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  1. This guy doesnt understand what a fan forum is for.
  2. It's an interesting concept. What I would like to see over the coming years ... Away stand knocked down and rebuilt Corners filled in Much more in and around Hillsborough to enhance the match day experience The dirty old banking and turnstiles updated on KOP I am not adverse to a new ground A huge investment in youth A MASSIVE deal made of our anniversary - including name change to The Wednesday and original kit What would be too far... Change of colour Any red Kit at all even if it was away kit i couldnt care care less if they change the name as it would still my club
  3. Nope I dont I think he will play Id just rather he didn't
  4. Why on every thread is there the 'thread police' who like to remind us that this thread was discussed previously on the 7th December 2011 at 1435 FFS if Ya don't wanna read it don't flipping open it
  5. 1. Westwood 2. Hunt 3. Pudil 4. Hutchinson 5. Lees 6. Lee 7. Matias 8. Bannan 9. Fletcher 10. Abdi 11. FF
  6. CC will be on phone to his mate at Man Utd Our CB will come from there on loan.
  7. Abdi is an Attacking Midfielder who from his interview has been assured he will play in that role im not sure how CC will fit them all in - Id go one up front but who knows Westwood Hunt Lees Hutchinson Pudil Bannan Lee Matias Abdi FF Fletcher
  8. Owls 2-2 Villa (Lee, Abdi) Norwich 1-0 Owls Burton 0-2 Owls (Fletcher 2) Owls 4-1 LEEDS (Flecher, Lee, Hooper, Bannan) Brentford 0-1 Owls (Martias)
  9. Wanted to put a bet on this but not showing on the sky bet friendlies list
  10. My issue with this team is then same issue I had at the playoff final Hulls forward players closed down all came and they defended as a team Hooper doesn't do this and neither does Fletcher. Our midfield isn't strong enough for them not too
  11. Didn't want to start a new thread, forgot my tin hat and I don't come here often in the off season but what happened to the transfer mega thread
  12. Me + 1 ... First away game (as I work weekends so tend to use my holiday days for home games) since we beat Leicester 4-1 with wider goals from Brunt, Whelen and Tudgay I have been to Ewood Park before and we won 4-1 that day I believe as well So Here's to another 4-1
  13. No you didn't And most of the season ticket holders have shown empathy for their fellow owl It's the fans like you that we don't need - the ones that look down on the rest of us - the ones who are happy the prices have gone up Least you'll have plenty of space in the ground on opening day
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