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  1. Hi m8 any chance of a link to the Preston match would be really appreciated dude. Cheers, Alan.

  2. Taken by a brighton supporting colleague from the away end
  3. And in response to the Brighton season ticket holder quote from a couple of pages back he said.. You don't need your left and right backs to defend with high quality any more, just need them to be good going forward, he can put a quality cross in from the left, as teams now set up with two or one holding midfielder/s when they attack Plenty of Btn fans would've taken him back That Btn season ticket holder (if he was) knows jack about modern football He'll do a good job for you, wait and see
  4. I got this from a Brighton supporting colleague earlier today Joe Bennett left back has been mooted for your lot Was on loan at Brighton lad year, good player can def do a good job in championship
  5. There's loads of pubs around Brighton station, all within a few minutes walk. Your train match ticket includes the train to the ground. On match days there's a queuing system in place at the station, the trains are mainly 3 cars and they get rammed so you might find you're queuing at the station for a while, especially if you leave it till the last minute. They run about every 10-15 minutes and the journey takes approx 10 minutes... Or as the poster above said, you could go to Lewes, again loads of pubs within about 10 minutes of the station and the journey on the train takes about 10 minutes, maybe less, from there too.
  6. Trains are every 10 minutes or so from selhurst to victoria too. Journey time is about the same as going from Thornton heath and the station is closer to the ground
  7. Ta very muchly to all for the birthday good wishes, much appreciated :))) xxx

  8. BBack in the UK. HAd a lovely time, thankyou sally and pat xxxxx

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