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  1. Second 6B+ route climbed last night. They're like buses!
  2. Repeated it today. Daughter did a 6b tonight she's been trying for a couple of weeks so she was chuffed. I had a couple of goes but couldn't work out the finish, will get it soon.
  3. Sounds heaven mate.
  4. @Bleeder Finally done the 6B+ that's been tormenting me.
  5. Not sure about that lad that finished 4th mind you. Can't see him doing much in the sport.
  6. My hot take... VDP's not bad is he?
  7. Bloody philistines! How can anyone prefer MSR to RVV. Smh.
  8. Sad news that Richard Moore of the Cycling Podcast passed away on Monday. RIP
  9. Have we just seen a huge sign in global cycling with Biniam Girmay? African riders soon to become a major players?
  10. Another new 6B done tonight. Still can't quite get the 6B+s but I'm really close now.
  11. Just seen the news about Sonny Cobrelli. Thankfully responding well, conscious and talking. Thoughts are with him.
  12. So I'm doing Spine Challenger again in January. Won a place in the volunteers lottery. Last race: Spine Race 2020. Next Race: Spine Challenger 2023 Be reyt.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/100004068348429/posts/2816032945208956/?sfnsn=scwspmo Laz's post race poetry... it takes a few days. it takes a few days after the barkley to sort of let things settle in my mind enough to give a recap. it takes a few days to stop needing to take a nap every two hours. it takes a few days to have most of the gear packed away; some of it added to the gear for the next race and some stowed until the next barkley. . and you know what? even after a few days it is difficult to put the whole experience into words. instead of a straight narrative or a clearly defined picture the impressions of the barkley are a muddled melange, much like the forests in the second night. a mixture of images of startling clarity fleeting images of uncertain provenance and outright hallucinations. . the clearest image is that of how men can band together against a common foe. in this case it is the capricious mountains of frozen head, and the seemingly malevolent spirit of the barkley which lurks in the darkest recesses (both of the mountains and in our minds) waiting to come out during the night and wreak havoc on the hapless runners. . it was a relief from this contentious world to be a part of a band of brothers united in a single cause. . everyone wants to see a winner. sure, everyone comes hoping it will be them (who wouldn't?) but when the trickster barkley breaks each runner's race they close ranks to support the survivors. we all want to see someone anyone beat the beast at its own game. . a fleeting image of unknown provenance. the barkley. it has no corporeal body. it cannot exist as a thinking, acting being. yet what explains the varied fates that befall the runners "out there"? the failed headlamps, the inexplicable wrong turns, the easily found books that somehow are not there? what magic does it take to snatch a single page from its bag and blow it off a cliff in the rainy night? or to remove an entire bag of pages from your pack, to make compasses vanish and trekking poles snap? what explains the mercurial weather that can turn on a dime? the way it teases the runner with perfect conditions, and then lures them out onto loops that are going to turn into pure misery? the barkley is just an imaginary thing it cannot be a cruel force, out to make runners fail ... . can it? . there are the hopes crushed. how did we get from a field so strong that we wondered starting the second loop if 5 or 6 five loopers would tarnish the luster of a barkley finish to staring hopefully into the blackness desperately searching for a flash of light as the final minutes ticked off the clock on round 4? . we did emerge with some shreds of success. 5 runners conquering the fun run. including jasmin, the latest best hope for a woman to complete the whole thing. . we had a lot of capable athletes seemingly on track until some mishap, some random error sent them crashing back to earth one by one. . we left with nothing except hope for next year. the hope that flickered out this year still left embers that can be fanned back into flames by next year. . the barkley won.... . but the humans will be back. we never give up.
  14. Greig has fallen foul of the cut off and will not be able to start the final loop. Once again there are no finishers. The race has eaten its young again. Well done to all that attempted.
  15. So John, Jasmin and Thomas have all completed the 3 laps of the Fun Run and either called it a day (John) or been timed out (Jasmin and Thomas). Brilliant efforts by all 3. Karel and Greig have gone out on loop 4. Greig is on a schedule that is very tight to the cut offs... he finished loop 3 1h40m ahead of the bugle. Karel has a bit more wriggle room finishing 3h40m before cut off. Are we going to get our first finisher since John in 2017?
  16. Cheers Alan. Got someone to teach us, and another lad who climbs there, but thanks anyway, and I'm sure we'll need some help when we get outside so brace yourself.
  17. Yeah I'm ok. Still climbing indoors... I think I'm stronger and climbing better though it's still not translated into higher grades, but I feel that's coming. Going to start learning how to lead soon as well, so looking forward to that. Yeah I'm John... got to work out some dates when I can get up there with my daughter but will give you a shout when I do.
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