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  1. On A43 about 5 miles from the M40, been stood for 15 minutes. 12:23
  2. I'd go for Sam Hutchinson - lotus Semedo - LandRover Nuhiu - Hummer Helan - A train... (quick, but always sticks to the same tracks) Really need to stop drinking so early in the day...
  3. How about we change it to: Azerbaijan Land of false promises could get an iron on transfer to add to existing shirts?
  4. We're all going on a European tour, a European tour, a European tour.
  5. Got a mate who works in the barnsley club shop, he says they have sold 2542 and 500 will be available on the gate.
  6. If MM could swallow his pride, megson would sort us out.
  7. Llera. His corners and free kicks are very good, especially for a centre back.
  8. Had Llera been in the place of Zayatte, McCormack wouldn't have even got a shot away.
  9. Not saying this is the case, nor am i defending DJ's public criticism of Llera. But maybe Llera responds better to media pressure than he does to a quiet word in private? im told it works on football manager
  10. looks like we'll have to get used to Llera and Zayatte then. Unless Taylor is suddenly going to come good OR Maybe we'll see a terrifying Zayatte Taylor partnership... who knows...
  11. that quote from DJ? (cant get to a radio)
  12. younger and much worse in every measurable way
  13. At least everyone has taken the blue and white tinted specs off... he has been poor from day one, Depends how long Gardner is out for, but we desperately need Gardner and Llera back together.
  14. ...........Davies......... Palmer..Taylor..Gardner...Llera JJ..McCabe..Corry..Maghoma ........Maguire.......Madine ........ as someone else has said, Llera can cover at left back. Weakened side should be played IMO, league has to take priority, especially with our current injury situation. anyone know how long Keiran Lee is out for?
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