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  1. Don't worry Brian Laws is here to save the day.
  2. home commentary - hudds vs norwich away commentry - none - just sounds from the ground. prefer the away option
  3. yep, got video but hudds vs norwich commentary
  4. Quite like them. Think it's makes sense to go traditional on the home strip and then experiment more on the away strip.
  5. Well logged in at around 2pm, left it running, but it just threw me out. Now can't log back in.
  6. He hasn't been put into a great situation at the club, so I was willing to give him time. However, the constant changes he was making just looked like he was throwing anything on the pitch and hoping. Seems to have run out of ideas.
  7. I was willing to give him time to sort it out, as he was dealt a bad hand with the situation at the club - however, watching the games after Christmas and his interviews he does seem to be out of ideas.
  8. If Man City put the effort in could be double figures, going to say 0-5 on the assumption that they take it easy after getting a big lead.
  9. While I get that their target is to survive in the league for them this year (apparently), I just don't understand the idea. You're going away to a team bang out of form and haven't scored a goal at home this year. Surely you've got to be thinking you could get three points out of the game, not play for nil-nil.
  10. Only went for Winnal as, while he didn't do anything, he didn't have as much time to be poor as the rest of the team.
  11. Seems to me like Stagecoach setting themselves up for problems if anything happens on the buses. Stopped the trams to protect their staff, okay we know what happened last year. If they allow them on the buses, however, does this mean they care less about the bus drivers. If a bus driver gets in trouble with the away fans, surely they can point at Stagecoach and say - "you knew there could be trouble, stopping the trams proves this, so why was I put in danger".
  12. There is no way to tell if it's offside from that camera angle, but looks like a close call.
  13. We always lose at Preston, but we've got to be due a win there.....
  14. Joao the obvious vote. Thought Pudil did well overall while he was on.
  15. An all round decent performance... was fearing an hammering before the game but could have gone either way. A bit of luck and some clinical finishing and we could have won that game. The fact that wins are hard to come by at the minute make the performance look worse than it was. At full time at Bramall Lane you would have been begging for a Wednesday performance like that. Dawson - 7 - Decent performance. Baker - 5 - Okay in defence, struggled with delivery when getting forward. Lees - 6 - No mistakes, nothing exceptional. Hector - 7 - Good defence, picked
  16. Putting this on Sky seems like a mistake to me. After the World Cup and getting to the semi final there was a feel good around the England team. First time in ages more people may have been interested in the national side, but now can't watch unless they pay.
  17. The dropping of FF made sense to me. He generally does his best work in attack when on the left hand side, but doesn't track back much when played in that position. Playing Penney at LB, an inexperienced player, it made sense to give him more cover - and Mattias has been doing that well. While FF can play in the middle (and tends to help out defensively much more when playing there) we have plenty of options in that part of the pitch. Now Penney is looking good, it may change back - but it's hard to change a winning team.
  18. Don't really mind about the music played as people enter the ground, at half time, etc as I'm not really paying that much attention. However Waterfront is the "start paying attention" tune - you know that when it comes on it's time stand up and get ready to welcome the boys onto the pitch. Didn't need to change.
  19. Played really well. Liked that he kept tracking back and helping Penney out. Something you don't always get from FF.
  20. Was really puzzled at the game... First thinking ---- why is ~Nuhiu taking the corner Then thinking ---- they've announced seven minutes of injury time - we're never gonna hold on in the corner to waste that much time And then OH MY GOD!!!! the last thing I was expecting. Well done Atdhe another good performance.
  21. You can just tell he loves football, and doesn't let anything get him down. Has the right attitude, and will always give his all.
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