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  1. They're very friendly
  2. Next seasons 3rd Kit!!

    Loving the Kit but surely, if we get our desire for balck shorts in the home kit we cat have black short for the away, any other ideas for short colours, maybe blue?
  3. I'd rather redevelop however, if this is to be done once we are in the Prem then gates would suffer. The only move I would feel good about would be Mr Chansiri buying Hillsborough Park and building a modern day replica of the World Cup Plans. We could turn the current ground into an entertainment centre with bars and restaurants, shops etc to enhance the matchday experience and give some much needed revenue on non-match days.The talk of relocating to Catcliffe is a non starter for me, there isn't room anymore, Meadowhall would be a nightmare, especially with the new Ikea as well as the proposed HS2 and I can't really see any other spaces big enough unless you look around Tankersley area which is too far away.
  4. Carlos "Derby was an important game"

    Well we'll se wont we, if he doesnt hell be gone by next season.
  5. Carlos "Derby was an important game"

    Bloody hell how long are we going to bring this up. Lets just look forwrd to the future and hope we've learned from our mistakes FFS.
  6. Carlos "Derby was an important game"

    It appears that hindsight makes people on here better managers. The team put out, had they played to their potential, should have murdered Dem Blades.
  7. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    Tenerife, Majorca, Portugal, USA, France, Italy and strangely also in Kunwait (although it was an online stream not on telly)
  8. The Sheffield Wednesday FC Kop Band

    Do you know what, despite my earlier comment, you are absolutely spot on. It seems people don't know how to, or dont want, to sing and cheer at matches lately. Good job Im a gobshite that doesnt care what others think or Id be the same
  9. The Sheffield Wednesday FC Kop Band

    Ive never been a fan of the band ut I have to admit that without them this year the atmosphere would be virtually non existant.
  10. 5 days till Bristol

    because he's a knobhead
  11. I think you'll find Hirst snr. wasn't fired, he walked out.
  12. Yes he did change the kits but somebody must like them, record sales last season and looking like the same this season.
  13. Is SWFC's recruitment that bad?

    I would even argue that ratherbthan bad signings they would be better described as decent back up that, thankfully, wasnt needed.
  14. Go to London, you must be joking, if they were playing on my front garden Id shut the curtains
  15. Butterfield .....

    Heard he's staying and moving to Bradfield because he loves the Country Life