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  1. Don't worry Brian Laws is here to save the day.
  2. home commentary - hudds vs norwich away commentry - none - just sounds from the ground. prefer the away option
  3. yep, got video but hudds vs norwich commentary
  4. Quite like them. Think it's makes sense to go traditional on the home strip and then experiment more on the away strip.
  5. Well logged in at around 2pm, left it running, but it just threw me out. Now can't log back in.
  6. He hasn't been put into a great situation at the club, so I was willing to give him time. However, the constant changes he was making just looked like he was throwing anything on the pitch and hoping. Seems to have run out of ideas.
  7. I was willing to give him time to sort it out, as he was dealt a bad hand with the situation at the club - however, watching the games after Christmas and his interviews he does seem to be out of ideas.
  8. If Man City put the effort in could be double figures, going to say 0-5 on the assumption that they take it easy after getting a big lead.
  9. While I get that their target is to survive in the league for them this year (apparently), I just don't understand the idea. You're going away to a team bang out of form and haven't scored a goal at home this year. Surely you've got to be thinking you could get three points out of the game, not play for nil-nil.
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