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  1. Your friend might say that, but it isn't true. The club have in the past looked at the land, but not for a stadium. The ground under the concrete is potentially contaminated from the days of the car showroom, much like when a petrol station closes down and can't be built on for some time (hence why it was rejected in the past for anything like training facilities). The pointed end of the land has a stream and some marshy areas which will be difficult to build on too. There were discussions in the late 90s/early 00s about building things like a car park, club shop, bars, hotel, restaurant, etc, over there and having a bridge go over Penistone Road to the existing North Stand car-park area, but that never really went far either (I recall a mock-up design for the bridge, but not much else). The footprint of the old car showroom isn't big enough for a stadium either. The only way you might get a stadium on that parcel of land is to buy the whole piece including the scrap yard, old Charlie Browns, Bramhalls Gold Room and other buildings down the Herries Road sides - and even then theres an issue with potentially contaminated land and the footprint of the land isn't much bigger overall than what we have already across the road. The triangular superstition theory is odd too, as the land the existing stadium is on is pretty triangular...
  2. DeeJayOne

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    The badge is totally fine. Especially now it has been refined and no longer has the pointy eyes. We desperately need stripes back though.
  3. DeeJayOne

    Programs would you miss them?

    Like most printed publications, websites have taken over the function of the programme for the most part, so its kind of inevitable. Look at all the magazines you used to buy back in the day that don't exist anymore. Wednesday have always been one of the best clubs when it comes to programmes, in terms of both quality and sales volume, so it would be a shame to lose the tangible, collectable item - but there's nothing to say that the same content isn't and can't be published, just done online. Most clubs at lower level just don't sell much volume and have to staff and print at a huge cost, so it is understandable that they'd want to drop them.
  4. Completely untrue. The land isn’t anywhere near big enough for a stadium, nor is it suitable for any kind of pitches, etc. DC Cook was definitely on this land almost directly opposite the chip ship (Now Chinese) in the early ‘90s. I lived opposite it and remember it clearly.
  5. Used to love a good game of Joe Ashton bingo at public meetings.
  6. Prime time on a Saturday night...
  7. I could be wrong, but I’m not sure it initially is a case of “how much is needed,” but rather giving the club what was promised in the consultation and planning to build the academy (I believe some money should have been ringfenced but can’t be released because of what is going on). ...wider funding of grassroots football (and support from the council) is, of course, an issue too. I agree it could all be a bit clearer for the public to understand on the petition though!
  8. The club just need to get the basics right and it will instantly be an improvement on this season.
  9. Its not that clear, is it? I think the letter on there has been written a little directed towards the people who know the situation (the people the petition is sent to) rather than the general public. You can see who the petition will be sent to at the top of the petition page (people at the council, etc). As I understand it (someone with a better knowledge than me can correct any of this), the council and privatised school (Academy) owners have reneged on a series of promises of relocating the club and providing funding that were made to the club and The FA as part of the consultation and plans to build the school itself (which took over the fields they had been at for years). Part of the promises were relocating the club during the building on the site, which the council failed to do in time for the club’s to train and then when pushed by the club and The FA they then threw them in places that were too small, already occupied, vandalised and unsuitable. I understand Eccy Rangers have only been able to play once this year so far. The club were promised during consultation/planning that they could return to the school site but now that appears to be up in the air. I believe there’s also a situation where some FA money is (or should be) in an escrow account, but can’t be accessed/released because the conditions promised haven’t been met by the council and the Academy owners. Its a bit like the council forcing Wednesday out of Hillsborough and promising us Hillsborough Park instead, then only giving us the Wednesdayite car park and telling us we should be happy with that.
  10. Legends. Please try to share and spread the word too. It's important clubs like this exist, especially in a time where engaging youth is so important.
  11. Everyone here will likely have heard of Ecclesall Rangers, the grassroots football club that has nurtured youth teams and talent in Sheffield for decades. Currently around 250 local (and even some not so local!) kids take part in teams attached to Ecclesall Rangers, from nursery teams for U7s to U18s. The organisation aims to expand into teams for young people with disabilities and adequately support girls teams. However, there are problems... The council essentially evicted the club in 2017 when they started changing the area around Bannerdale Playing Fields to create Mercia School (Academy), promising to provide funding and a new place for the teams. However, funding hasn't materialised and proposals always seem to be afterthoughts and inadequate. Teams of children were expected to play on rubbish fields where "professional dog walkers" turn up in vans and release dozens of dogs without clearing up the mess, or where fly-tippers chucked their rubbish all over the pitches and vandals were smashing bottles across the grass, etc. Ecclesall Rangers are now at a crossroads where, despite the hard work and financing from a dedicated group of individuals and volunteers, they are starting to struggle with the current position. They have plans, they have ideas, they have ambitions, they have reasonable expectations and all they want is for the council and their partners to back up their promises of enabling them to continue and provide some funding so they can provide a safe environment and adequate facilities for the kids and volunteers. They have started a petition, and it would be great if you could read and sign it to support grassroots football in Sheffield... for many years this club has done so much good for so many people with so little funding and reliant on goodwill... Imagine what could happen with an appropriate level of funding and facilities..! SIGN THE PETITION HERE Thank you.
  12. DeeJayOne

    Did we ever play in THIS kit!?

    Isn't that the kit that got nicked from Hillsborough and was later found in the cellar of The Magnet pub before it was demolished?
  13. I’ve upgraded the situation to a 23.