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  1. Lord Nilsson

    Forcing high earners out?

    We forked out on new contract for Bannan though?
  2. Lord Nilsson

    Forcing high earners out?

    If we are really skint, should the club be honest with us or would that be bad for morale and encourage other clubs to unsettle our key players?
  3. Is the club purposefully managing high earners out to try to free up wages in January to change things round? Forcing those who can’t play 40 games a season longer term to move on?
  4. Lord Nilsson

    Bit of balance

    I’m on about the pre match savaging of us!
  5. Lord Nilsson

    Bit of balance

    I’ll start by saying Jos should be replaced as we should be doing better. But listening to Sky you’d think we’ve been terrible all season. We haven’t. We were 6th on merit. We had one of the best points hauls since March in the league. We were unbeaten at home and had lost something like 1 in 9. We played really well v Villa, WBA and others. I’m all for being realistic but the rhetoric last night was way OTT.
  6. Lord Nilsson

    Mick McCarthy

    I thought Jos was doing well a few weeks ago but this last 4 games are something he ain’t coming back from. Mick McCarthy would do better with these players I’m sure.
  7. Lord Nilsson

    One person to blame tonight.

    Egg & Face
  8. Lord Nilsson

    Strength of our academy

    Who’s it down to? Bullen? Macauley? Chansiri for investing in it?
  9. Seems to be successful at many age groups. I don’t have much visibility over the academy but I’m assuming years of hard work is now paying off? Seems some good decisions for the longer term have been made over recent years?
  10. Lord Nilsson

    Streams for today

    ifollow not available today as between 3pm and 5pm on a Saturday?
  11. Lord Nilsson

    Tonight’s attendance

    Looked pretty full online earlier
  12. Lord Nilsson

    #SWFC - JOS live Press pre wolves

    Impressed with Jos’s comments. Like the passion and commitment comes first stuff.
  13. Lord Nilsson

    Nixon comments

    We’re a big club and were under embargo so easy pickings for poo stirrers after clicks
  14. Lord Nilsson

    Nixon comments

    Just says we’ve offered him good money to stay