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  1. People said the Oldham Athletic El badge did just that when they changed it. I remember a comment on here even that said it looked like it was going to rough someone up. That reminds me of the cheap knock-off Wednesday shirts they used to sell in places like Castle Market, with the round patch that you sewed on. Maybe we need a radical modern interpretation somehow? The latest Juventus badge was hated by lots when it was first revealed but it is loved and held up as a pinnacle of modern design now.
  2. Yeah, generally. The club make the routine pre-match conferences a bit of a 'mixed' zone. Journo's can request one-on-one's afterwards if they have specific questions or a unique line they are going for. For a 'big' press conference like manager unveiling, all the press are told beforehand that they'll get a brief one-on-one after the main mixed bit (they would all request one anyway if not!), so they keep their powder dry until they get the subject to themselves.
  3. The main mixed 'conference' bit is always like that. Anything said in 'conference' manner can be used by all the journo's outlets there (and is streamed live nowadays). The journo's want an exclusive or original line to use in their content so people will read/watch/listen on THEIR platform. The press know they are going to get a one-on-one straight after so they don't blast out their best questions during the conference and only ever rush through one or two generic questions to get it over with so they can get their own piece. There'll be more with the new manager coming up via each of the journalists soon.
  4. No, it is an embed of the Facebook Live press conference. If you have adblockers or similar on you might not be able to view?
  5. DeeJayOne

    Club 1867 Launch

    Indeed. My major worry is the short-termism here, if it goes to what I am assume to be the plan. It is basically compromising all our main future revenue avenues for the now.
  6. DeeJayOne

    Club 1867 Launch

    It doesn't even exist. This whole thing is basically a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.
  7. DeeJayOne

    Club 1867 Launch

    As far as I understand it, and I could be wrong... On paper, you're not paying for the Premier League Season Ticket or the discounts on Season Tickets until we get there. Your hundreds/thousands of pounds are paying for a book. The other stuff is just 'promotional benefits' connected to the purchase of the book, in theory. That is the only reason the book is included in this whole package, I believe. To provide some current value that the income can be balanced against now rather than deferred.
  8. DeeJayOne

    Club 1867 Launch

    What happens next year if/when we’re still not promoted and are sailing close to FFP sanctions again then? What scheme will we have to come up with to get the cash in for that? ...especially worrying considering that our main sources of revenue will have already been tapped (multi-year season tickets) or discounted (Club1867 members).
  9. I love this idea from the Community Programme / Premier League Kicks:
  10. DeeJayOne

    Which Kit?

    Bartercard are still going. They are quite big in Australia, although not so much in the UK (although they still facilitate ~£1million worth of trades per month in the UK). You probably don't know much about them because they are a B2B trade exchange network, rather than a consumer-facing product or service. They facilitate around £500million of trades worldwide each year, I understand.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme presents: An evening with Gary Megson Friday 15th March. Details: http://www.swfccp.co.uk/megson
  12. DeeJayOne

    Westwood “troll” tweet

    I wrote a piece about social media being bad for you, especially in terms of stress and depression, and the reasons why recently: https://www.deejayone.co.uk/miscellaneous/item/93-stressed-and-depressed-get-off-facebook-it-is-just-making-you-worse.html There’s a second part coming soon telling you what you can do about it.
  13. DeeJayOne

    James Gregg on Westwood

    Great response by Westwood. Very dignified.