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  1. Probably our most naturally gifted player , but I’m afraid we have had the best out of him , it won’t come around again , sadly , because at his best he was a joy to watch and a game changer
  2. Oh , for the days when we had big Jack and tony toms , and they sorted the lot of em out “Quite literally” now we seem to have as many coaches as players
  3. Anyone heard anything? Did he look ok ?
  4. I was the one who posted the “dreadful appointment” post let’s hope I’m eating a massive portion of humble pie
  5. You know something , the abuse bit I could cope with , it was being labelled a Blade that hurt !
  6. This is just the sort of response people have to put up with on here , dear me !! a good slap really !! This forum really needs to bar people like you , but it won’t
  7. Hi Nev , c stands for Carlisle my second name why ? And while we are being serious, the general opinion on this forum is that Gary Monk is a very good appointment , but a few of us don’t, and are entitled to our opinion, it’s time the people running this forum did something about the abuse dished out to people who dare to criticise anything the club do , it’s a forum ffs , it’s not life or death !! Has anyone ever wondered why we only have about 20 regular posters ? I think we all know why so to all key board warriors you now know my name , and many on here will also now know
  8. Instead of negging me , can anyone on here come up with anything positive about a manager who has been in management 5 years and been nowhere near the play offs on any occasion, is that our aim for the next five years ? Stop slagging me off and look at the facts . We are accepting mediocrity, and we all know where that leads , our club cannot afford ( literally) to carry on like this
  9. Are you kidding ? The piggies won’t be posting about this , they’ll be out getting pissed having a right f00king laugh
  10. Tell me another profession where you would get a job and be paid 20k a week , after being sacked by four of it’s competitors in the last 5 years for incompetence, or to put another spin on it show me another company apart from SWFC who would employ someone who has been sacked four times in five years by its competitors , I’ll be surprised if he isn’t being hounded by the fans by Christmas and sacked (again) by the end of the season , UNBELIEVABLE!!!
  11. Like many on here , I rounded off a perfect day at the wisewood inn to celebrate Mick’s 60th great memories with old friends Early days but what a start !!!
  12. God , I hope not , we will have had a bad couple of years if he becomes our number one that’s for sure ,he is league 1 at best and I do mean that is the best he will play regular football at , but it’s a matter of opinion I suppose, but that’s what forums are for
  13. I know we are not playing good , many would have us believe the worst in years , I’m not so sure it’s quite that bad , admittedly it’s not pretty , but we are undefeated in five league games now , the defence is tighter now ,with the exception of today We have scored a couple of really late goals of late , always a good sign of a positive attitude, these points would have been unthinkable earlier in the season We all know this season is just about finishing in a respectable league position, have a clear out and Bruce trying to put his stamp on things for next year , that’s what
  14. Yes about four times , and you , what did you honestly think
  15. Nice , really constructive , what’s the point ?
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