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  1. I spoke to a friend of mine who designs kits told him what I would like and he came up with this, it is by no means a genuine kit, just wanted to get an idea. Have fed back to him everything that has been said...
  2. I think any further ban would be seperate from yellow/reds etc so will be as is one booking of a ban. (i think)
  3. I think they just wanted to say to him we are MASSIVE, congratulations on being the leagues top scorer and good luck for Saturday!!! oh and inform him that the ref will be banned for 3 games!!!!
  4. If he picks him and we win he has nothing to answer for! I personally think jj and Palmer are impact players and would much rather have them battering defences later on when they are fresh and the oppo are tiring. I think we have one of the fittest teams in the division, a luxury we haven't had in a while and GM is using that to our advantage.
  5. Opps my bad, saw it and got a bit blinkered, should really think things through before I post. And I am officially not mongy Ricky Gervais said so :-) sorry guys
  6. Just found this and WTF the Blunts are above us!!! We are supposed to be massive and this city is ours sort it out!!!! http://itv.stats.football365.com/dom/ENG/D2/attend.html
  7. My thoughts of this are that JJ is a good player with bags of pace, flair and an eye for goal. However if we start him will he not burn himself out by half time?? I know as a manager I would rather introduce JJ at half time to attack tiring defences maybe that is GM's thinking. JOC is a player with bags of experience and on a good day plays really well (not many of those im affraid) But above all what GM and the team are doing at the moment is working and with Players like Lowe and Prutton to come in we have the strength in depth we have not had for some time
  8. Girl in top picture, right hand side does she really have to do that, it was cold after all :-)
  9. http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/157713-we-have-been-mentioned-finally/ see this thread
  10. To be fair to the BBC, and i'm not always........But they did have to wait an extra six minutes for Orients equaliser :-)
  11. I agree with this, he could also be saying if anyone steps out of line he will out them. Do you not think that we deserve to know whats happening at our club? Sick of everyone over reacting at the slightest thing!! UTO!!
  12. I was there, right behind the goal. Was very strange atmosphere. Remember he was very grey and there was obvious concern.
  13. young striker, well built, looks strong. Think he ticks all the boxes for me. Dont want to be the one to think the song up for him though :-)
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