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  1. My OP wasn`t about me as I can`t attend 90% of Saturday games due to work but was about all the fans who get to just a few games a season. Be good to be able to buy tickets for any game now and plan ahead. Could in effect attract more fans to games on Sky as fans may have bought tickets months in advance before tv games are announced.
  2. Just a thought but could the club do as title above. Get the tickets for the big games like Newcastle, Barnsley ,Derby, Forest etc on sale now. Kop £25, North £30, South £35. Give us POTD fans a chance to get tickets for the games well in advance and revenue early to the club. Might work.
  3. Walkout on 42 minutes return on 49.
  4. This game will have the most expensive away tickets for the whole country for the entire season. So so wrong. Pub for me and most villa fans I guess.
  5. With 20,000 season tickets holders can`t see being a member helping in getting tickets for away matches. A hell of a long way down the back of queue.
  6. Makes fans buy early but when you get to this moment its got to put people off having to spend £100 more on a season ticket.
  7. It`s been a lot worst in previous season as been behind and losing a lot more games at Hillsboro.
  8. Time needs taking of the ref and done like rugby league on the scoreboard. Everyone should be able to see how longs left in the game.
  9. 4th spot got to be a the goal at the moment but Burnley and Brighton`s run ins look tough. Can keep on dreaming, next 3 games are all winnable.
  10. Atmosphere 1st half was terrible 2nd half a bit better but when playing a team 2nd bottom and expecting to win that`s what you get.
  11. Top 2 finish still on for Boro. That`s why they`re 11/8.
  12. Should have been twelfth man with such a massive following but we failed big time.
  13. No good to me work till 9 on Tuesdays.
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