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  1. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run 96.5 miles in 16:27 hours and DNF a 100 mile race then here’s your chance... https://pilatesandrunningwithsarah.com/centurion-track-100-that-fine-line-between-success-and-failure
  2. Yep, we were as well... incredibly funny episode.
  3. 6:45 min/mile in case you're wondering.
  4. Simon Yates wins Tour of the Alps. Third favourite for the Giro behind Bernal and Evenepoel. With the former's back problems and the latter's huge lack of racing, he looks a decent bet. Can anyone else live with him?
  5. Kim Collison sets a new Paddy Buckley record. https://www.ukclimbing.com/news/2021/04/new_paddy_buckley_record_for_kim_collison-72754
  6. 4th win on the final stage for Cav.
  7. So well done Tom Pidcock for beating Trentin and WVA in a 3 up sprint. Hope you're all looking forward to watching it. 🥷 And well done Cav.
  8. Watching Brabantse Pijl instead. Will skim watch end of ToT afterwards. Not coming back here until then.
  9. Why not just call the last 50k for me... FFS
  10. Must stop reading this thread before I've watched the highlights.
  11. Anyone that doesn't like the classic 1970s Owl is most likely a wrong un and probably a nønce. There are statistics that back this up.
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