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  1. Hi you Owls,been a while since coming onto your forum...though i do keep an eye on it. Hope you don't mind me putting on a link below showing a Sheffield man's medals from long ago. Thanks to Rob who runs the site below i have been able to see the medals that Ernest recieved....hope you agree they are magnificent! So the Cutler from Pitt Street is remembered nearly 100 years after the Great War. http://www.medaldetector.co.uk/medal-sets/halke-ernest/ All the best to you for the season
  2. In the 1881 census my great grandad was only three....but his dad my great,great grandad was a SPRING KNIFE GRINDER then.....so i would say between 1860-1890 ish.
  3. Hi you Owls...what a fine win last night for you...as for Swindon ...well we are limping over the playoff line, without Paolo the passion seems to have left us...anyway that brings me onto my visit to Sheffield this weekend.....MASSIVE game for us and the Blades,funnily both sets of fans are unhappy at present even though both are in playoff places. As for the weekend it will be a time for me to reflect on my Great Grandad Frank Halke who was born in Sheffield...his dad worked in Grindle Gate as a grinder....George his dad and Annie his mum lived most of there lives there...Franke my Great grandad moved south where my nan Hettie was born in Shepperton....and no doubt the reasonwhy i am here! Anyway why the incredible Halke?......below is Horace Halke,sadly i think the last in line of the Halke family,he celebrated his 100th birthday a few weeks back...to think that he lived through both World Wars is incredible. I was brought up in care so it has taken me many years to trace my past family......i wonder if my grandad went to watch the Owls in the early years?...or dare i say it United...he lived in Fawcett Street. As i walk into Brammal lane this weekend i will be firmly rooting for my team...Swindon of course the team i love,but i will remember my ancestors as i have a beer or two. Below is Horace Halke.....nephew of my great grandad Frank Halke.........heres hoping last nights win has done enough for you and heres hoping a win for the Town on Saturday will make you smile a bit more....apologies of course to Great Grandad if he was a blades fan and is cussing me from above
  4. I am going to miss him! I was taught the meaning of passion watching this man for the best part of two years,as i have said whoever decides to take the gamble will net themselfs a top manager.....look at league one if anyone cares to disagree
  5. Cheers...though something dont add up with my story......... was talking to this guy long after the death date on wiki. Also i am sure this fella had played for England........maybe i have the wrong name...was a long time ago.
  6. Hi you Owls. Was thinking today of a day many moons back now when as an 18 year old i went into a local boozer and got talking to an old couple sat alone in the corner...it was dinner time and not many were in. Anyhow i got talking about Sunday morning footy as i was playing for a local team then when this old boy stood up and started telling how as a winger i should play....although he had a glint in his eye he was deadly serious and was telling me to try and train with both feet and to cut inside a bit more...all that kind of stuff. Anyway after a while they both supped there drink and left....i thanked him and didnt think to much of it but just happened to mention it to the barman....oh that is Wally he says.....he has run the local Post Office for years. Oh and by the way he added he also played footy years back for Sheffield Wednesday and England!!! Apparently he ended his career at Swindon and run the Post Office after finishing up his footy days.....i didnt see him again though everytime i popped in i kept an eye out. There was me thinking some silly ol sod was giving it the big one when if the barman was right then i got coached by an old Owl ala England International Glad he didnt see me play though Ddid a bit of research some years ago but if anyone can shed any light on this old boy it would be nice. Walter/Wally Dickenson i believe was his name.
  7. Hi you Owls...great thread. and this pic is Ace...what date was this picture....and when was the roof put on? Hope you dont mind i am putting that on the Swindon forum....as well as the awesome Kop the thought of ex Swindon captain Colin Prophet trying to tackle Pele will raise a smile
  8. Quote from Paolo today. Before Christmas i went to Stonehenge to witness the winter solstice,we had just beat Tranmere 5-0(Friday evening match) and i waited there untill 4am to see the sunrise. It was raining and i didn't see a thing....so i left and went straight to training!
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Austin What a story,what it shows me is that the lower leagues are really overlooked by all clubs. His goal scoring record is brilliant,Norwood at Forest Green is flying at present and worth a gander. Back to Austin he wont go for less than 7 million i reckon.....a nice slice coming our way and Poole Towns. Of course many fall by the wayside but if you are getting these players at a relative snip then worth more being taken a chance with i reckon.
  10. Went there twice while watching Swindon at Millwall....brilliant pub and it opens at 6am! The tube to the ground was a bit edgy(even the woman and kids looked hard) but once there it is safe as houses and it is a great ground for atmosphere.
  11. Hi you Owls...a view from Wiltshire(some bleeding good ones down here incidently ) First of all with reference to Di Canio and Wednesday if the right tools were offered him to make Wednesday great again the past wouldn't come into it in my opinion....i mean Beckham got a boot to the head and a wave from Ferguson on his way out....yet he would be back there in a flash and so would Di Canio if the situation was right. I can tell you that he is the most pofesional manager i have ever seen at Swindon...his attention to detail is incredible and his passion with that make him a force to be reckoned with. Lat three matches at homes....5-0 v Tranmere(leaders) 5-0 v Pompey and 4-0 yesterday v Carlisle....he was actually pissed off we didn't get the magic 5 again! I think we are in prime position to win the league or at least top 2....the aura and the manic way he sometimes portrays himself is like a magnet to fans. Personally if we go up i feel he will give it another season just to see if he can reached the promised land that is the Premiership.....some will laugh at that but most Swindon fans won't....to us with Paolo in charge its a case of when and not if....he seriously is that good in our eyes. I think is win record is up there with the best and if you think this is his first proper job at management then the only way is up for him. Will it be at Swindon....i have my doubts....the last match away at Sheffield Utd is looking like i maybe spending a weekend in the City where my Great Grandid lived and worked hence my interest in the Owls. I personally think the lure of Celtic and European footy will be his first main port of call but if Wednesday came calling i dont think the past would be a thought in his mind one little bit. As always thanks for letting me post...and good luck in the future matches....and look on the brightside you are in the hat later on and we are not....being beaten at home by Macclesfield proves that even the best managers get a kick in the teeth that really hurts at times
  12. Hi you Owls....looking in from far the manager has not looked a happy bunny lately and seems to be very stressed.....he dosn't smile a lot and to me it looks like he could do with a good holiday. He got so close at Cardiff where money was thrown at him and i reckon he will not be happy with the relative constraints he is working under at the moment. Cannot fathom the Madine situation....he looks a good player to me given a run and the ammo....the last two results(before Burnley) have got Mr Jones out of the mire for now and i hope you kick on.....i think you will have enough ammo to survive just....i hope so and lets face it four wins on the spin will have you looking at top 6!...Still twenty odd matches yet so lots to play for. As always you Owls i aint on here to stir and basicly just saying it from down Wiltshire Way
  13. Sadly this is a fairly regular happening. I have seen it many times.....stewards(not the police) antagonising fans. Most police just want a quite day at the office....i have travelled the country watching Swindon and have to say Forest stewards are the worse....real nasty thugs just waiting like vultures to vent anger....in my friends case he got a beating in the concourse for sitting in the wrong seat as someone was already in his....our of the CCTV view of course.
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