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  1. They had a pretty decent bar in the Super Bowl at one time. I remember getting absolutely smashed on Beamish Red of all drinks. It was my first ever horrendous hangover.
  2. To be honest I nearly didn't put JJ because he wasn't as bad as the others... I think he was just part of that group of players at that time and getting his lift. 🤣 For the most part he was a decent guy and one of my favourite players for a good while. I could tell some right stories about Clarke though... 😡
  3. I agree. For the most part, it was targeted at kids but like anything the club put out people feel it is directed entirely at them and some people took it the wrong way. Not that it is a good idea in the first place of course... it was a godawful idea (and why football managers shouldn't insist on directing fan communications - especially unpopular managers). It was hilarious to see the breakdown in real time. That thread would be amazing to read back. I think I tried in vain to soften it a bit, but it was an uncontrollable monster that went from bad, to worse, to complete disaster territory. I don't think there has ever been a more comprehensive affirmation that a manager and his team have completely lost the fanbase. Side note to that whole game... the one abiding memory I have is afterwards, feeling numb about the relegation and hearing some noise from outside literally minutes after the final whistle... looking across the bridge at the back of the South Stand where fans were still slowly pouring out, a Range Rover had pulled up banging out loud music... Esajas, JJ and Clarke (remember he had got injured) literally DANCED and LAUGHED their way through the fans across the bridge and into the Range Rover, which then did a wheelspin and raced off. T*ssers.
  4. Jesus... I remember that. 😂 The manager asked for that to happen. He wanted the players to know it was all for the fans, and wanted the fans to back them with some positive messages before the big game. I remember him asking me how it was going. "Errrr... not too bad... just don't let anyone read Owlstalk, yeah?" 🤣 It was just an Owlstalk thing though - there were loads of positive messages from everywhere else (Facebook, Twitter, etc), Hillsborough School kids all did various messages and drawings from memory. Think they were all plastered on the walls of the changing room and all the players were made to go round and read them all before the match. I've got a photo of them somewhere I think.
  5. First 100 page thread and the first 1000 post thread! 😮 @darra got the 1000th post if I remember correctly. In true fanzine style there were a lot of opinions thrown around, sarcasm, silly arguments and excellent humour. I’m sure half the people arguing were on the same side of the argument for half of the thread but carried on arguing anyway! It was all good natured though... for the most part. I know some certain people resented some posts in it for a looooong time afterwards and it kept being brought up even years later. 😂 That ‘press bloke’... Now Director of Communications and one of the influential people Chansiri refers to in his latest interview when he mentions people who “know Wednesday inside out”. Who’d have thought it... from hawking a fanzine outside the Kop gates to top of the tree inside the club. Fair play to him. 🙂
  6. Yep - that's my understanding. Saw some plans for the site a few weeks ago that looked different to Chris' original vision for it though? I thought it was going to be the next project after Two Rivers cafe got going, but there was stirrings of some council issues with that and the developments/investment around there last I was told. This is all third-hand though, not spoken to Chris himself in some time.
  7. Extra bonus pics - there were (are?) other cameras around the ground's roof specifically for ProZone reasons, looking at overviews of the pitch or specific areas of the pitch for analysis - the ones on the Kop and the West stand were called 'Bill' and 'Ben' 😂: Installing/maintaining them used to mean going up onto the roofs of the stadium: The Kop Roof The South Stand Maintenance corridor (leads to a doorway where a gantry runs inside the South Stand roof and to the clock, where there is a door to get onto the roof proper) The South Stand Clock The South Stand clock awning Herries Road from the Kop Roof Looking down to the tunnel/technical areas from the South Stand maintenance gantry Another wider shot from the South Stand maintenance corridor The South South gantry - its dark, but that stairway leads to the door where the clock is. View from the South/West corner (I've a wider panoramic version of this somewhere... I put it on my instagram the other day as a slidable picture):
  8. Bonus pic: The camera itself (as it was) -
  9. That time the club staff were furious with Adthe for turning up to his first day and media interviews whilst wearing a T-Shirt with an AK-47 on it: Bonus: Adthe meets Milan:
  10. Worked instantly for me literally seconds before I posted that link.
  11. Can do it on live chat nowadays. Usually quicker.
  12. Last week: "He needs more football-expert people to advise him" Chansiri: "We have continuously expanded our team of football experts" Now: "He has too many people advising him"
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