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  1. My only comment... If you work in the press and media industry, there's no excuse for poor framing.
  2. My mate Mystic Peg says Rovrum will relegate us. Derby will join us in league one.
  3. Great football. Absolute liability, though. Was it him or Carbone that stormed off the pitch during a game and refused to play?
  4. Dammit - we could do with some floaty corners!
  5. When you start not paying folk on time it's technically a breach of contract... Whether that voids any attached NDA's is up for the lawyers to decide. I've had some poo bosses that I'd love to spill the beans on but it's just not the done thing fortunately/unfortunately.
  6. The club requires regular cash injections - buying SWFC is half the story.
  7. I can believe the £350m figure. Whatever the reasoning, the football club has been primed ready for liquidation. Creditors are more than nervous and it sounds like DC's funding has run out. Apart from that, we're in a good place. Our only hope now is that there's a partial takeover and new board.
  8. This is much bigger issue than a points deduction or relegation. SWFC will be liquidated in the coming months.
  9. What I've always wondered... Is it pronounced Tod-wick or Tod-ick?
  10. Saw the interview. Can't think who he reminded me of.
  11. Folk will say 'it's only Rochdale' but I was massively impressed with the players on show tonight. Bearing in mind a lot of them haven't had more than a handful of professional minutes, their composure was commendable. Still a lot to work on but the future is looking a lot brighter...
  12. Thought he showed piles of ambition today
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