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  1. Snodgrass tweet

    He’s getting stick coz he’s a prize fool As illustrated: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-winger-robert-snodgrass-13858451
  2. There are players with promotions to the prem and with international caps in this team. Hunt and Pudil were first choice for ages. Boyd and Reach top players in this league when fit. Rhodes and Lucas on form are real handful. Am optimistic!
  3. If we’d had minimal injuries surely we’d be top 6 comfortably?
  4. Why don’t we replace the medical team ASAP?
  5. We have an unprecedented injury crisis. Confidence is fragile. Not a time to give the staff a hard time. In such tough times it is important that the fans don’t panic and generate an edgy atmosphere. We need to give the team as much confidence as possible. Negativity lingers and sub consciously drags the whole club down. Time to dust ourselves down and stick together. We all know that when the fans are on top form it boosts the team massively. The future is still bright - our fully fit squad is good enough to go up.
  6. Wildsmith or Westwood

    Fans turning on Wildsmith after first goal was shocking.
  7. Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    Let’s give the guy a chance under Jos
  8. Winnall

    According to Barnsley players he’s a disruptive pain in the arse. According to too many anecdotes I’ve heard he was a bad egg who we needed to get out. The players were very pleased when he left.
  9. We CAN win on Friday! - WAWAW

    On paper our potential team for tomoz wee wees all over theirs in terms of promotions, international experience and premier league games. We wanted CC out because the squad underperformed. If our second team performs we win. Simple as. Piggies ain’t all they’re cracked up to be and we’re not truly as bad as we have been recently. The Bassett team that beat us at S6 wasn’t fit to lace our boots and look what happened. If Jos gets them organised and fired up we can win.
  10. Let’s get revved up now to stuff those piggies. They’re nothing special let’s be honest. If we’d not conceded so quickly after equalising we’d have beaten them. Our reserves beat Forest who beat the Pigs. They’re getting found out in this league. Jos will have seen plucky amateurs off like that mardy fool Wilder plenty of times. Jos has real pedigree, Wilder is a fat mongrel. Pigs I know know deep down that they’ve punched above their weight. We can ram their cockiness down their snouts next Friday. Come on FFS. Let’s get our pride and belief back. We’re flipping miles better than them. Get behind the team this next week and let’s flipping destroy those piggy rumblezoids. UTO
  11. Disagree with the OP. Sure DC has made some mistakes and there is cause for concern but comparing him to DA is absolutely crackers and disrespectful in my view. He’s spent a bomb on the pitch, ground and players. Our fully fit squad is capable of promotion in my view. That was peoples’ gripe with Carlos; that we should be doing better. Let’s not get the pitch forks out and make things even worse.
  12. Dean Smith

    Over recent days I’ve started thinking he might be the best realistic solution. Him and maybe McCarthy.
  13. If Sky Bet is anything to go by

    Some of the names on there at present: Brendan Rodgers (25/1) Bergkamp!!! (33/1) Andre Vilas-Boas (25/1)