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  1. Cr@p thats about 20 years ago now SORRY Must Be Best: Sibon Worst: jon beswetherick by a mile
  2. I'm not taking the p*ss with this but could you get a flight? We flew to Wednesday Bristol game was not cheap but beat being in traffic etc
  3. No chance he is a big blade and wants to stay down south premiership clubs are watching hom and this is from a family member! Man city are scouting his brother.
  4. This has to be a p*ss take! But if not you won't be missed
  5. Joc is a Megson player and seems to up his game for Megson like at Stoke and WBA and now S6 that is the reason I think he will stay I don't despute he has been gash for 95% of the time with us but I think we have a manager who knows how to get the most out of him
  6. Your right about both miller and jj but would I trust either to give it all if given a new deal??? Maybe not till this time next year!! It's tricky and that's why GM gets paid what he does I wish him all the best with that one
  7. You stayed in the etap??? Get your self to the doctors for a jab fast, see you next season glad you had a great day despite the football that's normally us at home games
  8. Bang on mosleyowl but plus side is he has a couple of years left in him at least and is an owl if what I have been told is true?
  9. I hear Phillips and cox going to Derby as the if your not happy with the summer signings you get your season ticket money back!!
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