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  1. Wonder if DC actually thinks he’s a real Monk?
  2. Biggs just tweeted and seems to think it’s on. Unlike him to get off the fence.
  3. So is that it then? I thought we could still loan players up to 7 days after the deadline?
  4. Yes, but what I’m saying is they won’t sign both.
  5. Ah... so he’s that gay footballer who was going to reveal himself on Twitter.
  6. What’s Nixon had to say this morning? Anyone got the paper?
  7. I can’t believe Jose Peseiro has been added. I put his name on here as a joke last night.
  8. Drifting now. Game over lads and lasses I’m afraid. Welcome to Sheffield Wednesday Jose Peseiro.
  9. Coleman’s odds are worryingly short on some betting sites now. Evens, 4/6... Please don’t do it DC. Someone send him a copy of the Sunderland documentary please.
  10. Don’t worry, looks like Laszlo’s just started a new job.
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