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  1. Give him a chance. Don’t forget, we’re in League 1 now lads (and lasses).
  2. His market value is £1.62m. So if we got £1m for him, plus his salary off the wage bill, it would be the most sensible bit of business in years. Especially if some of that money could then be used to get more players through the door.
  3. When you look at the list of our players out of contract, the only senior pro i’d be offering anything to is Harris. Not a big fan tbh, but may shine in L1 purely because of his pace.
  4. They need to be desperately playing for a new contract. If not, they could easily be left on the football scrap heap with no clubs interested in signing them. You only have to look at the list of players currently still without a club. Many no worse than this bunch of wasters.
  5. Tim Walter was my first choice as soon as I saw his name on the betting list after Pulis was sacked. Exciting times (but it would be too good to be true if we got him).
  6. Confidence is shot. Needs a manager to come in and make him believe in himself again. There’s a great player in there somewhere.
  7. Pulis was on thin ice for a few weeks before he was sacked. This was the time we should have been lining up a replacement (just like other clubs seem to do). This is just yet another example of DC not having a clue about how to run a football club.
  8. If that article is real, it really does highlight that Paxo is putting personal gain above appointing the best man for the job.
  9. Guys and gals, it doesn’t matter what the managers record is like. It matters more whether it is financially viable for Paxo and his Watford / Agent mates. Thought you’d have all sussed it by now
  10. Well done DC. You really know how to win over the fanbase. Paxo man wins again.
  11. This all begs the question that not one single journalist has done any kind of digging on this guy. Or asked DC or Trevor the question whether he really is involved at swfc and in what capacity? Pathetic.
  12. So... what did our new leader have to say sonofbert2? Did he enjoy his Thai curry?
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