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  1. Well, if they really do believe in Karma then it'll come back on them...
  2. Can't argue with that to be honest. I was more talking about "in race" decisions, but you're right... overall there is a mess there.
  3. There's also a limited pool of ex-drivers who are willing to spend a GP weekend cooped up in a small room assessing multitudes of footage and telemetry data instead of enjoying the GP weekend or doing other things following retirement... ...BUT, they find an ex-driver for EVERY race.
  4. And at the risk of monopolising the thread, here’s another “also…”
  5. Quoting myself here… It was Pirro:
  6. Also, for all the rivalry and shenanigans that went on this weekend, this was classy:
  7. I’ve totally forgotten who the driver steward was this last weekend. I want to say Pirlo, but I’m almost certain it wasn’t Pirlo…. A similar name perhaps?
  8. ^^^ As a Lewis fan, this is totally my point of view too. Full agreement from me. There is always a former driver on the stewards panel. I think it is ridiculous to suggest *current* drivers have a say in the potential disciplinary actions of a *current* race. Theres so much politics and bias behind the scenes that would just make it a farce. Personally I think the current set up that ensures at least one former driver on the stewards panel for every race is pretty sufficient — and for the most part the stewards get it right. It frustrates me when people say, for instance, there were “too many penalties” applied in the previous race — there were a number of penalties simply because there were a number of infractions. Similarly, the stewards on this occasion ruled based on their interpretation of the rules, with the input of a former driver on the panel. Fair play for me. A few years ago people were complaining about the stewards and FIA being “Ferrari International Assistance” or Ferrari-biased. They weren’t. They were just applying the rules on a case-by-case basis based on the interpretations of the time. They were often completely correct when you drill into it. Now, if the argument is that the rules need changing for various reasons (which would be fair), then the teams have the power to try to instigate those changes. BUT, complaining on this occasion was for emotional reactions and mindset reasons and not based on interpreting the rules in my opinion. Some teams want to try and influence the ‘ref’, so to speak… and likewise some teams want to get into the heads of close rivals if possible and influence the points going forwards if they can. It makes F1 fun and interesting… and we’re still talking and debating about it now, so something must be workingabout it.
  9. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel stayed behind to help the stewards/clean up crew to clean the stands of litter... https://metro.co.uk/2021/07/19/sebastian-vettel-tidies-up-after-british-gp-as-fans-leave-silverstone-in-a-mess-14950305/
  10. Definitely Plusnet, through this link: https://www.plus.net/refer.php?strReferralsUid=7a185b7bac9815d3ddefa194e4d06e24de72c89ba6ecb7641b37071704999396
  11. One of the big challenges they have been facing in creating this format is that they do not want to take away from the 'prestige' of the Sunday full race.
  12. I absolutely think that a 'sin bin' style suspension for a yellow is needed. Yellows have become more and more meaningless, especially in these days of multiple warnings from refs before pulling a card out. A yellow is basically saying "you're allowed to each cheat once and get away with it". I know people like to see someone "taking one for the team", but it is basically pure, cynical cheating. The other stuff on that list though... meh.
  13. Really enjoyed that. New rumour is that Bottas has signed up to move to Rallying next year.
  14. Did you see the Russell interview on The F1 Show? Basically said there wasn't going to be an announcement this weekend, but when pressed wouldn't deny it. Interestingly used the same line as Bottas last week "I'll have Mercedes power behind me".
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