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  1. Lord Nilsson

    Strength of our academy

    Who’s it down to? Bullen? Macauley? Chansiri for investing in it?
  2. Seems to be successful at many age groups. I don’t have much visibility over the academy but I’m assuming years of hard work is now paying off? Seems some good decisions for the longer term have been made over recent years?
  3. Lord Nilsson

    Streams for today

    ifollow not available today as between 3pm and 5pm on a Saturday?
  4. Lord Nilsson

    Tonight’s attendance

    Looked pretty full online earlier
  5. Lord Nilsson

    #SWFC - JOS live Press pre wolves

    Impressed with Jos’s comments. Like the passion and commitment comes first stuff.
  6. Lord Nilsson

    Nixon comments

    We’re a big club and were under embargo so easy pickings for poo stirrers after clicks
  7. Lord Nilsson

    Nixon comments

    Just says we’ve offered him good money to stay
  8. You don't know what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe we have senior players on big wages simply not doing the business and Jos is trying to sort it and it is upsetting a few? If the job is to get better performances from the wages we can afford then is that what he's trying to do? If he is rightly fighting major battles behind the scenes that Carlos let fester and this is resulting in choppy waters within the squad - is he actually doing a good job? Lots of accusations over the years re players stealing a living; maybe Jos has sussed this and is on with it? I'm not saying this is actually the case but trying to offer a different perspective.
  9. No Boyd, Jones, Abdi. Hutch taken off. Young lads thrown in regularly. Is the theme ‘earn your high wages or leave’? Squad not of Jos’s making so he’s got to force a few out to change things? Thought Dawson and Preston were good today.
  10. Could well be that they are merely speculating as it is the obvious thing to speculate about.
  11. Lots of Owls and fans of other clubs on twitter etc seem to think we’ve decimated our squad and are going to struggle. I just don’t get this. Our fully fit squad, fit and playing as a unit is easily good enough to go up. Just shows that in the era of social media, negativity can become a self fulfilling prophesy.
  12. Lord Nilsson

    Questions regarding Financial Fair Play

  13. Lord Nilsson

    Just a thought with FFP...

  14. Lord Nilsson

    FFP and all that.