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  1. People moaning about ticket prices, it was £20 on Tuesday and we didn’t sell many more than usual. It seems it’s just a stick to beat the club with.
  2. After the way he played at both right and left back last night it has to be Palmer for me, he doesn’t deserve tobe dropped and I doubt Bruce will do.
  3. Yeah, godforbid anybody should want to actually enjoy themselves.
  4. I8 Hectors contract is up with us in June but his Chelseas contract is until 30/06/2020 as it says at the bottom left of the picture.
  5. It tells you all you need to know about the state of refereeing when managers are not allowed to criticise their performance unless they want a sanction and a fine.
  6. Hectors contract with us is up in the summer but he is contracted to Chelsea until 30th June 2020. See the bottom of the picture.
  7. Well techically speaking it is, but theres really no need to repeat yourself all the time
  8. I see the sky everytime I look up but dont fell the need to repeat myself
  9. I read what Villa fans said about Bannan and look how that turned out.
  10. With some of the comments on here I had to check I wasnt on Pigsmad. FFS call yourselves supporters.
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