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  1. There's always been a section devoted to dogs. The reason being that when we first came up with Owls in the Park there were very specific dates we could do it and both sets of dates we looked at with the council for Hillsborough Park were already booked up with other events. Rather than not bother doing it, we spoke with the local Support Dogs charity, who had the preferred weekend booked and asked if we could do something together - they agreed that it would raise their profile (and support) as well as us recognising that they could add something nice as an attraction for the whole bigger event (these things aren't easy to organise). Works out rather well as the Support Dogs section was popular and they got increased levels of support and funding from it due to the bigger crowds being attracted, so win-win. It is nice to help boost a local, small charity as a community club.
  2. Get this... They had one of the all-time best drummers in the world for this song, so guess what Roger Taylor played? Guitar and Keyboards. Petr Cech played the drums. (Seriously).
  3. This is 100% in the wrong section, but I genuinely couldn't work out which section deserved this little gem and thought we could all have a laugh whilst there is little SWFC news at the moment. Arsenal goalie Petr Cech has teamed up with Queen drummer Roger Taylor to record a single. It goes about as well as you'd expect... THAT'S FOOTBALL!
  4. I went to the Varsity final at Hillsborough a few years ago. They had cheerleaders for both teams doing displays at half time. One of the cheerleading teams did that thing where they form a pyramid, then throw the top girl off up into the air, then catch them on the ground. Except they didn't do the catching on the ground bit. The cheerleading stopped at that point.
  5. I think they moved the final/trophy presentation/awards to the Arena this year to try and circumvent those issues?
  6. The coverage is better than iFollow for Wednesday matches!!!
  7. They usually pretty much fill the South Stand for these games (especially the final). Overspill in the North by the looks of it.
  8. Decent setup of a live stream from the universities as University of Sheffield take on Sheffield Hallam University at Hillsborough tonight. Good advert for the club within the student communities (hope they have done something in the stadium to promote Wednesday games to the supporting students attending):
  9. People said the Oldham Athletic El badge did just that when they changed it. I remember a comment on here even that said it looked like it was going to rough someone up. That reminds me of the cheap knock-off Wednesday shirts they used to sell in places like Castle Market, with the round patch that you sewed on. Maybe we need a radical modern interpretation somehow? The latest Juventus badge was hated by lots when it was first revealed but it is loved and held up as a pinnacle of modern design now.
  10. Yeah, generally. The club make the routine pre-match conferences a bit of a 'mixed' zone. Journo's can request one-on-one's afterwards if they have specific questions or a unique line they are going for. For a 'big' press conference like manager unveiling, all the press are told beforehand that they'll get a brief one-on-one after the main mixed bit (they would all request one anyway if not!), so they keep their powder dry until they get the subject to themselves.
  11. The main mixed 'conference' bit is always like that. Anything said in 'conference' manner can be used by all the journo's outlets there (and is streamed live nowadays). The journo's want an exclusive or original line to use in their content so people will read/watch/listen on THEIR platform. The press know they are going to get a one-on-one straight after so they don't blast out their best questions during the conference and only ever rush through one or two generic questions to get it over with so they can get their own piece. There'll be more with the new manager coming up via each of the journalists soon.
  12. No, it is an embed of the Facebook Live press conference. If you have adblockers or similar on you might not be able to view?
  13. Indeed. My major worry is the short-termism here, if it goes to what I am assume to be the plan. It is basically compromising all our main future revenue avenues for the now.
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