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  1. Team for Saturday

    Aah, I remember when I used to be able to say I Pullspussy. Alas no more, the wife wont let me
  2. Team for Saturday

    I cant believe some on here are not playing Boyd. Thought he was superb on Tuesday, especially so soon after injury.
  3. The pitch at Hillsborough

    I take it you didn't go then.
  4. The pitch at Hillsborough

    I was there, on the half way line and I can tell you there is nothing wrong with our pitch. Yes it looked bad when the show started to settle but on the occasions when it stopped it looked fantastic, particularly for this time of year. Stop flipping whinging ffs.
  5. Football Anagrams

    Apprently Gary Hooper has Grayer Pooh
  6. Football Anagrams

    Is that whatntheyve got
  7. Football Anagrams

    George Hirst = Ego Re Rights
  8. Question to the South Standers

    Shurrup shortarse
  9. Oh come on, you know theres only the Prem in England, there must be, its all thats ever talked about. Seriously though nobody can use the "too expensive" argument anymore after a mere 12,003 turned up for a tenner a ticket game. Lets see if any more turn up a week on friday at £15 because some on here claimed we would fill the ground it tixkets were £20.
  10. Question to the South Standers

    But apparently you miss the last 15 minutes due to the early departers stopping to see an attack
  11. How the hell do you fit in them tight spaces. Yes the view from the back pf the directors box was fabulous but the seats in front are far too close.
  12. That man

    I was impressed with the way we played with 3, 4 or 5 at the back throughout the game ratherbthan the static 4 at the back.