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  1. The bloke that looks like action man on my row who leaves 10 minutes early every game - and has done so for the past 10 years.
  2. Come on... If you watched that game today and seriously thought we had no players ‘running into the box with the ball at their feet’ then there’s no point in continuing the debate. A fit and firing Fessi is absolutely a great addition. But he hasn’t been that for a long time - so offers no more than what was on the pitch today. Not saying he shouldn’t be in the team. I am saying he would’ve been ineffective today.
  3. We had six in midfield at one point - threw everything at them. Easy to say he’d put it in the net but in reality he offers nothing more than what was on the pitch today. Enjoy the rest of the season!
  4. There’s nothing different he could’ve offered today. We opened them up so many times, just didn’t finish.
  5. Awww. So we can’t move to the soon-to-be vacant stadium at the end of the Dronfield bypass?
  6. You’d think if they did build a stadium down there, they’d add a few car parks. Existing car parks - Arena, Ice Sheffield, Centertainment, Local Businesses, Meadowhall overflow. You simply cannot seriously suggest that the parking situation is better in Hillsborough.
  7. I hate to say this but wherever you put a circa 40k capacity stadium, there's going to be travel disruption. Unfortunately Meadowhall has by far the best transport links in the city - that's just a fact. Having a station and the M1 on the doorstep, would be great not just for us but also visiting supporters. Pros: Train. Tram. Motorway. Plenty of parking. Food and entertainment. Car wouldn't get smashed up during game. Cons: Driving round endlessly looking for parking is part of the match day experience. You'd be butt-hurt about it.
  8. Not an expert, but a quick look on google shows plenty of brownfield and green space to build a stadium on. Train, Tram and Motorway links too. P.S. Sozard for being sensible about it like.
  9. I’m going to jump in and say anywhere around Don Valley up to Tinsley. Better Transport links and much more space to develop a stadium.
  10. Madness. I was never Palmer’s biggest fan but the guy’s a fecking machine at the moment.
  11. Anyone fancy Newcastle at home in the cup this year? Karma's a *****.
  12. Heads, shoulders, knees, and Tony!
  13. Am I right in thinking that Michael Owen still holds the title for youngest player to score a hat-trick in Prem?
  14. My issue is we never heard Abdi’s side. In general, I’m shocked by the number of fans who think it’s ok to jump on him without knowing the full story. For me, the bottom line is he’s been treated like poo pretty much since he got here and didn’t stand a chance.
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