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  1. Causing a bit of a stir. I mean... ...more... ...money... ...than... ...sense... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-57975285
  2. Never seen them before... had to Google . Let us know how you get on.
  3. I got a belt buckle for the A100 race. Centurion give them for all their 100 milers.
  4. A limited number of complimentary places on offer... Would you like to join us on a future Ranger Expeditions open group guided walk, or Ranger Ultras trail running day event? In exchange for assistance on our upcoming Ranger Ultras High Peak 100km trail race http://rangerultras.co.uk/index.php/high-peak-100km-ultra/ in one off these roles... 11 to 12 Sept 2021 - Whaley Bridge HQ * Finish hospitality and recording times (Saturday evening into early Sunday) * Two on course marshals Saturday daytime * Two on course marshals Saturday night to early Sunday * On course sweeper Saturday night to early Sunday (suitable for runner with route finding experience) To join in the action, contact Stu rangerexped@gmail.com with your... name preferred role mobile number
  5. I really enjoyed this series. Definitely character led though.
  6. Well done Tom Pidcock on his gold. Going to be a huge star.
  7. Surely if they looked, that's good judgement?
  8. Well the women's race was a bit of kerfuffle. Fair play to Kiesenhofer though.
  9. Lovely tribute to Jam by the EPBs yesterday. ❤
  10. Is it wrong to just be happy Greg van Avermaet won't be wearing that bloody gold helmet anymore? Well done Carapaz.
  11. The back of the home kit spoils an otherwise decent design. The away kit is class.
  12. The home kit is decent. Away kit is fantastic... will go with me hat!
  13. Fabio Jakobsen takes his first win since that crash.
  14. Everybody except people that say 'cringeworthy.' Absolutely everyone but them.
  15. People who use the word cringeworthy are not the target audience.
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