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  1. Second 6B+ route climbed last night. They're like buses!
  2. Repeated it today. Daughter did a 6b tonight she's been trying for a couple of weeks so she was chuffed. I had a couple of goes but couldn't work out the finish, will get it soon.
  3. Sounds heaven mate.
  4. @Bleeder Finally done the 6B+ that's been tormenting me.
  5. Not sure about that lad that finished 4th mind you. Can't see him doing much in the sport.
  6. My hot take... VDP's not bad is he?
  7. Bloody philistines! How can anyone prefer MSR to RVV. Smh.
  8. Sad news that Richard Moore of the Cycling Podcast passed away on Monday. RIP
  9. Have we just seen a huge sign in global cycling with Biniam Girmay? African riders soon to become a major players?
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