way, towards Hillsborough/Town... THAT is carnage!
  7. The Park & Ride Car Park at Middlewood sits half-empty most matchdays.
  8. Its almost like this is a discussion forum for fans talking about all things surrounding the club, hypothetical or not, opinion or fact, isn't it?
  9. Interestingly, the new video suggests BLACK stripes instead of white. Inter Milan-style. What would people think of that? (I'm very clearly grasping at straws here, but the video does seem to suggest it in a couple of places).
  10. Told ya.. Seriously though - that teaser video is REALLY good. Much better than the previous ones.
  11. I don't want to burn sources (friends) with specifics but there is serious talk that this could be happening.
  12. Sounds like there could actually be something to this link. I didn't believe it yesterday, but have heard some worrying things this morning.
  13. I cropped it, but others who have posted it across the internet didn't.
  14. I'm hearing that the person who took the photo was identified by their shoes and is in a little bit of trouble for leaking the kit..?
  15. Years ago I once left the match at full time and walked to the newsagents that used to be at Hillsborough corner.... the Green 'Un was already there with the correct FT score in it. Blew my tiny mind.
  16. You too can look like a can of pop...
  17. You don't want to know what I was doing to that shirt...
  18. It'd be a collector's item for sure - Nintendo collectors are incredibly fanatical, especially in Japan and the US.
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