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  1. I think I said that...if not I'm sorry. Was responding to the 'national pandemic' bit of the post tbf and a pandemic is not a national thing. Just saying.
  2. Had the same yesterday....today it isn't saying it no more but only lets me see the non Sheffield Wednesday forums.
  3. As I just posted in the McLaren thread I think we're waiting for the 3 Steve's to get sacked from Newcastle, we take them back and continue with what he's already put in place. It all makes sense, explains why we're going down the route he started and means we're quids in to boot.
  4. The thing with gardening leave as I understand it is that our club pays his wages whilst he loafs about at home with his feet up. So he's chucked the job in, not been sacked and we still have to pay up his contract?? That can't be right, can it?
  5. But if he'd been here 2 years we'd have been challenging for the champions League innit
  6. Surely a 12 month rolling contract means he's always got a year left so it's irrelevant how long into it he is...
  7. Are they bad? They seem like a top quality company. Should we be worried that they might have some connections to the Chinese government? All governments are keeping an eye on there citizens, should we be worried that the Chinese could possibly be trying to take over the world? What difference will it make?
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