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  1. Listen to Owstalk on Amazon Alexa!

    Don’t forget to enable the Owlstalk skill on Amazon Alexa! Its hilarious listening to some of the posts on here being read out by Alexa.
  2. Nice one. Let me know what you think (and post your scores!). The Owlstalk flash briefing skill has suddenly become popular too... loads of people trying it for the first time yesterday.
  3. Well, this has been popular! A bunch of new questions have been added to the free Sheffield Wednesday Quiz skill on Amazon Alexa - give it a few goes and see if you can get 5 out of 5 each time! Open for feedback on the questions - are they too hard, too easy, enough variety? Are there any specific types of question you'd like to see in there? In fact, if you fancy writing a few questions, feel free to post them (or PM them to me!) and I'll look to include in the next release. Also, listen out for some Owlstalk easter-eggs in some of the questions... Enable it here: http://amzn.to/2jgfAdI Also, don't forget the free Owlstalk flash briefing skill to have Alexa read the latest threads to you...
  4. Listen to Owstalk on Amazon Alexa!

    It is appearing ok in the search for me? Try enabling it from the website instead here: http://amzn.to/2xOKg9i
  5. Great stuff. Wonder why they didn't opt to live stream the event? That would have been awesome.
  6. Listen to Owstalk on Amazon Alexa!

    Its part of flash briefings. You need to enable it, then just ask for your flash briefing (or ask for whats happening in the news). You can manage your flash briefings in the settings on the Alexa app.
  7. Daftest Moments as a Fan

    Anyone got that picture of Osama Bin Laden trying to make friends with a local copper at a fancy dress away game?
  8. Listen to Owstalk on Amazon Alexa!

    Worth noting too if it wasn't obvious that if you hear something you like (or something stupid you want to argue about) simply click on the 'Read More' link on the card in the Alexa app for that item to be taken straight to that thread.
  9. Listen to Owstalk on Amazon Alexa!

    It does make for amusing listening sometimes.
  10. So, you've got one of those fancy Amazon echo things, eh? Been listening to those boring news updates on your flash updates all this time? Well, to alleviate the boredom of listening to Trump's latest faux pas on one of those rubbish news thingamajigs you can now enable the OWLSTALK skill and have the latest matchday section threads read to you in Alexa's soothing voice whilst you are eating your cornflakes! Yes, you're never far away from actually hearing the latest discussion about the Cake Ball, what Fernando Forestieri is doing now, the latest "something something Carlos Out something something" thread or maybe even some football information. Simply enable the OWLSTALK skill via your Alexa app (or via the link) and ask for your flash briefing. What a time to be alive. PLUS - New Sheffield Wednesday Quiz skill! Whilst you're at it, give the Sheffield Wednesday Quiz a spin on Alexa too. Think you know your stuff about The Wednesday from over the years? Can you name the Player of the Year in 1982? Who were shirt sponsors in 1987? All that and more (over 100 questions with more to be added too) in the best and only Sheffield Wednesday Quiz skill available on Amazon Alexa! Just enable the Sheffield Wednesday Quiz skill in your Alexa app (or via the link) and say "Alexa, open Sheffield Wednesday Quiz". PS - don't forget to rate (5 stars, obviously) and review!
  11. Really enjoyed following this on your Twitter all day yesterday. Good work, Kivo!
  12. Hardly anyone ever noticed, but this was how it was spelt (wrong) on the giant carpets/mats that were in the SWFC reception by the lifts. One of those things that used to drive me crazy!
  13. Swfc world record cake

    Laugh all you want, but it turns out that it is a near-perfect recreation of the ball they were modelling it on: