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  1. There is no way to tell if it's offside from that camera angle, but looks like a close call.
  2. We always lose at Preston, but we've got to be due a win there.....
  3. Joao the obvious vote. Thought Pudil did well overall while he was on.
  4. An all round decent performance... was fearing an hammering before the game but could have gone either way. A bit of luck and some clinical finishing and we could have won that game. The fact that wins are hard to come by at the minute make the performance look worse than it was. At full time at Bramall Lane you would have been begging for a Wednesday performance like that. Dawson - 7 - Decent performance. Baker - 5 - Okay in defence, struggled with delivery when getting forward. Lees - 6 - No mistakes, nothing exceptional. Hector - 7 - Good defence, picked out some long balls towards the end of the game that he hasn't shown the capability for in previous games. Fox - 4 - Made the odd good tackle but poor for the second goal and should have scored from there. Poor first touch. Pelupessy - 7 - A couple of really vital impacts when tracking back. Bannan - 7 - An overall good performance Reach - 6 - A clinical finish Forestieri - 6 - Should have hit the target. Didn't cover back when needed. Matias - 8 - Never stopped running, covered every blade of grass. While not as influential going forward, was full of energy and willing to work for the team. Joao - 7 - Good overall performance. Gets mardy too easily and looked tired before being subbed. Nuhiu - 5 Penney - 6
  5. Putting this on Sky seems like a mistake to me. After the World Cup and getting to the semi final there was a feel good around the England team. First time in ages more people may have been interested in the national side, but now can't watch unless they pay.
  6. The dropping of FF made sense to me. He generally does his best work in attack when on the left hand side, but doesn't track back much when played in that position. Playing Penney at LB, an inexperienced player, it made sense to give him more cover - and Mattias has been doing that well. While FF can play in the middle (and tends to help out defensively much more when playing there) we have plenty of options in that part of the pitch. Now Penney is looking good, it may change back - but it's hard to change a winning team.
  7. Don't really mind about the music played as people enter the ground, at half time, etc as I'm not really paying that much attention. However Waterfront is the "start paying attention" tune - you know that when it comes on it's time stand up and get ready to welcome the boys onto the pitch. Didn't need to change.
  8. Played really well. Liked that he kept tracking back and helping Penney out. Something you don't always get from FF.
  9. Was really puzzled at the game... First thinking ---- why is ~Nuhiu taking the corner Then thinking ---- they've announced seven minutes of injury time - we're never gonna hold on in the corner to waste that much time And then OH MY GOD!!!! the last thing I was expecting. Well done Atdhe another good performance.
  10. You can just tell he loves football, and doesn't let anything get him down. Has the right attitude, and will always give his all.
  11. Need to keep all our strikers happy. Play a 1872 type formation :) ----------------------------Westwood-------------------------------- -------------------Hutchinson----Lees------------------------------ Matias----------------------------------------------------Forestieri ----Hirst---Nuhiu---Winnall---Joao---Hooper----Fletcher---
  12. Westwood: 7 - Some good saves to keep us ahead, but distribution wasn't great. Hunt: 7 - Good link up play getting forward. Lees: 7 - A good performance at the back. Loovens: 6 - As above for Lees, but the play slows down so much when he has the ball. Pudil: 8 - A good defensive display and some good crosses going forward. Wallace: 7 - Impressed when playing in the three in the midfield. Lee: 7 - Showed why we have missed him so much, looking forward to him getting back to fitness. Bannan: 6 - Didn't look good early on but grew into the game. Reach: 6 - Didn't do anything very wrong, but nothing really memorable. Hooper: 8 - MOM. Good assist and goal. Fletcher: 7 - Took up some good positions without service first half. In position for goal. Semedo: 6 - Did what was asked of him. Rhodes: 7 - Three up front worked well and gave the opposition something to think about. FF: 6 - Brought something different, but really should have taken that shot.
  13. http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/new-home-kit-unveiled-soon-2466146.aspx#b3I4OIhytMT6H7UM.99
  14. Like blueblood's design as it's a bit different. I do tend to like the kits when we deviate from the normal and have a bit of variety. We don't really get them anymore, with the template options for lower league clubs. I agree that we do have shockers from time to time - but I'll stand up for the designers a little bit. Each of you is only thinking about one seasons kit. Remember that the club wants to change the kit each season so that people buy a new kit each year. This means there has to be something different about each one. Here is the challenge - take what you say you want in the design - and then design 3 different home kits (as Sondico have a three year contract) that meet your criteria, look good, and are different enough to generate sales each season. I'm looking forward to seeing what Sondico can come up with if we truly are getting a bespoke design.
  15. There is going to be a meltdown, when announcements for next season are made. Us with Sondico and blades with Adidas.
  16. Martinez - is he the finished article - no. Has he shown that he's a quality keeper - yes. Needs to improve in a couple of areas, but we could do a lot worse. If, and it's a big if, we manage to sign him permanently - he could be worth a big sum in the future.
  17. Kirkland Buxton Llera Roger Reda Antonio Semedo McPhail Helan Wickham Fryatt Huddersfield win 3-0
  18. --------------------Kirkland---------------- Spence-----Llera------Roger-----Reda Antonio----McPhail---McCabe-------JJ ---------------Nuhiu----Maguire---------- Subs: Davies, Zayette, Buxton, Coke, Maghoma, Savic, Lavery
  19. What you're confusing here, is correlation with causation. While league position and attendance are, probably to a large extent (but not totally), correlated - the causation is the other way around. They get bigger attendances because they are successful. They don't get successful because of the attendances. And, as for the original question, if the club merged that would be the end of the club, and the end of my interest in football. If you think the majority of fans want a merger, you need to check the date on your medication. It clearly isn't helping your delusions. If all you want is success, to adapt an old Owlstalk phrase, **** off 't Old Trafford.
  20. South Yorkshire Police - showing other forces how not to do it since 1989.
  21. Has there ever been more weeing around with a friendly, ever?
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