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  1. He’s on loan in Scotland and they’re on there winter break.
  2. He became active when he set off to get on the end of the through ball, he knew he was off, put up his hands and checked his run and got into the box to score the goal. He should have been given offside when he showed interest in the first ball. That all been said we got what we deserved.
  3. or we could play 4-5-1 how's its ment to be played by getting midfield runners past the lone striker and causing problems for the opposition instead of ultra slow possession football at the back because the movement is non existent which leads to going back the keeper to smash. Players like Bannan and FF will demand the ball to feet and make things happen.
  4. Just looked the rule up on players leaving the pitch after treatment, if one team has two players injured the ref can allow them both to stay on the pitch because it's seen as too big a disadvantage to have two players off the pitch at the same time.
  5. To offer Palmer a little protection against Marshall which worked cos Marshall offered nothing in open play.
  6. Just think of all the money he will make selling all his houses to all our new players.
  7. The people that have actually seen him play all say he's not ready for our first team but the ones that haven't seem to think he's ready. He's a long way short of championship level.
  8. It's from an interview he did at the beginning of the season so if your bothered enough have a search and see for yourself.
  9. He was here by himself last year, only moved his family over this summer.
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