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  1. He looked like he could rampage. I love a rampaging midfielder. Who was the last rampaging midfielder we had?
  2. Agree... thought he looked quality when he came on.
  3. All hail our new overlord, Supreme Leader Borukov
  4. Glass half full kind of a guy are you?
  5. Ra! ra! ra! We're going to smash the oiks!
  6. No we don't. Stop being so needy. Say nowt til there's summat to say.
  7. Sky confirm no Bruce at Northampton. Bullen in charge. Nobody from the club talking. Sky still got proper face on.
  8. Understandably lots of love for the home kit, but that away shirt is absolute class.
  9. Really enjoying the silence from DC and the club... Sky have got a right mard on because they're not getting told owt.
  10. Forgive me. Understand I should have been clearer. 'Cause of all the thickos. Kind of you to admit it though. You're a brave soldier. Obviously thick but... U know, kind of brave.
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