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  1. Don't be silly. It is more likely to come through the electrical sockets, to your computer and shock you that way. You're welcome.
  2. Today marks 13 years since the Sheffield Floods of 2007, which severely affected Hillsborough. Here's some info on the floods around the stadium: https://sheff.info/2zAhyyz And a video:
  3. Or that in the grand scheme of things it really matters. The people who call things like this 'tinpot', but it really only matters to that kind of person - and that kind of person is generally insignificant. Some people would have loved the idea and got something out of it. (enjoyment, fun, memories, memorabilia, etc), and that is what matters. Naysayers to ideas like this are just negative-nellys and don't matter.
  4. Owlerton Stadium/OEC has been designated as a test site. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/local-news/gallery/pictures-sheffields-drive-thru-test-18147125?fbclid=IwAR0jy4W3Y-Vc1gj-LfE2_pPccBhNbWuIo6gNu4WCP1uWcDSl-EeQllEJm9Q
  5. The grand final voting is underway. Have your say in this crucially important, very serious and not-in-any-way-silly exercise...
  6. You keep the window closed until they specifically ask you to open it.
  7. Was asked about this the other day so thought I would bump it for those who never knew about this. Maybe something similar for a game around the 30th Anniversary next year (subject to football actually coming back by then)??
  8. Actually - open air is preferable so as to not enclose testers and patients with the virus. Hardly any of the COVID testing sites are under cover. Here's a few fairly local examples:
  9. Surely Hillsborough Leisure Centre car park would be a better solution in the nearby vicinity? Or even Hillsborough College Car Park? Owlerton Stadium Car Park? Under the South Stand seems like one of the very worst options in the area, really.
  10. The "Brand Manufacturer" argument is bizarre, simply because most of them (especially below the very best top-of-the-top 'Elite' teams) are made in the same middle-eastern factories, on the same machines, using the same materials. You prefer a Puma, or Adidas, or Nike kit? Chances are that at our level the same factory produces all three and more. The only real differences are in design and gimmicks (and sometimes the cut, but often that is even left to the 'Elite' teams). At the very top of the Elite teams, the "manufacturer brand" pays the club and creates bespoke designs. At our level the club have to pay for the kit and the "manufacturer brand" becomes a licensee of that brand and only gives the option of selecting from a set of pre-determined designs and just adding your own colours onto them. When we were with Puma (it wasn't actually Puma directly, it was Genesis Sports who licensed the Puma brand in the UK) in ~2010, we had to pay ~£13 per shirt (went up if you added things like a collar). Remember the two stripes on the shoulders, etc? They were forced on us by the brand. To make them 'unique' to us all we could do was tweak the design a little... For instance the 'pin stripes' by the broader stripes in our promotion year kit were added by us at the club, the 'Owl' on the silver away kit was added by us. Of course the sponsor logos, Childrens Hospital bear, etc, were added by us. Everything else on those kits were mandated by the brand. We then had to pay for things like freight shipping (choice between air freight for more expensive speedier delivery or sea freight which was lots cheaper but took way longer, etc). By doing it 'ourselves' we theoretically have a greater control on the design and produce them at a lower cost. How that realistically translates (and what relationship 'Elev8' have in that process), I don't know. But the kit is likely fashioned in the same way and perhaps in the same factories even.
  11. I know a Spurs fan that lives in the Highbury complex. I also know a Hammer that does too. Some people take football far too seriously - a home is whatever home you make it, and an investment is an investment.
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