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  1. There was a very angry shouty man sat behind me who, whenever Johnson gave the ball away, projected sputum into my hair. Frustratingly, Johnson gave the ball away many times during the game and I received a full load. Although I usually enjoy sharing bodily fluids with other people. I find it a bit disconcerting how he only seems to want to do it in my hair. Should I feel hurt by this? Should I ask him to aim for other parts of my body? Should I tweet Johnson and ask him to stop giving the ball away? How would you deal with this?
  2. Should allocate numbers based on which day of the month they get paid. No arguments then.
  3. There are next to no tangible assets left in the club. It's already been asset stripped. Admin will be a fruitless exercise - unless there's decent value in a fax machine that delivers documents 2 years late?
  4. From the outset, the aim should've been to keep revenue in the club, not refund it all. There were and still are numerous opportunities to do just that. The lack of any credible incentives highlights commercial ineptitude, in my opinion.
  5. I'd have him back though.
  6. I can see this is a pointless exercise. I'm out.
  7. He played against us 4 weeks ago. We won 5-0.
  8. To be pedantic - Flint was fit. Nobber sent him back to Cardiff.
  9. My only comment... If you work in the press and media industry, there's no excuse for poor framing.
  10. My mate Mystic Peg says Rovrum will relegate us. Derby will join us in league one.
  11. Dammit - we could do with some floaty corners!
  12. When you start not paying folk on time it's technically a breach of contract... Whether that voids any attached NDA's is up for the lawyers to decide. I've had some poo bosses that I'd love to spill the beans on but it's just not the done thing fortunately/unfortunately.
  13. The club requires regular cash injections - buying SWFC is half the story.
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