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  1. Get well soon, Harry. We were with him until the St John’s people came. There were no stewards on the concourse after the game so a friend put him in the recovery position and I picked up one of those emergency phones to call someone. Properly shook me up. Wishing him a quick and speedy recovery.
  2. Daniel Pudil has already been back at the training ground in the gym. Nice to see some of them putting the work in early!
  3. I seem to recall playing Norwich a fair few seasons back and the keeper went to clear the ball, got distracted by a nearby carrier bag, and the ball went straight in.
  4. My dad's middle name is Ritchie, and my middle name is Nilsson. He wanted to call me Roland, but mum was having none of it.
  5. My granddad and his mates jumped a fence into Bloomfield Road before a game there years ago and painted the goal posts blue and white in the night. Apparently the police were checking people's hands for paint when everyone was going in.
  6. Gin night was decent last night. I'm not a gin drinker but it was interesting and there were free samples so who can say no. They've got loads of Thornbridge ales on tap, and bottles too. Quiz night on a Wednesday is decent too. Winner gets 8 free pints
  7. Also looking for 1 x adult ticket for tomorrow.
  8. I always have a chuckle when we play whoever Jamie Ward's playing for. He gets so much hammer and gets so riled up that he has to be taken off at half time. Oh and that match against United when he had to be stretchered off in front of the Wednesday fans and got showered with pie
  9. I'd recommend parking up in Hillsborough. I live next to Dorothy Road (opposite the bowling green), and there'll be loads of spaces on the roads around us. Park up, then walk down through the park.
  10. 7:45 National Express from Pond Street tomorrow morning!
  11. I've got two meetings today. The last one is 3-4 so I'll be clocking off straight after that and heading to the pub. I'll be doing minimal amounts of work as well. Too busy with owlstalk and Twitter.
  12. They're staying in the Hilton. Chansiri has booked a full floor for players and staff.
  13. Palace had loads for the cup final apparently.
  14. Will the jobsworths count balloons as inflatables as well?
  15. You may well be next to us! We've got 100 blue balloons to pass around!
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