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  1. No mate, Liam’s a proper Wednesday fan.
  2. And give us another 6 point deduction next season no doubt.
  3. Then I read he has done his achilese, thats what happens when your head cant take watching the match and just look at the score, say tch and close the page.
  4. I do know the stats, I have done a 12 hr night shift and had 3 hrs sleep, it was a mistake and not based on actual knowledge.
  5. See the post above yours, apparently giving time is not an entitlement
  6. But it is though isnt it. No matter how much moaning people do Chansiri is not going to sack Pulis after 5 games.
  7. Not on drugs, on nights, my mistake. The fact is that was over 11 games, shall we see what points we have after 11 games under Pulis because Monk definitely should have achieved a lot more with his players.
  8. It was 6 points in 11 games and 6 points reduction, but dont let the facts get in the way of your blatant propaganda. So looking at it from a points for playing Pulis has managed half of what Monk achieved in 6 less games and against undoubtably better opposition. Absolutely pathetic trying to add the 6 points reduction to pull Pulis down. Fact is Gary Monk got 6 points from 11 games.
  9. Crediting Monk with the 6 points gained from the reduction is a pathetic way to have a dig. it's actually 9 points dropped and 4 points gained from actions on the pitch.
  10. Been on before then I presume, sorry I must have missed it. Somebody delete it please.
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