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  1. if you zoom in on the pic and look at dave jones any1 spot it?
  2. i finish at work in rotherham at 5:00 be a miracle if i make it
  3. sent a message saying they should be ashamed of themselves ripping other swfc fans off
  4. i sit on south near leppings lane end, im O2 got blackberry curve andthe signals there just can never check scores, text or tweets
  5. my dad is 59 and suffers from arthritis and he just about managed to stand, he bounced and sung the songs, and at the end me him and a few on same row all stood arms wide singing this city is ours, loved the crowd and loved every1 on the south for making yesterday a great day
  6. really pleased because ive been there for 8 seasons now, we used to have a load of people round us and atmos was quality, but they moved or could afford it and its never been same, my back was aching but well worth standing for 90 mins
  7. didnt see this incident, too busy jumping up and down and being hugged by random strangers, south was ace yesterday
  8. 60 points from 22 games is a great record
  9. i was sat in south as always for home games, everytime clinton and madine would warm up the pigs jeered them and gave em stick, clinton was telling them to watch the game and to stop obsessing with him. he then pointed to his swfc badge and patted his chest and walked off, was funny
  10. I'm sat near the scoreboard, seat 48 ill join in or try starting chants
  11. I am a ST holder on the south too, all season I've been trying to get an atmosphere, I applaud the team out at start of match, I'm only one near away end that claps along to hi ho silver lining! I hope I get some singers sitting near me coz I want an atmosphere on the south.
  12. i said to my dad, i know ypu hate this score but thats worth a betm we didnt
  13. anyone notice the bet for reda johnson to score first and wed to win 2-1, won u 840 pound
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