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  1. Only meant hindsight in how this season went for FF. completely agree that it stuck out as the right thing to do at the time, particularly given DC’s knowledge of how the finances looked at that point.
  2. Very true - even if the £14m figure was inflated by the media, selling FF for £10m would have kept us on the right side of FFP. Whilst he’s a quality player, we wouldn’t have missed him much over the past season... hindsight is a wonderful thing mind.
  3. Good commitment from our lads. Iorfa hasn’t made a forward pass all game mind. Forestieri bang up for it.
  4. Your best OMDT by far Snoots, top work! Short enough to bother reading and very funny. We need to keep some discipline but I really hope we have a go and genuinely try to win this game. We’ve got enough quality to hurt them.
  5. If there were a couple of spots up for grabs then it becomes a bit more possible. The trouble is we’re part of 7 teams that are fighting for just 1 place. Worth a revisit on Tuesday morning mind.
  6. Just bet on over 4.5 goals... sorry to all those who can be there tonight for the impending 0-0.
  7. You’re = you are Your is a different word Examples: You’re an uneducated Poundland employee Your stadium is named after a popular cheesecake You’re welcome
  8. I could’ve sworn my left arm wasn’t 4 inches long at kick off.
  9. Fun fact with a hint more truth - Sean Clare is an anagram of clean arse. Our problem was he rather likes using £50 notes to wipe it.
  10. You’re all fighting each other for the same signal. May as well literally do that and throw a few punches at anyone else you see on a phone to try and slow them down.
  11. Thorniley and Penney are a good addition to the first XI already. Preston needs more time, but hopefully will get there.
  12. Thank you - never paid much attention in school either :) Not the norm for our naming structure over here as you say - s**t of Sheffield for the grunters aside.
  13. Superb offer and a great initiative. The more ways we can link good value with our club again the better. One step at a time...
  14. Turbulent AEK Athens for that part of the question.
  15. 1. Get a dishwasher 2. Get a new mrs 3. Just got back threads are all about footy content, not this tripe
  16. Used the wrong phrase, off the pace not accurate. Just lacking the quality at times with his distribution. Hopefully he gains from the experience anyway.
  17. Penney was decent and makes sense to give a young lad a chance. Preston looked off the pace and wasn’t ready for the first team.
  18. A bargain on its way to Hillsborough? Not even HITC would make such a preposterous rumour.
  19. Bit harsh calling him one of them morons. Or am I clearly confused?
  20. I know there’s plenty of content that you’ve put in after this point, but that’s a hefty first paragraph of calling him bobbins for a positivity thread!
  21. Appreciate your username is Tinkerbell but that scenario is one fairy tale too far.
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