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  1. Does anyone know what our senior management team looks like who run the club? I wonder how we compare to other clubs in that regard? My point being that it must be virtually impossible to run the club essentially on your own? The commercial side is weak and now it looks like the financial side has been too - surely two key functions in a football club to ensure you have properly managed?
  2. We are a hobby for a very well intentioned and enthusiastic amateur who is trying to run on his own a large complex football club in perhaps the toughest league going. One person no matter how good can run this on their own.
  3. You could get folks like Wilkinson, Pearson, Megson in as advisers to DC and it’d make a huge difference pretty quickly.
  4. We’re all being asked to invest in the club (ticket prices etc) and presumably a managerial candidate is being asked to invest their efforts too. So where is the business plan? You’d hope we have one? What am I investing in? Build up the academy? 3/5/7 year plan to go up? Are we waiting for a top manager to come along? It’s not right to be asked to invest in just a hit & hope strategy. That nearly worked in DC’s first year but is unlikely to do so now. We need some coherent explanation of what the plan is.
  5. If I was DC I’d be looking for some co-investors at least to bring some new investment and ideas. North American professional sport investors or something like that. His family and advisers must be telling him to get out as club not moving forward. I don’t understand why he doesn’t get some help round him. As things stand he’s not going to get his money back.
  6. Catering is an utter joke. Stadium needs some TLC. Holding off on managerial appointment. Infrastructure investment doesn’t count for FFP so could be done. Spent on team but had to tbh. DC is comparatively quiet compared to previous seasons. Maybe he’s had enough and is treading water until he can sell?
  7. Today pretty much illustrates what I was saying unfortunately. Performance levels have dropped significantly since last season. Need a proper manager.
  8. Bruce demanded more intensity, more pressing, more energy and more aggression. To be fair he got it. He also said we should be aiming to go up. We should. The squad is easily good enough as proved last season. The pigs went up with a decent squad but 100% focus and effort. I’m fed up with being out of the top league now. High time we were back. The league this year is open. The whole club needs to raise the bar as I feel that acceptance of being nearly men is setting back in. I’m not sure Bullen has the gravitas and tactical guile to push the team to the max. He may be able to but I think considering the above we need to give ourselves a better chance than relying on LB surprising us. We need to get a bit of a swagger and confidence about us. Look at Leeds for example. Time to stop being nearly men and make it happen. Need the mindset we had in promotion seasons under Wilkinson & Atkinson.
  9. Now 6/1 all of a sudden on Sky Bet
  10. We simply have to get Hughton in. Immediately available. Great track record. Will boost morale instantly and pick up where Bruce left off.
  11. Hughton. No question. Proven track record at this level and a big name to settle down the players and club.
  12. If we all turn up in numbers for the remaining games blind drunk thereby creating a melting pot atmosphere then anything is possible. If we put a good run together then put those trottered grunt beasts to the sword then we’ll do it. If we get to within a few points then strange things happen! Teams above us will bottle it.
  13. Jordan Rhodes alluded to a divisive dressing room at S6. I’ve heard comments attributed to very senior staff at the club going back well over a year that there is a poisonous atmosphere in the squad. Jos was brought in to bring discipline to the squad. FF has had paddies. Winnall got sent to Derby. Sean Clair and George Hirst fell out with the club. Senior Pros completely frozen out. Judging by comments from those that have met them, Westwood and Hutch shout their mouths off and are a bit arrogant. Numerous players from our 90s team said a happy dressing room was key to success. So maybe we’ve a divided dressing room causing more trouble than we realise? Jos was brought in to sort it but has probably been too tough and over-cooked it?
  14. You could say that DC needed to spend at least £20m on repairs to make the club viable whereas £20m spent now would perhaps have a bigger impact on results?
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