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  1. God , I hope not , we will have had a bad couple of years if he becomes our number one that’s for sure ,he is league 1 at best and I do mean that is the best he will play regular football at , but it’s a matter of opinion I suppose, but that’s what forums are for
  2. I know we are not playing good , many would have us believe the worst in years , I’m not so sure it’s quite that bad , admittedly it’s not pretty , but we are undefeated in five league games now , the defence is tighter now ,with the exception of today We have scored a couple of really late goals of late , always a good sign of a positive attitude, these points would have been unthinkable earlier in the season We all know this season is just about finishing in a respectable league position, have a clear out and Bruce trying to put his stamp on things for next year , that’s what we all hope anyway Dont be to down UTO
  3. Yes about four times , and you , what did you honestly think
  4. Nice , really constructive , what’s the point ?
  5. I know some people on here will disagree, and I know he made some fine stops during the other 94 mins , but dear oh dear , he will have nightmares over that goal , at any level of football , any ball from a corner to the centre of the six yard box, is a keepers ball the defenders were waiting for the call that ,presumably, never came , third choice keeper for me and that is because I have only seen three of our keepers
  6. We're getting like that mob at S2 , where hardly anyone wants the job !!
  7. TBH. I have only looked at his employment history but are all the chairmen who got rid wrong , I don't know but it hardly fills you with confidence does it
  8. Yes , but I presume the manager recomend's then players he wants , or maybe the chairman is picking them and then we are in trouble
  9. I can't see any new owner taking such an obvious massive risk, this managers CV reads like a disaster movie, no forward thinking company would give him an interview, never mind the job You wouldn't buy a club for 35m and then give this clown the job of spending another boat load of cash and then running the club , would you ?? And before any one says we don't' know what he's like, just read his list of clubs , chairmen with good managers hold onto them !!!! If this is true its a disaster and our club will be a laughing stock !!
  10. I have been supporting this club for forty something years now and apart from a few years in the early nineties we have more or less stumbled from one crisis to another , similar to our city rivals whom havn't even had one decent spell , What we need to accept is that our club is, and always has been, average at best . Once we all realise this, we will enjoy our bad football a little more , i for one am trying , as hard as it is , to accept this and just get on with it , nothing will ever change pi##ed off Owl
  11. Bet he loved it , any reaction from city fans ?
  12. I have just resigned myself to the fact Jones is stopping in the short term , Mandaric will run the club how he wants (he owns it ffs) and has indicated several times that he will spit the dummy out if fans get on his case , leave him be, its his money going top speed down the pan , it must be hurtin him .. He will have to sort it or leg it , leave him to it, he may just suprise a few of us on here , and Jones may even get us out of this mess Imagine that !! Keep the Faith it will sort itself out , i hope
  13. Only certainty i know is it is gonna be a long horrible season 99.9% certain
  14. Ok we know you can swear , well lets be honest Jones signings are absolute F*CKIN BOLLOXXXX, AND HE SHOULD BE SACKED, F*CK RESPECT, HE'D BE OFF LIKE A SHOT IF A BETTER OFFER CAME IN
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