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  1. Anyone fancy Newcastle at home in the cup this year? Karma's a *****.
  2. Heads, shoulders, knees, and Tony!
  3. Am I right in thinking that Michael Owen still holds the title for youngest player to score a hat-trick in Prem?
  4. My issue is we never heard Abdi’s side. In general, I’m shocked by the number of fans who think it’s ok to jump on him without knowing the full story. For me, the bottom line is he’s been treated like poo pretty much since he got here and didn’t stand a chance.
  5. Would people think any differently if I suggested... - He’s tried to terminate his contract before now but Chansiri has kept him here for some silly reason. - He hasn’t been as injured as it’s been made out. - He gave an interview to foreign press while he was meant to be injured, basically undermining Carlos. This didn’t go down well with the management or chairman. For this reason he was frozen out.
  6. Good points. My thinking is the players that Bruce has brought in so far - Iorfa, Arrons, Lazaar, are all leaps ahead of players like Matias. So I’d personally rather see the wages go on someone of that standard than risk Matias on a new deal.
  7. Actually didn’t think he had a bad game today - seemed to track back a lot more than usual and had some good moments. However, that challenge at the end summed up his time at Wednesday for me - always a yard behind. Been too inconsistent in his time here and a definite one to release and upgrade over the summer.
  8. Just rewatched this due to this thread. It’s clear in these highlights Hooper offers something completely different. His link up play, pressing, and finishing surpasses everyone in my opinion. Watching this, it’s also obvious how much we miss the Bannan, Lee, and Fessi partnership to go with it - three players that when fit and firing would walk into any championship first team. I’d be dissapointed to see him go. If he can stay fit he’s the best striker at our club. https://youtu.be/oolNtNMwcdo
  9. It’s not politically correct - it just being humble and respectful to a bloke who’s just lost his job at Christmas.
  10. Aren’t you a fully-loaded barrel of laughs!
  11. I got two words for you. Chris Turner.
  12. At the risk of flogging a dead horse... The fact he's an ex-pro means his opinion carries more weight than the average fan. I don't have a problem with criticism, even of young players. But I do prefer constructive criticism.
  13. Likewise. A lot of youngsters/inexperienced players were in that team yesterday - to say they have 'no desire to run in behind' is at best short-sighted and at worst damaging. As an ex-pro, and an authority on the game, I would expect more of a constructive insight for an inexperienced team.
  14. Absolutely - I'm not sure what you're getting at?
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