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  1. New song for Dave

    OK. Mods take the post down FFS, far too snesitive for some on here.
  2. Match Day Pies

    I would
  3. New song for Dave

    WTF is wrong with some posters, his nickname is Dave, he didn't like it at first but it grew on him and now he doesn't mind it. Sense if humour check definitely required for some people. FFS
  4. Pocture 14, Jos sends Hutch in to test Fernando's fitness level and to assess whether his knee is up to it
  5. New song for Dave

  6. So talk me through how to do a comb over, does it go this way?
  7. This is doing the rounds on FB, made by thenWednesday Week
  8. Kyriakos Papadopoulos

    surely they would recoup any money paid with his name of the back of shirts
  9. This is pretty much mine but may be tempted to pit Hodge in goal.i'm 56 in 6 days
  10. Hutch and Mego on injuries

    As long as he brings his buddy Pinky
  11. Jack Charlton's greatest signing, ever Happy 63rd Birthday Terry, a true Wednesday Legend, in every sense.
  12. Nail firmly on the head. Don't people realise that selling all our best players would mean we would need to effectively buy a whole new squad. For me we should keep as many as possible and get 3 or 4 top quality loanees in for the season. The time to rebuild will be if/when we get into the Premier League.
  13. Have we got enough? The embargo thread

    I can't remember wher I read it but the assumption made was that £8M would be down to other than running costs.
  14. Have we got enough? The embargo thread

    I know the accounts didn't look too good but wasn't it said that £8M of the losses was down to things other than the football side and wouldn't be counted toward FFP. I reckon we will have between £8M and £10M to play with next season unless we sell some players.
  15. The manager we should've got from Germany

    As long as he goes Two up front I wouldn't care