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  1. As the title of the post suggests, we might be able to sign Aguerro, yes. As for Aguero, I'd guess push comes to shove, he might pick Barca, or Juve in front of us, only just though....
  2. Surely this cannot be true? People would not "rate him", nor would they be clamoring for his inclusion if this was correct.
  3. £9 million on Adam Reach and Almen Abdi. All the years we've had to scrape a few quid together to get loan players and cheap free signings. There has been a total disregard to our past worries. Absolute scandalous recruitment. We have never had money to spend, then when we do, we have the shambolic signings of these two. For this alone, Carlos needs to be held accountable. It's cruel how the money we have wasted could have been so useful to add some real quality to have a go this season
  4. The lack of pace makes the way we keep the ball at the back even more ridiculous. Teams stretch the opposition from the back and then hit them with fast, high tempo attacks, using pacy runners to create spaces. We have none of this. All that happens is no gaps materialise, no one makes quick runs off the ball, so the team have no choice but to stick it long, or give it back to the keeper to hoof. On that note too, I don't think we've had a keeper so poor at kicking since the David Lucas days.
  5. Are these not available to purchase online? Still getting the "season tickets currently off sale" on the website
  6. When are season tickets back on sale ? My dad is wanting to purchase a new season ticket, but the website still says "season tickets currently off sale"
  7. Anyone any idea how much the prices will go up by on the 4th July. Wanting to renew our season tickets, but my dad is coming with us next season, so wanting 3 in a row so waiting until seats not renewed are released. Secondly, is it possible to purchase ours now, then move the 2 seats when the 4th July comes so we can all sit together as a 3?
  8. In need of any ID, with postcode, for a purchase tomorrow if anyone can help. 100 or 50PP or a season ticket ID My dad has been to over half the home games this season, but I always purchase his ticket on my season ticket ID. Would love to help the old man out. Cheers
  9. A terminator made out of hob-nob biscuits ?
  10. On his second half showing, I think Joao could develop into a real quality player. FF and Joao as a partnership really does excite me.
  11. Will make a massive difference this season with his ability from a dead ball. Those corners and free kicks were first class. Especially with CB's like Lees and Turner who don't mind sticking their head where it hurts !
  12. Lavery to go out on loan, meaning Helan going to be left wing cover more than anything ... Pudil and Wiggins for LB Goodbye Claude ?
  13. Mcgugan seemed a little more shackled tonight. A lot of the time he was within a few yards of the centre line of the pitch. He is more dangerous getting the ball further forward and dictating the play high up, where his shooting ability is made useful. I don't think I saw the midfield 3 communicate once with each other tonight. They all seemed to be playing as individuals which is not how we will develop as a team
  14. If you actually assimilate what I said, you will clearly see I was talking of the future games at home and the future mind-sets of our players who are more capable at attempting the move high tariff passes than someone say Semedo for instance. We cannot allow a creative player to carry the notion that he will be roundly booed and heckled, if he tries a high risk pass. How can this help create a positive environment for such players. It will give them an easy out to play the simple ball instead. I never defended that performance tonight, nor blamed the fans, it was dross, but I also appreciate we cannot adopt a whole new ethos and playing structure over night ... we have to have patience.... we've waited long enough for a positive change. Finally, again re-read the post, I didn't claim fans shouldn't have an opinion, even if negative, of course they should, they pay a lot of money, but lets give these players a chance to perform and let's create an atmosphere inside Hillsborough which isn't counter productive ...
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