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  1. What I've always wondered... Is it pronounced Tod-wick or Tod-ick?
  2. Saw the interview. Can't think who he reminded me of.
  3. Folk will say 'it's only Rochdale' but I was massively impressed with the players on show tonight. Bearing in mind a lot of them haven't had more than a handful of professional minutes, their composure was commendable. Still a lot to work on but the future is looking a lot brighter...
  4. Thought he showed piles of ambition today
  5. Except he's the type of bloke who'll watch the game from the Kop...
  6. I know for a fact he does. Most at the club do
  7. He was mainly rubbish with rare flashes of potential. Was a poor version of Sibon.
  8. I would argue it's nothing to do with 'being told to stay at home'. Germans have... Much larger testing capacity Greater hospital capacity More accurate way of recording deaths Prior to this pandemic, we had a lower bed capacity than Poland, so being told to 'protect the NHS' by a Tory, who have done everything in their power to destroy it, is kind of ironic don't you think?
  9. Have we had any at S6? I seem to recall one during the 90's but that's about it. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  10. I can't believe Steve Haslam has only been mentioned once so far! Prolific tackle-shirker.
  11. Is it right, no? Is it honest, yes. I would much rather listen to this than the smoke and mirrors crap we get day in day out from the club.
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