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  1. This ref

    Loovens was sent off for dissent after the foul, NOT the foul. Surely it's not just me who saw that.
  2. Sky video

    Not even a steelworks, its a bloody forge!
  3. What's the league code to join?
  4. your 1st game you went to

    Sat 8 Dec 1984 CHELSEA................. 1-1 29,373 Imre Varadi
  5. Owlstalk survey

    Yes 38
  6. Does anyone know if the J.Smith is Jack Smith?
  7. 252 My Great Grand Dad 618 My 2nd Cousin Blue and White Blood!!
  8. Loss of an OWL

    RIP Steve
  9. End of Season Awards

    Player of the Season - Forestieri Young Player of the Season (Under 21) - Wildsmith Goal of the Season - Matias vs Leeds Assist of the Season - Pudil to Wallace v Arsenal Save of the Season - Westwood X3 V Hull Best Game - Arsenal Worst Game - Rotherham Home Best Signing - Forestieri Worst Signing - Lachman Most Disappointing Player - McGeady Worst Ref - A fair few of em! Best individual moment - Matias goal v Leeds Worst individual moment - None
  10. What are the chances? ?

    Only ever completed Football 88, still got all the albums though from 84 until Merlin took over. Problem is I've got to buy them for my young en's now.
  11. More voting