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  1. cockneyvillageowl

    Rotherham United

    You’re = you are Your is a different word Examples: You’re an uneducated Poundland employee Your stadium is named after a popular cheesecake You’re welcome
  2. cockneyvillageowl

    FF Praise

    Great gesture from him, fair play FF.
  3. cockneyvillageowl

    Caption competition

    I could’ve sworn my left arm wasn’t 4 inches long at kick off.
  4. cockneyvillageowl

    If I was playing against Bannan

    Bizarre thread
  5. cockneyvillageowl

    Sean Clare

    Fun fact with a hint more truth - Sean Clare is an anagram of clean arse. Our problem was he rather likes using £50 notes to wipe it.
  6. cockneyvillageowl

    Mobile Data / WiFi in the ground

    You’re all fighting each other for the same signal. May as well literally do that and throw a few punches at anyone else you see on a phone to try and slow them down.
  7. cockneyvillageowl

    Penny / Thorniley

    Thorniley and Penney are a good addition to the first XI already. Preston needs more time, but hopefully will get there.
  8. cockneyvillageowl

    Wednesday In One Word

    Thank you - never paid much attention in school either :) Not the norm for our naming structure over here as you say - s**t of Sheffield for the grunters aside.
  9. cockneyvillageowl


    Superb offer and a great initiative. The more ways we can link good value with our club again the better. One step at a time...
  10. cockneyvillageowl

    Wednesday In One Word

    Turbulent AEK Athens for that part of the question.
  11. cockneyvillageowl


    1. Get a dishwasher 2. Get a new mrs 3. Just got back threads are all about footy content, not this tripe
  12. cockneyvillageowl

    Player Ratings

    Nailed it, completely agree with this
  13. cockneyvillageowl

    Penney / Preston

    Used the wrong phrase, off the pace not accurate. Just lacking the quality at times with his distribution. Hopefully he gains from the experience anyway.
  14. cockneyvillageowl

    Penney / Preston

    Penney was decent and makes sense to give a young lad a chance. Preston looked off the pace and wasn’t ready for the first team.
  15. cockneyvillageowl

    Danny Batth on loan

    A bargain on its way to Hillsborough? Not even HITC would make such a preposterous rumour.