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  1. Just void the leagues and start a fresh next season. fizz Leeds, fizz Liverpool and fizz parachute payments premier league should help the smaller clubs out regardless.
  2. probably testing the rollercoasters out so he can knock hillsborough down with him owning it and building a theme park on the remains
  3. I like this neil, please stay funny and not miserable. On another note sort the flipping servers out, they're dead slow on matchday.
  4. It’s customers like that are dragging us down, wake up and smell the coffee ffs. noticed I used customers not fans because that’s all we are whilst dc is here, the guys doesn’t have a club, attempts loophole after loophole, what’s next 15 year season tickets then 20 years. the idiot owner needs to go a long with monk, half of the squad and that dodgy guy paxio(whatever he’s called). A bunch of frauds that are destroying a family associated football club.
  5. About as much guessing as Westwood and Hutchinson
  6. Rhodes and winnall must be sleeping with monks mrs
  7. If you can’t take it don’t be on it, it’s as easy to unregister as it is to register in the first place. I know many people that deactivate their Facebook and it’s as easy as that.
  8. Used to love Hutchinson and his commitment was priceless like any other footballer should be but not now, no chance! you pathetic little man fuck off and grow up, you and Westwood both as bad as each other but Hutchinson used to be proper professional in most people eyes before all the crap started happening. Cant wait to get rid of the losers dragging our club down.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/ross.melas/videos/2552708688109242/
  10. Its cheaper to get two half’s than a pint, poor lass behind counter didn’t have a clue why people were asking for two half’s and a empty pint cup haha....
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