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  1. Agree + we are out of FFP. We exceeded my prediction of finishing between 7th and 10th for this season. Hopefully, recruit better players (Thank's to being out of FFP), and avoid the injuries we had last season.
  2. The majority of the Rotherham squad has been together for the last 3 seasons, I expected them to go up, this season because of the fact that the squad knew what was needed to get promoted from this division, as do Wycombe.
  3. We said the same about his brother when he 1st came here.
  4. Will Vaulks, 28yrs old a fit for Luongo in midfield + Josh Murphy.
  5. Also Josh Murphy, 27 yrs old and good winger.
  6. Thought Liam Palmer had another season left?. I wouldm offer new contracts to: Hutch Hunt Luongo Dean.
  7. 22 yrs old with league experience, the type of player we should be looking attract, if he is good enough.
  8. Or the massively OVER achieved, What has wages got to do with it any way?., just shows us up.
  9. And he inherited the worst squad since the 1970's, it took 'Sir' Jack 3 YEARS before he sorted the squad out. Next summer will be the first time in 4 years that we can buy players that we actually want, not go grubbing around the freeby market. This season has seen us start the road back, let Moore finish what he has started.
  10. What about the 5 games when BPF cost us AUTOMATIC promotion by his dreadful performances over that time, costing us 6 pts, at least.. Might as well throw them into the mix if we are blaming one player for not going up.
  11. And all the fans wanted the manager before. We have a manger who is respected by his peers and is here to do a proper rebuilding job, which takes longer than the few months some fans think is long enough.
  12. Excuse me if I am wrong, but all season posters have been saying that "This squad is good enough to go up" and blamed Moore.
  13. If anything it just goes to show that paying out lot's of money does not guarantee success. Maybe we, as a club, are at last beginning to realise this.
  14. Agree. The squad has reached heights I did not expect, I expected us to finish between 7th and 10th with the amount of players we brought in last summer, to finish 4th exceeded my expectations. Now looking forward to next season and let Moore continue building the club/squad, we can now actually pay a fee for players this summer.
  15. 100%. It's so easy being a football manager, all you have to do is pick the team to please every fan. Easy peasy.
  16. I have been involved with football, in one capacity or other, for the past 55 years and never have I seen such biased refereeing as over the last 2 games. Referee or Umpire are the hardest positions in any sport, but the last 2 performances were atrocious, if I was of 'Conspiracy theorist' type I would ne asking: Have the EFL and the FA instructed the officials to get Sunderland promoted.
  17. You hold Dicanio in awe for his talents, as is your right, but I always look to and support the TEAM
  18. With his amazing ability he should be in the WORLD top 20. at least, but because of his poor attitude he fails miserably.
  19. Of course not, I sat through the period mentioned, and though he was undoubtedly very talented, exciting even, he did nothing to improve the team, and it's the TEAM I support not any individual. One game I watched at Hillsboro was the West Ham game when he spent 5-6 mins arguing with the linesman on the North stand side over a throw in, West Ham scored, while we were down to 10 men effectively.
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