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  1. Not sure if this is still available? Looking for 1 if it is still on offer?
  2. How about we buy Owlerton stadium and just move the rebuild a matching stadium to Hillsborough over there? Gives more parking spaces, room for expansion, keeps us in the area? I'm bored and love this kind of sim city style poo!!
  3. Im not sure I would like to leave Hillsborough, as many others have said the history and tradition are massive pluses for me. But if we moved I could only see us moving out towards Meadowhall... connection to the M1, Train station, Tram stations, Parking spaces etc. The roads would def need upgrading to take on the massive extra football traffic. Like here they joked on for April fools
  4. Looking for 1 adult Stoke ticket also if there's any going?
  5. Guessing was thinking Brentford, Pigs and Derby = 5pts
  6. I'd take this off your hands but I'm based in Manchester
  7. Also interested if it's still going ? Based in Manchester so will happily pick it up Saturday am.
  8. Will be driving from Manchester so can easily do the shuttle service if i can get a spare ticket :P)
  9. Gutted it never made it to general. Based in Manchester means this is an easy drive.... Will have to go on the beg on twitter the week before for any spare
  10. really strange why carlos never gave him a chance, he moved pudil in front of him for a centre half spot... I am really liking him and be great to have Tom Lees, Vanancio and Van Aken all fit playing together
  11. I think only Cardiff and Wolves will stay the distance from that list.
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