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  1. For my daughter, her name and age
  2. Has anyone worked out how you have the new shirts personalised when you pre-order them or is it not available yet? Thanks
  3. There is, it was Stephen Pearce according to this tweet (the us being Bury) https://twitter.com/MikeBailey1812/status/1166652470522724353?s=09
  4. I'm sure one of Derby's directors is on the EFL board. They were named as one of the committee that voted against Bury being given more time before the EFL kicked them out the league
  5. The previous owner shafted Bury big time by taking out loans on ridiculous Wonga-esque interest rates. He then apportioned part of that loan to his other businesses and left Bury owing the full amount. He's about to be investigated for fraud apparently with his businesses going under owing upwards of 50million. Sold the club for a £1 to the current owner who didn't perform a thorough due diligence nor was he apparently vetted by the EFL. New owner wants the ground. His plan was apparently move the ground ownership to his company and rent it back to Bury. The land is wor
  6. Apparently this is the new City shirt
  7. Has anyone else's tickets not arrived yet? Ordered them last Thursday
  8. Hopefully this makes it to silver members sale stage
  9. Should make silver members sale this shouldn't it?
  10. The ticket prices didn't dictate which games we went to but they will now we won't be getting memberships.
  11. You can't justify the membership price at all. Bring it back to £50 and leave it as it was, even though that was too much, and I'll buy two this afternoon and get to as many games as we can. Leave it as is and that's 2 less bought with only going to games because they're on offer. Businesses need to make money but pricing out a large section of the fan base will have the opposite effect.
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