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  1. You wouldn't if you knew what the break clause was (judging it is still the same as a few years ago).
  2. The issue isn't talent - it is restrictions of contracts. The website is the way it is because that is how the contracts are set up. The league's digital arm make the club websites but because so many clubs have different third-party commercial partners things like retail and ticketing is outwit what the league's digital arm is. ...so the league is restricted in how it integrates dozens and dozens of different partner websites and clubs are restricted by being in those contracts. Bringing everything together means breaking contracts. And from memory breaking the league contract for the websites was ridiculously expensive (at least it was a few years ago).
  3. "You want to spend your money with us? Here's LOADS of hoops to jump through first!"
  4. Anything more than three clicks to add a purchase to basket from the website home page is bonkers. Having several different sites for the same club is bonkers. There can be no argument on those points. Unfortunately the antiquated contracts and systems in place pretty much force the club into this position.
  5. DeeJayOne

    The Sheffield Wednesday Card

    This was literally the idea behind the WednesdayCard. Basically like a loyalty card, with the added bonus that you can load your match tickets onto it and have a seamless, paperless, ticket experience (and the plan was at one time to eventually make the whole stadium cashless, so you load the WednesdayCard with money and can use that at the kiosks for quick service, etc). Season Tickets and Membership versions of the WednesdayCard would have their tickets and benefits pre-loaded on your account attached to the card. Their were different levels to it that earned different levels of points/benefits: Season Tickets were the top tier, Membership the next tier, then everyone else was the entry level. If you wanted to upgrade, you just paid the cost of membership or season ticket and it was all loaded onto your existing card ready for use.
  6. DeeJayOne

    More positives from #SWFC

    Great news - Good job all round!
  7. Technically we could include Weezer and Radiohead since they contain Wednesday fans.
  8. We should do what the Manchester teams do... publish the playlist. They also let fans or guests/celebs vote for songs in certain slots.
  9. DeeJayOne

    Is football becoming uninvestable?

    There's an old saying in football: "There is really only one way to become a millionaire as a football club owner... start off as a billionaire".
  10. I’m on the BBC’s side of those one. It’s a dwindling market covered best by BBC local radio (and no-one else wanting to do it because it costs so much) so a reduction in fees is a legitimate ask - hence why every other club accepted. The amounts involved are trivial too, so the club has actively taken this action for the sake of a few grander so. Worst is that is is a marketing channel that gets the club’s name out there (in more ways than just the commentary), and is a service effectively for vulnerable fans who can’t necessarily get to games nor can afford to pay for another service (or even for a device and broadband to listen to it). It is short-sighted and anti-fan to me.
  11. DeeJayOne

    Owls TV coming?

    Same situation as Leeds.
  12. DeeJayOne

    Owls TV coming?

    Leeds are a bit of an outlier as far as I understand it, because they opted out of the overall EFL deal many years ago. They use iFollow as a means to broadcast matches as a separate arrangement outwith the umbrella EFL deal we're currently in I believe.
  13. DeeJayOne

    Owls TV coming?

    Only as much as iFollow provides - we're contracted to that through the EFL.
  14. DeeJayOne

    The Wednesday Tap

    I was editing another similar video last week laughing all the way through because it was just SOOOOOOO corporate like that.
  15. DeeJayOne

    The Wednesday Tap

    The music and the edit of that make it feel like the intro to some crappy country-inspired ballad about being stood up on a date.