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  1. Your sarcasm is almost off the scale here.
  2. Not totally, but the abuse does not help one bit. Players play on confidence and constantly slating them will never build confidence.
  3. Wow, the support for this lad from some of you is the main reason our players are afraid to pull on the shirt. FIFA managers springs to mind, he’s playing well, get off his back FFS and show some much needed support. Slagging players off isnt going to claw back 8 points.
  4. I’m pretty sure that if Watford had wanted to sign him they could have afforded it with all that parachute money.
  5. One of the reasons I don't come on here very often, I cant afford theTramadol for the depression I get reading the same people doing the same moaning.
  6. Didntnthey predict we would get relegated last season as well😂😂
  7. It's not hard to understand, it just doesn't fit the rhetoric of some fans.
  8. Actually it used to have to go forwards, hence the two players n the ball.
  9. There is no way the efl can impose any sanctions so close to the end of the season (thats assuming there are any to impose of course), normal seasons would have a cut off date in March, meaning teams have time to make up for any points loss. My gut feeling is this is dragging on because the efl have nothing and Chansiri has exactly what he has said all along, that being permission.
  10. And then it’s printed in The Star as an exclusive.
  11. I’m not making excuses because that was dire but when Stockdale can put two of our players down with his arms and get nothing but the chance to score their second you have to look at the officials.
  12. Anybody still think Fessi and Fletch are legends now. They proper poo on us when we needed them most
  13. The 3 year cycle isn't reset, it’s a rolling 3 year cycle so the last 2 and the current one count.
  14. So they have been paid for sitting on their arses for 3 months then refuse to stay til the end of the season, W⚓️S, the lot of em.
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