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  1. There are a few rule changes, most notably on the floors and aero stuff. Merc have had to drop the DAS steering system. Remember: 2021 was supposed to be the big change with all new regulations, etc — but Covid hit and it was all pushed back to 2022 (next season). So we're essentially getting a 'follow-on' of last season's cars for the most part. Some development has been allowed to take place, but costs caps, limited development tokens and teams preferring to develop the more radical 2022 cars ready to try and get any advantage they can in the upcoming new regulations in the backg
  2. Well, if they are going for Wednesday colours they may as well perform like a Wednesday team...
  3. Williams going full "Sheffield Wednesday" colours if this apparent leak from their app is to be believed:
  4. Well, Ian Brown has been "stepped down" from Neighbourhood festival, so I imagine the same might happen here...
  5. Some gossip going around: "Top Irish horse trainer Gordon Elliott's career is in meltdown, thanks to the release of a shocking photo of him sat taking a phonecall on a dead horse. But why has this old picture surfaced now? Could it have anything to do with another rumour going around the tracks at the moment about a recent incident that involved a fistfight, a private bar, a young stable girl, and a top Irish horse trainer who got caught by his better half with his trousers down? (If so, it might also help explain why a certain racing presenter hasn't been seen on camera
  6. Well, I don't think anyone was expecting HAAS to go all Russian!!!
  7. Funny you mention that... https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2021/01/14/fargate-and-high-street-to-be-reinvented-as-social-hubs-with-15million-future-high-streets-funding/
  8. For those genuinely interested in the new park, I've updated the article with more information and some new interesting images! https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2021/03/02/pounds-park-plans-for-new-sheffield-city-centre-park-revealed/
  9. And here is how the 'Gaumont' building is planned to look in the near future: https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2020/09/18/plans-reveal-bold-new-look-for-barkers-pool-gaumont-building/
  10. That's a rapidly disappearing problem now, considering that older generations are generally becoming more used to shopping online (especially in the current situation), or (sadly) dying off. It is one of the contributing factors to the decline of bricks and mortar retail and is an accelerating factor.
  11. Argos have been brilliant for a few years now. They even beat Amazon in terms of delivery quite often — I've had stuff delivered within an hour or so from them. I wouldn't be surprised to see standalone Argos stores completely disappear though, they seem to be slowly merging them all with Sainsbury's stores.
  12. Some people just think they are being cool when they slag off "The Council". They think it is cool to have a negative and cynical outlook and feel like they are really down with the kids when they proffer their worthless and uninformed opinions for the sake of it. See also: slagging off vegans, hipsters, cyclists, etc. It's the "Cool" thing to do among their ignorant dinosaur mates.
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