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  1. £1,872,000 in 2 years... I’d cope living there for that.
  2. Wonder how FFP is going to work next season. EFL clubs rely massively on gate receipts in many instances, SWFC hugely so. If COVID stops fans going, how can the loss rules remain the same without that revenue stream? We need to spend heavily to get players to consider us given the -12 pts start, but will it mean another massive breach and further punishment down the line? The rule makers need to think this through and be clear to all clubs... doubt we’ll get that kind of foresight from them mind.
  3. Our defensive unit have been the masters of social distancing since Christmas. None of them have got within 2 metres of an attacker, let alone for 15 mins!
  4. If Brentford did a good job on him, fair play to them. Was at the game last week and Bannan wasn’t our best player. We’re talking extremes at both ends of the scale.
  5. Strange performance at Charlton, he didn’t get into the game at all for 70 mins, then came into his element for the last 20. Brentford a better quality opposition today mind.
  6. Nice one, pleased we’ll have a good atmosphere, thanks for that.
  7. Brown Ale. Scrap that, Bruce has even ruined my post.
  8. Only meant hindsight in how this season went for FF. completely agree that it stuck out as the right thing to do at the time, particularly given DC’s knowledge of how the finances looked at that point.
  9. Very true - even if the £14m figure was inflated by the media, selling FF for £10m would have kept us on the right side of FFP. Whilst he’s a quality player, we wouldn’t have missed him much over the past season... hindsight is a wonderful thing mind.
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