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  1. I'd take this off your hands but I'm based in Manchester
  2. metroguy78

    Spare Wigan ticket

    Also interested if it's still going ? Based in Manchester so will happily pick it up Saturday am.
  3. metroguy78

    Wigan tickets?

    Will be driving from Manchester so can easily do the shuttle service if i can get a spare ticket :P)
  4. metroguy78

    Wigan tickets?

    Gutted it never made it to general. Based in Manchester means this is an easy drive.... Will have to go on the beg on twitter the week before for any spare
  5. If there's any available.
  6. metroguy78


    really strange why carlos never gave him a chance, he moved pudil in front of him for a centre half spot... I am really liking him and be great to have Tom Lees, Vanancio and Van Aken all fit playing together
  7. metroguy78

    The Top Six

    I think only Cardiff and Wolves will stay the distance from that list.
  8. metroguy78


    I have watched many of these ifollow, have a season pass But today i am just getting asked to choose my subscription. On my account i have confirmed that i have a season pass but it wont let me go to the damn stream.... joke!!!
  9. metroguy78

    Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Really surprised the Lee is doing 2 games in a week. will see butters coming on for him in the 2nd half i think
  10. metroguy78

    Preston ticket for sale

    Hey man, I will definitely take it off your hands... Cheers Sam.
  11. metroguy78

    Preston ticket for sale

    Did this ticket get allocated...Im surprisingly stuck in the Manchester this weekend and would definitely be a silver lining to get to the match,
  12. metroguy78

    Spare Adult ticket v Preston

    Just had my damn flight cancelled so i am now in the UK this weekend... if there is a spare ticket going it would definitely improve on a crap start to the weekend.
  13. Just moved to Manchester, got my ticket to the home leg but will be good to meet fellow wednesdayites in Manchester on Sunday.
  14. Is this still available Lee ?
  15. metroguy78

    Conor Hourihane

    OUCH.. thats cruel
  16. metroguy78


    think Chansiri will spend big, and now the swfc name is back in the public more as a force in the championship I think we will be able to attract more forestieri etc in the summer. Get a better start next year and the crowds should clock back... Im very optimistic, and although it may not have the money of the Premiership i do love watching some great football in this leave.
  17. metroguy78

    Club Wembley

    Also in club wembley seats, better be damn singing... If not will have to all just start to join in
  18. metroguy78

    Derby v Hull

    Derby should have watched Brighton last night, if they want anything they need to batter the Hull goal... Hard for them to do away from home. Def hope for hernandez to get crocked.
  19. metroguy78

    Official Wembley Ticket News

    So chuffed a mate of mine works for Club Wembley, cost me £230 for 2 tickets but fornicate it,.... we are going to wembley :)
  20. metroguy78

    Wembly Tickets

    So glad I know someone who works for Club Wembley... 2 tickets sorted :))) £230 for them but i don't care, we are going to wembley :))))
  21. metroguy78

    Good luck lads

    You were outstanding first half, credit to you guys it was the only way you was gonna get to wembley and you was very close. Im obviously very happy our defence stood so firm and solid but the football was great for the neutrals. You have the team, manager, stadium etc and fully expect you guys to be up there again next year. Fingers crossed we arent in this league though :)
  22. metroguy78

    Party time

    Theyre listening to Gala?? Im guessing Fernando choose the playlist
  23. metroguy78

    Videos from last night

    I want to download the whole match , i want to relive the whole thing again. Damn not having sky+
  24. metroguy78

    Brighton following

    Was sat in the leppings lower and thought they were great and noisy, credit to them for sure.