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  1. The previous owner shafted Bury big time by taking out loans on ridiculous Wonga-esque interest rates. He then apportioned part of that loan to his other businesses and left Bury owing the full amount. He's about to be investigated for fraud apparently with his businesses going under owing upwards of 50million. Sold the club for a £1 to the current owner who didn't perform a thorough due diligence nor was he apparently vetted by the EFL. New owner wants the ground. His plan was apparently move the ground ownership to his company and rent it back to Bury. The land is worth a fortune if sold for housing. He's not paid any staff and refuses to engage instead he accused the staff of holding the club to ransom and trying to extort money from him and the club by asking him for their wages instead of leaving and getting another job. He's now put together a CVA where he will magically conjure up 3 million quid to clear football debts in full and pay other creditors at 25%. Player wages are football debts, other staff are not. He refuses to sell despite there being some very credible offers on the table. Bury paid over the odds but promotion would have sorted that. Instead the insanely poor ownership has left them on the brink.
  2. Has anyone else's tickets not arrived yet? Ordered them last Thursday
  3. Hopefully this makes it to silver members sale stage
  4. Should make silver members sale this shouldn't it?
  5. The ticket prices didn't dictate which games we went to but they will now we won't be getting memberships.
  6. You can't justify the membership price at all. Bring it back to £50 and leave it as it was, even though that was too much, and I'll buy two this afternoon and get to as many games as we can. Leave it as is and that's 2 less bought with only going to games because they're on offer. Businesses need to make money but pricing out a large section of the fan base will have the opposite effect.
  7. Had a membership for the last 20 years. Wife has had one for 15 years. At £50 it was too much as I didn't get the full benefit but still got them so could have a chance of away tickets etc. Won't be buying any at £90 and that means we won't be able to get to as many games. How can Wednesday get it so wrong?
  8. Like that. It's a bit different. It could be done in black and yellow for the away kit too
  9. My daughter is 14 months and she's got a 18-24 months. The 12-18 wouldn't have been close to fitting
  10. Is this serious? Taking my 6 year old niece for the first time on Saturday and promised her a shirt
  11. Was going to sign for Bury then his agent got involved and Bury told him to do one. Wanted ridiculous money
  12. We're on 130. Wife will be 7 months pregnant so be nice. I'll be doing her share of singing and bouncing though
  13. Sergiu Bus scores goals and goals. Goals and goals. Goals and goals. Sergiu Bus scores goals and goals All game long (to the wheels on the Bus)
  14. Appeal it on the grounds that it is a penalty charge. Ask them to prove how £100 is a genuine pre-estimate of the loss that they have suffered because you parked there.
  15. When he plays for Bury his shirt is cleaner after the game than when he's playing. Terrible player that isn't even good enough for Bury but for some reason Flitcroft loves him
  16. Off to the Cheswold next to the cinema in an hour
  17. I emailed the ticket office yesterday - they said that membership details will be released on the OS in the next couple of weeks
  18. Our puppy isn't a big fan of me jumping around screaming. After they equalised was horrible. Had to make friends with the pup again after.
  19. Brentford website says it's ALL TICKET and there'll be none available on the day. It says there are no online sales either and have to be on database. Train is expensive from Manchester but can do it for £24 return on coach - megabus there at 06.20 then national express back at 19.00!
  20. What stand is best? Tempted to go down on the off chance. Not done it before ticketless.
  21. If I was a season ticket holder I would've got a ticket today. I'm not I'm only a member so missed out.
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