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  1. Here we come Climbing up the league We take 3 points From everyone one we meet Hey, Hey We are Monks Team And people say we monkey around but we're too busy winning while the pigs are going down
  2. With an uninspired list of suit and tie candidates who would we like to see putting the clipboard down at 80 minutes, stripping off the tracksuit and racing on to the pitch to grab the game by the scruff of the neck. Had we known Mrs Brown was going to abandon ship Vincent Kompany would have been ideal or perhaps a match winner like Tricky Trev was for us in his twilight years?
  3. It were Christmas evening down at Hillsborough an old lad said to me I see't Gregs lovers gone and done one And then we sang a song a reight good Wednesday song about the fat lad Brucey He could have been Big Ron Well so could anyone good job we didn't build our dreams around him he's a scumbag a maggot a cheap lousy blobster Happy Christmas your arse We pray god it's your last
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