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  1. Zero experience and achieved absolutely naff all throughout English football. Ahh go on make him manager. beggers belief who are appointing these buffoons
  2. Have we ever been managed by 3 different full time managers in one season? can’t see pulis going but wouldn’t surprise me either with our strange chairman.
  3. Doubt it, but who would want to work with these players that are here. They don’t want to work hard for any manager
  4. Bunch of nob heads, they don’t car what happens with our club
  5. No manager will be able to change this until the rest of the squad had gone. The same players run the team and we see manager after manager go. The players don’t care anymore
  6. Said it once and I’ll say it again, he’s over rated like most of our squad
  7. Yup all these people are calling for pulis yet won’t say who they want. no manager will get anything better from this squad.
  8. The very reason we are where we are, giving huge wages to has beens. We need a change of structure at this football club that’s in free fall.
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