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  1. Leeds had the greater percentage of possession but looking at the passing map it would appear most of it was in their own half, testament to our defensive capabilities, now if we could only get somebody to start hitting the net regularly we would fly up this league.
  2. Although big scorers would be nice I’ll take another 33 1-0 wins for the rest of the season.
  3. Had a couple on Tuesday, First one didn’t have a head but was ok, the second had a head, there was no queue.
  4. Can I just say, it wasn’t a penalty, the ref didn’t give it, he was right, Allen was trying to play the ref.
  5. So basically we have scored a tenth of last seasons goals after the first two. Looks like we will improve last seasons tally by February.
  6. The only way I would accept a move would be as a result of us acquiring a large portion of Hillsborough Park.
  7. ......Shooting dor even posting that abomination.
  8. Elev8 s a business is in the process of becoming a reality, someone I know has just landed a great job with the company.
  9. I agree about the concept kits bit but the end of the season is hardly so early, some teams will have their kits available in the next couple of weeks. Its about time we got them available early for a change.
  10. Yeah I saw that, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if it turned out to be this.
  11. Just spotted this on social media and wondered if anybody on here had any inside info. Personally I think it is a thing of beauty myself
  12. What Derby have done is legal by all accounts.
  13. Derby’s owner sold their ground to his own company to get round FFP and next thing they are posting profits of £14.5Million. If Chansiri can do that either himself or through his father then why wouldn’t you want that to happen. It would give Bruce a sizeable war chest for next year. People tend to forget that people from Thailand consider honour to be the most important thing especially between family and friends. As long as the ground is bought back when we eventually get to the prem then what is the problem.
  14. Surely a semi chubby comes between the two
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