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  1. Problem is that the local Labour council in Sheffield is so far removed from central Labour and operates almost as an independent cabal working on the basis they are secure in doing just what they want here just because they are Labour in name only and people will continue to vote them in due to that. Our current council, led by Julie Dore under a travesty of a 'strong leader' model rather than committee style, is an absolute embarrassment to not only the city but to Labour too and should be voted out. Anyone who has taken an interest in local politics would be able to see that, even if you're a die-hard Labour supporter. I wouldn't want Tory by any stretch of the imagination, but it's OK to back Labour nationally but also recognise that the local council representatives simply aren't up to scratch and are failing horribly so an alternative is needed locally. Green Party is very close in a lot of wards now and is a reasonable alternative in the upcoming local council elections. And the strong leader model absolutely HAS to be voted out in the governance referendum.
  2. Anyone who follows local politics should already know that even without the Wednesday debacle the current Labour council should be voted out. The trees issue, It's Our City, poor planning for the upcoming referendum, trying to criminalise pensioners, Sevenstones, Business Rates forcing local traders out of the city, etc, etc...
  3. In terms of popularity, football has significantly permeated other leisure activities so is arguably more popular than ever. Most local-style pubs now need to show SKY Sports to attract customers. The biggest selling video game each year is FIFA. Generally, sports - and in particular football - sections are the main sellers of most traditional newspapers. Sports [Football] sections on news websites tend to be the most visited. etc, etc.
  4. I half expect the Premier League to change in a few years - top clubs to have a separate division across Europe and the second tier being domestic feeders into that.
  5. I assume you don't know that the Prem clubs already do exactly that in the form of 'solidarity payments'? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premier_League_parachute_and_solidarity_payments
  6. The majority of votes are passed unanimously in my experience. Regarding the initial FFP implementation, only three clubs voted against - Leicester, Reading and Southampton.
  7. They did it throughout the world with competitors who set up rival pay broadcast companies. A subsidiary of News Corp (SKY's owners) called NDS, who created the encryption for SKY, were also secretly tasked with cracking the encryption codes of rivals. They then uploaded the codes to hacking sites (some of which were owned by Murdoch's empire!) and paid hacking website owners to spread them - leading to pirated cards flooding the market. There's some info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ITV_Digital#News_Corporation_hacking_allegations
  8. The meetings regularly happen and rule changes are proposed regularly. Any major changes are then taken to a huge conference/AGM each year (bizarrely held in places like Malta and Portugal) where the club's Owners/Chairmen or their representatives have a vote on changing the articles/rules. 75% of the membership (clubs) are required to pass a change in the main EFL Articles, whilst 50% plus one of all Clubs and 50% plus one of Championship Clubs is needed to effect a change in EFL rules/regulations. i.e. https://www.efl.com/news/2018/june/efl-summer-conference-2018--agm-round-up/
  9. A little aside:- It was actually SKY that cracked ON Digital/ITV Digital's code and proliferated the information so pirate card makers could supply the cards that allowed people the free access.
  10. A good little video on how television changed football by pumping in excessive amounts of money, and what happened to Football League clubs when that bubble burst for them... something we're still reeling from the impact of (including Wednesday) and has had a profound effect on things like FFP:
  11. Indeed, as I stated in the last line of the paragraph you highlighted. However, regarding position - having internal hands-on experience of both Sheffield Wednesday and the Football League, as well as having to have a decent understanding of the rules, policies/procedures, how it all works together and the proper roles of all involved I’d suggest maybe I’m in a slightly better position than most observers reading the forum perhaps?
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