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  1. We're in the Gatekeeper Wetherspoons near the millennium stadium. All guest beers £1 a pint!!!!
  2. Ha! Yep, Stags is still open and the cess pit Ivy Tavern is unfortunately open too across the road!
  3. Turks Head closed in 2009 mate. Used to be a great pub
  4. Let me know where your watching it mate and I'll come down
  5. If your travelling to the games down South and want to meet us on lincoln could arrange something mate
  6. I don't mind driving up mate. I'm in skelly. I'm picking tickets up tonight. If your going tonight can meet up before game and sort something out?
  7. I'm driving up. Picking ticket up Tuesday before millwall if you want a lift up there mate
  8. Any Owls travelling up to Middlesboroigh Saturday from Lincoln/Lincolnshire?
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