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  1. Stewards on Bridge

    22 December: https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/december/your-safety-is-our-priority/
  2. Barney Owl

    Last I knew the Community Programme were using Ollie.
  3. At the time I wrote that, I hadn't heard the interview and the 'on the field' bit wasn't included - so the OP suggested they weren't training at all due to weather. My bad.
  4. Barney Owl

    What happened to that recent design a mascot competition?!
  5. "Lads, don't bother getting changed... it's spitting outside"
  6. Was in The Rose on it's last night when it closed. Place was pretty much gutted by the end of the night. Have a vague memory of one fella leaving in the early hours with part of the toilet, someone asked him what he was doing and he replied "I wanted to take something to remember the place and my main memory is throwing up in the toilets most nights so this is it." Think @keefdave was in there at the end too?
  7. WTF?! Dome? Hire an indoor facility? EIS? Hillsborough Leisure Centre? Do gym work? All these have been used in the past during inclement weather.
  8. Injury crisis? More like grade-1 injury catastrophe.
  9. Also on iTunes/Apple Podcasts and all the usual podcast outlets to listen to at your leisure... https://geo.itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/owlstalk-sheffield-wednesday/id1077388054?mt=2&at=1010lro6
  10. George Hirst would have volleyed it directly into the bar at 114 MPH and made the cameraman cry through sheer joy.
  11. Catering