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  1. It's you who always bites. This thread, the Kossovo thread, he'll get 20 goals with better service.lol
  2. Believe that narrative? Is this the new "you've become a parody of yourself?"
  3. You are obsessed with him though, also you are obsessed with telling others they are obsessed with him. You do it in every thread. Don't worry I've owned far better than you on here.
  4. I thought we were friends now. Anyway to conclude the lesson, you tell me I am obsessed with Nuhiu yet one small piece of bait in this thread had you jumping on the hook. And what's more is I knew you would be the one who took the bait because of your Nuhiu obsession.
  5. Thought so , that explains how easy it was.
  6. 4-3-3 with Forestieri and Mcormack behind a central striker does sound very good.
  7. I bet you're about 21 Still very gullible and wet behind the ears.
  8. Funny that cos in this thread you said
  9. When I saw the retained list my initial thought was that we had our back up players in place. We would then go on to buy only top notch players. Probaly 4 or 5. This would be a sign of that.
  10. Can't remember it was such a rare occurence. Tell me something , were you one of those who used to say he,d score loads if he got service? Remember that old adage?
  11. So every pro footballer thats ever played is great because the manager picked them and the manager knows better than any fan. And just as I was thinking you couldn,t get any lamer.
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