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  1. As someone who seems to have a big interest in your city, do you believe Sheffield pushes its 'Outdoor City' vision strongly enough. And if so, has it been successful? Being involved in outdoorsy stuff, I tend to think there is a lot going on, but I don't know how much it gets through to the general public, whether Sheffield is now a major international destination because of it, or indeed how much money it brings to the City.
  2. Not at all a fantasist or chancer.
  3. Because he's a fantasist and a chancer. Just as he was this morning.
  4. Obviously. I have seen nothing in this thread that even hints this guy is credible. If he can turn that around today, all well and good. Until then I'll carry on taking the p. Rivht, off to publicize my latest business venture. A picture of me with a wad of cash in my car should do the trick.
  5. Yeah that was kind of the joke. You're right, no red flags here at all. Nothing to see. All totally above board with this bloke. Super!
  6. I presume ALK have spent the last 24 hours chatting with random fans on Instagram, own several sex shops in Madrid and are based in Quahog?
  7. Total chancer. Total fantasist. If (and that's a big if) he is getting involved it's just another signpost on our descent into oblivion. Happy New Year everyone.
  8. Hi John

    I know we've had the odd spat on here.

    But I'd just like to send you my best wishes at this sorry time for you and the family. 

    UTO Paul

    1. ```


      Thank you.

  9. Brilliant end to a brilliant series. "It's not my sort of thing."
  10. Most of that will be going over the timing mats.
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