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  1. Owling Wolfe

    Wednesday v L**DS live on Sky

    I hope they don't move too many more, I've done some right shuffling of my shifts to make sure I get to most games, currently I miss 4 due to holidays and not being able to take New Years Day off.
  2. Owling Wolfe

    Egan - Reet Signing - Us v Utd

    You could say that if it wasn't for the bad luck/preparation that caused almost all our first team to be uinjured for the majority of the season, we would have finished in the play offs. It was inevitable that when our players started to come back we started to make gains on them as they got found out.
  3. Owling Wolfe

    Charlie Browns

    Bloody fat fingers, that’s what happens when you turn off spellcheck
  4. Owling Wolfe

    Charlie Browns

    If he does then he’s been mugged because Timber Psecialists won’t sell. Shame really it would be ideal for a new stadium.
  5. Owling Wolfe

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Whilst I can see where your coming from you have to remember that Chelsea will have earned hundreds of millions last season alone. Prem clubs could probably afford to let their supporters in for free if they didn't pay such ridiculous wages.
  6. Owling Wolfe

    Why the negativity

    Feck negativity, let’s win the World Cup and then p!ss the league
  7. Owling Wolfe

    4 weeks today

    Bugger me the negativity has started early this season.
  8. Owling Wolfe

    The Mill PH, Kingston upon Thames

    I’m just popping out to watch the England match in Funchal, wearing a Wednesday shirt, Ill let tou know if,itmgets recognised.
  9. Owling Wolfe

    Caption Competition

    Hold on Atty, I've just seen a fly.
  10. Owling Wolfe

    Back to training early

    Of course it’s relevant and I’m afraid there’s only one person responsible for McGugans demise as a footballer and he sees that person whenever he looks in a mirror. He was the same at Forest, Watford and Northampto. I’m no fan of Carlos but to blame him for McGugan is a joke. He said he couldn’t play after his wife had a baby yet Billy Blunt played after his kid died FFS.
  11. Owling Wolfe

    Back to training early

    Jos got Nuhiu fit and playing because him and Joao were the only two available other than Rhodes who couldn't hit a cowas ar5e with a banjo at that time.
  12. Owling Wolfe

    Back to training early

    He was Goalie Wag.
  13. Owling Wolfe

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Don't come on here talking sense, Geoffrey doesn't like sense, he only likes his opinion of how things have panned out. Maybe Geoffrey is David Hirst in disguise.
  14. Owling Wolfe

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    You still harping on about Jamie Vardy, a player who openly admitted his head was anywhere but football while with us and agrees the club was right to release him and still supports Sheffield Wednesday as a comparison to Hirst. You need to give your head a wobble Geoffrey