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  1. cockneyvillageowl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    He ain’t going anywhere. In laws are Panathinaikos fans, the club don’t have a pot to pi$$ in: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/greece.greekreporter.com/2017/12/25/panathinaikos-the-rise-and-fall-of-a-greek-football-empire/amp/
  2. The Maple Leaf, 41 Maiden Lane. Big screen plus several others inside so you should get a good view. Get in there early though as it’s always busy.
  3. cockneyvillageowl

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    I’ve only read half of the pages in this thread but what about K Lee at right back? It’s been mentioned before he was a RB by trade at Oldham. Granted there’s a big question mark over fitness, but if he’s on the mend it’s a good alternative for us.
  4. cockneyvillageowl

    #SWFC Players - Contract Expiry dates

    To be honest, i’m hoping the opposite. There’s a few quality players to be kept, the rest come with a great sense of relief in getting them off the wage bill.
  5. cockneyvillageowl

    #SWFC Caption Competition

    The CEO of Aston Villa must be nearby.
  6. cockneyvillageowl

    Breaking News

    Epsom eh... be careful with those things, I hear they can make you go horse.
  7. cockneyvillageowl


    Keep Abdi & Matias on the wage bill? I fear dear Watson, you haven’t made it out of elementary school.
  8. The trouble is the club willl fear the number of people downgrading their ST to this option. That might negate the benefit of how many of us disgusting part timer people sign up to that package.
  9. cockneyvillageowl

    Ross Wallace - Top 5 Goals for #SWFC

    A great watch. He’s really scored some screamers in his time with us and earned his wages.
  10. cockneyvillageowl


    My name is Michael Caine and I am a nosey neighbour.
  11. cockneyvillageowl

    Have we seen the last of Almen Abdi

    When I couldn’t spot the ambulance I realised it was a trick question. He’s in the treatment room of course.
  12. One of these two, if not both are behind it for me. Would love to see us have a go at teams from the off. Crowd would get behind the team too. We don’t need 90 mins of running around like lunatics, we’re just talking some positivity for a change.
  13. cockneyvillageowl

    'Yeah, I have no explain for that.'

    Bust a gut, no. But give a bit of a s**t and want to turn up and have a go at least, sorry, but yes that’s what we expect. That first 15 mins was the worst I have ever seen us play. Now helps to slightly erase the game away at Palace where we let them stroll through our defence after 1 minute to score the opener, but that’s last nights only purpose.
  14. cockneyvillageowl


    Agreed, he had a bit of a shocker tonight
  15. cockneyvillageowl

    Just got back

    I’ve never seen a more static defence and lightweight midfield. That first half was absolutely abysmal. Taking Joao off when in need of a couple more was a head scratcher. I wouldn’t normally ever talk about a ref but the only thing their 12th man didn’t do was give ‘em a bj